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Free Academic Audiobooks Collection

Free Academic Audiobooks Amazon eTextbooks Store allows to buy or rent from a large textbooks library for kindle with an audio option Audible offers a small collection of education-related Audio TextBooks – Currently around 200+. iTunes U – 300,000 Lectures From The World’s Top Universities Khan Academy  offers over 4,000 free Audio / Videos on a … Read more

Best AudioBook Websites Free and Paid [2022]

Best audiobooks websites

1. Audiobooks from 2. Audiobooks from iTunes 3. Audiobooks from Soundcloud 4. BBC Audiobooks 5. Free AudioBooks from 6. Free Audiobooks from OpenCulture 7. Librivox Free public domain audiobooks – Read by volunteers from around the world. A large collection of audiobooks that you can download to your desktop computer. iPods, Smartphones, and … Read more

Free iTunes AudioBook Collection [2022]

Audiobooks from iTunes

Best Collection of free audiobooks from Apple iTunes. We can collect the best recommended Free Audiobooks via iTunes for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC AesopAesop’s Fables – Free iTunes Audiobook Asimov, Isaac“Youth” – Free iTunes Audiobook Free Jane Austen AudioBooks at iTunes Austen, JaneEmma – Free iTunes Audiobook Download Austen, JaneLady Susan – Free iTunes Audiobook Download Austen, … Read more

Free Non-Fiction Audio Books Collection [2022]

Free Philosophy Audio Books VoltaireCandide (mp3 download/stream) MachiavelliThe Prince (mp3 download/stream) Mill, John StuartUtilitarianism (mp3 download/stream) Paine, ThomasCommon Sense (mp3 download/stream) Rousseau, Jean-JacquesA Discourse Upon the Origin and the Foundation of the Inequality Among Mankind (mp3 download/stream) Sun-tzuThe Art of War (mp3 download/stream) ConfuciusThe Sayings of Confucius (mp3 download/stream) Free History Audio Books Beard, CharlesHistory of the … Read more

10 Best Airsoft Rifles Accessories You Need

When choosing airsoft rifles for a particular purpose, we usually pick up by thinking about how much money we want to spend. But there is another important thing that we should think about, which is product quality. The more we can make something beautiful, the more easily people will accept the thing and take it … Read more