Audible Review – Is Audible worth it in 2022?

Audible launched its website and creative membership programs in 2005; it now a subsidiary of which is a Fortune 500 e-commerce company and a leading pioneer bookseller on the Internet. They began by selling books and still do, but now also offer a huge and diverse range of products.

Amazon is still a premium books seller with a long-standing reputation for price and customer service. They offer books in all traditional forms and genres including eBooks for their popular Kindle. However, their ranges of audio books are only available as compact disks. was acquired by Amazon to broaden Amazon’s product offering to audio books. Audible is the leading digital spoken audio merchant on the Internet. You can even use your Amazon sign-in information when you create your account with audible; however, they are still treated separately. is by far the market leader in delivering Premium Online AudioBooks.

Audible is our recommended Choice for Paid Premium Audio Books Service Editorial Team


Who is Audible?

Audible Audiobooks Service
Audible Audiobooks Service

What does Audible Means? – “able to be heard”

Established in the US 1997, Audible has developed into the Market Leading Premium Audiobook Subscription Service. Audible is the world’s largest seller and producer of audiobooks.  Audible deliver a Premium on-demand audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, radio and podcasts for a low monthly subscription Fee.

As an avid audiophile, I was drawn to Audible a few years ago as I was looking for more from iTunes as I worked online. Instead of just listening to music constantly I thought it would be cool to listen to some audiobooks. So I did a Google search and found Audible.

Audible is now owned by

How does Audible Work?

  • Audible Subscription Model
    With the Audible subscription model you pay a low monthly fee and get a certain number of audiobook credits.
    Extra 30% off any additional audiobooks you buy.
  • Via or Audible Apps, use your credits to buy any audiobooks and they will appear in your audible library.

Audible library

Audible library is 200,000+ Strong – one of the biggest in the market. Audible Audiobook Library Genres include:

  • Arts and Entertainment Audiobook Library
  • Bios and Memoirs Audiobook Library
  • Business Audiobooks Audiobook Library
  • Classics Audiobook Library
  • Comedy Audiobook Library
  • Drama and Poetry Audiobook Library
  • Fiction Audiobook Library
  • Health and Fitness Audiobook Library
  • History Audiobook Library
  • Kids Audiobook Library
  • Language Instruction Audiobook Library
  • Mysteries and Thrillers Audiobook Library
  • Religion and Spirituality Audiobook Library
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy Audiobook Library
  • Self-Development Audiobook Library
  • Sports Audiobook Library
  • Teens Audiobook Library

Then you can either Download or Stream the Audiobooks via multiple platforms like Apple, Andriod & Online Apps

Also, with any Audible book, you own it – it never gets returned, even if you cancel your membership.

Where can I use Audible AudioBooks?

Audible promote their Listen Everywhere policy, where they try to make your audiobook library available on most devices.

You can listen to your Audible Audiobooks on most Online, Apple and Andriod Devices

iOS Audible Apps

  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple iPad

The Audible app allows anytime, anywhere listening where you can always pick up an audio show or newspaper where you left off. You can also download content to the app for later listening without the internet — for free.

Prefer a slower or faster narration speed? You can choose your pace from 0.5x to 3x. If you tend to fall asleep while listening, try setting a timer so you don’t lose your place and have to start over.

Andriod Audible Apps

  • Audible Play Phone App
  • Audible Play Tablet App
  • Google Home Device
  • Andriod Play Car App

Amazon Audible Devices

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Alexa


  • Windows PC via or Audible Download Manager
  • Apple Mac via

With so many listening devices to choose from, you can listen to Audible pretty much anywhere: in your car as you’re commuting, at the gym or when you’re out for a run, hike or bike, waiting for your appointment, or anywhere in your home

And when you switch between devices, Audible will remember your location and pick up right where you left off.

Audible App Download links: [ Web | Apple | Google ]

Audible Pros

When you become an Audible member, you enjoy many extra benefits.

In addition to the main benefit of access to thousands of Audible Audiobooks, you will get:

  • Flexible Audio credits for yourself, or bank them to buy gifts for insanely grateful family, friends, bosses to impress, underlings to keep happy.
  • Keep your audiobooks, even if you cancel.
  • Save 30% on any Extra AudioBooks.
  • Return any audiobooks you don’t want in exchange for more credit.
  • Access to Free 2 Audible Originals. Audiobooks produced exclusively by Audible for the audio format
  • Free Quality News Audio Updates from the New York Times, WSJ & Washington Post
  • Professionally-read Audio Books Recording.
  • 200,000+ Audiobooks Library to Buy to Own (even when you cancel subscription)
  • Start with a Non-Sting attached 30 days free trial with
  • Low Priced Subscription for 1-2 new audiobook per month
  • Stream or Download AudioBooks to Computer, Phone Apps, Alexa Devices.
  • Audible guarantees all their audiobooks, so if you don’t like something, you can just exchange it, no questions asked. No risk

Audible Cons

  • More expensive than other Audiobook services
  • Audible Credits Will Be Lost if You Cancel Your Membership

How to Sign up to Audible?

