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Audible vs Audible Plus

As you may know, this is the era of audiobooks, now reading books is considered more time-consuming. So, are you obsessed with audiobooks like me? For me, life can’t move on without audiobooks, and it has become an integral part of my life.

However, you surely know about the Audible and its changing plans if you are like me. Moreover, I subscribed to the Audible almost two years ago, which was the gold subscription, and now it