1. Start your Audible Trial via this link

Sign up Audible Amazon Login
Sign up Audible Amazon Login

Start with a Non-Sting attached 30 days free trial with

2. Sign up to Audible using your Amazon Account

Audible using your Amazon Login
Step 2 Sign to Audible using your Amazon Login

Step 2 – Sign to Audible using your Amazon Login

3. Go to Audible AudioBook Library

Audible AudioBook Library
Step 3 – Go to 200k Strong Audible-AudioBook Library

Step 3 – Go to 200k Strong Audible AudioBook Library

4. Browse Audible’s 200k Audio Books Library

Audible Audio Books Collection
Step 4 Browse the Audible Audio Books Collection

Step 4 Browse the Audible Audio Books Collection

5. Use your 2 Free Audiobooks Credits

Free Audible Audio Books Credits
Step 5 Use your Free Audio Books Credits

Step 5 Use your Free Audio Books Credits

6. Buy your Audiobooks

Free Audible Credit
Step 6 Use your 2 Free Audible Credit to Buy your Audiobooks

Step 6 Use your 2 Free Audible Credit to Buy your Audiobooks

7. Find your Audiobooks in the Audible Library

Audiobooks at your Audible Library
Step 7 – Find your Audiobooks at your Audible Library

Step 7 – Find your Audiobooks at your Library

8. Play your AudioBooks via Audible Apps, PC or Alexa Device

AudioBooks on Audible Apps
Step 8 Play AudioBooks on Audible Apps
Audible Audiobooks on Computer Player
Step 8 Play Audible Audiobooks on Computer Player

Step 8 – Play Audible Audiobooks on either your phone apps, computer or Alexa Devices.

When you switch a device, Audible pick up right where you left off.

Audible Customer Services Guarantees?

  • You won’t be charged during your Free Trial
  • Audible allows Audiobook Returns. Swap Audiobook for Free
  • Cancel anytime, no questions asked
  • If you have a monthly membership, you can put it on hold for up to 3 months
  • Strong Customer Service from Amazon.

How to cancel an Audible free trial?

You are free to cancel Audible Free Trial (with 30 days) and keep your 2 Free Audiobooks

Click on:

  • Top Menu
  • Account Details
  • Cancel Membership
  • You may be offered a Special offers
how to audible cancel free trial
how to audible cancel free trial

What to do after Audible Free Trial?

If you do not want to pay a subscription, then cancel your audible sub in your audible account settings.

Before the 30 day Free Trial you can cancel.

Once you have signed up for a membership you can freely browse Audible’s site to find the audio book you want. Simply click add to cart or Xpress pay to automaticaly purchase your item. Your card on file is charged so there is no need to enter your billing info again.

So you have made your purchase and now you are taken to your library, or My Library it’s called. Now you can dowload or stream the files directly to your computer. Once you click download you might see a screen that looks like this if you are using Norton. Click “Always allow connections from this program on all ports”.

Your files will begin downloading after you hit ok. Once your file is complete you now have your first audio book reading for listening.

Audible also gives you some other software you can use to download and transfer your audio books to your audio devices or burn a cd. This is extra software you will need to install ontop of the Download Manager.

How much is Audible per month?

After the Audible Free Trial, you have option to continue with an Audible Membership.

So, How much is audible per month?

Plan NamePriceCreditsCost Per Credit
Gold Monthly$14.95/month1 per month$14.95
Gold Annual$149.50/year12 per year$12.46
Platinum Monthly$22.95/month2 per month$11.46
Platinum Annual$229.50/year24 per year$9.56

Audible has plans for everyone starting from $9.95 a year to $229 a year and which plan you choose will depend on how much you plan to download and you can upgrade your account at anytime.

The Audible Plans details are below.

Audible Gold Monthly Membership

AudioBook Credit per Month: Receive 1 audio credit each month.
Cost: Audible Gold Monthly: $14.95 a month
Discounts: Save 30% on Extra Audiobooks
Rollover up to 6 credits.
Use your credits to buy audio for yourself or as a gift for a friend.
Two free Audible Original titles every month 

If you pay in advance and get the Gold Annual Membership, you only pay $149.50, essentially getting two months for free

Audible Platinum Monthly Membership

Cost: Platinum Monthly: $22.95 a month.
AudioBook Credits per Month: Receive 2 audio credits each month.
Discounts: Save 30% on all audiobooks and programs not purchased with audio credits.
Rollover up to 12 credits.
Use your credits to buy audio for yourself or as a gift for a friend.
Two free Audible Original titles every month 

The Platinum Membership can also be purchased at an annual price discount of $229.50, in essence giving you two free months of service.

Audible Faqs

Can I return an Audiobook with Audible?

Yes, Audible allows you to return your audiobooks without questions. The audiobook would be removed from your library and you will receive a credit. Audible say: Any book you’ve purchased within the past 12 months is eligible for return

Where are my audiobooks held?

Your Audible Library stores your audiobooks in the audible server cloud. You can download or Steam them to your Mobile Apps or computer and listen to them while offline.

What happens if I don’t use my Audible Monthly Credits?

Any unused Audible Credits are rolled over.

Can you share an Audible Login? 

Yes, you can share login with friends and family. You all will be able to share your audible library, on different devices.

Is Audible free with Amazon Prime?

No. Although though there are a limit selection audiobooks that are free for Prime members. Check in your amazon prime channel

What are audible originals?

Audible has introduced Audible Originals. These audiobooks are audible own original content which is FREE for Audible members. You won’t find them anywhere else.

How to cancel an Audible free trial?

You are free to unsubscribe/cancel Audible Free Trial (with 30 days) and keep your 2 Free AudiobooksClick on: Top Menu u003e Account Details u003e Cancel Membership

How do you download books on audible?

You can download Audiobooks to your computer via Audible Software or Audible Mobile Apps (ios u0026 Andriod)

How Do I listen to the Books or Magazines etc?

You simply choose the format you would like depending on what you prefer to use for playback. You can download your digital book ready for almost any device from any manufacturer; of course, you may also “burn” the digital data to a CD or simply listen to it on your personal PC or laptop, or your home digital network.

Supported Devices


I Don’t Want the Aggravation of Finding and Setting Up Loads of Software!

Audible provides all the software and information you need to make it easy to download and transfer directly to your iTunes library and then to your listening device. Audible is the main provider of digital audio products for Apple’s iTunes Store.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

The first thing to be said is there are no contractual obligations when you become an Audible member, even when you sign up for a gold membership plan you can opt out at any time.

The plans are designed to suit various user requirements from occasional too heavy. The plans work like this; when you subscribe to a plan, you effectively buy credits (think of credits as your audible currency) which can then be used to buy titles, it might seem a little confusing at first glance, but it really is very simple.

With very few exceptions, 1 Audible credit = 1 digital audio book purchase.

What Happens After I run Out of Credits?

As a member, when you buy using the credit system, you will save up 75% off the retail price of any given CD version of an audio book, plus a further 30% off any more purchases, this applies even after you have used all of your available credits!

How Do I Know I Am Getting My Members Discount?

When you browse the catalogue, you will see the retail price shown next to the amount of credits needed to buy that title. (Only on very few occasions will a title exceed one credit.

How Do the Subscription Plans Work?

Audible Listener Gold Membership Plan: 1 Credit (1 audio book) your first 3 months are only $7.49 a month and then only $14.95 a month then, 12 credits $149.50 per year.

What is Included in the Plan?

30% of any audiobook purchased without a credit free daily subscription to The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal Member-exclusive sales and promotions.

OK, What About Afterwards? How Do I Stop My Subscription?

Even if you continue your subscription you can still cancel anytime.

Are There any Negatives?

Not available on CD. Not really a problem for most people, but it may be for some.
No club rental plans

What I Really Like!

Each title has a publisher’s summary which gives insight about the book, you also able to view comments by others who have bought the book. Together with an average and personal rating (just like at, you will get a very good idea if this title is for you.

There is an audio sampling of the narration which is important as it is the reader’s voice and style which will make or break a recorded book. Some readers are fabulous; others may grate on your nerves. Be aware that if you really are keen on the title but don’t like the narration, sometimes the same book may be available with an alternative narrator.


The subscription won’t break your budget; typically a downloadable narrated book is a very economical way of buying books.

Great Support; I have only ever had a few queries over the years, but on each occasion, I have always received a courteous and comprehensive response in less than 24 hours.

It’s fun to browse and read reviews listen to the audio samples, once you have chosen your book it’s very easy to download into your iTunes library and onto your audio player of choice. A few clicks here and there and you’re ready to listen.

Your personal library always remains online, even if you cancel; your books can be re-downloaded again anytime.

This website is nice because of fun features like gift subscriptions, ready-made book lists, and a no-strings-attached subscription policy. Basically, you are not locked into a contract, but pay month to month.

Simply Audiobooks

Simply Audiobooks boasts quick releases of new bestsellers and a wide variety of media…not just audiobooks. So if you’re in the market for podcasts, comedy shows, or radio shows, this is your stop.

Audible Review Conclusion

Overall I give Audible’s service a 9/10. Again the only negative thing I have come across is that you can’t freely share your downloads “cause it’s illegal” but if you are not the file sharing type then this is not a problem. I am and will continue to be an Audible customer simply because I love the ease of use and the fact they have 200,000 + titles to choose from.

Try with Free Audio Book

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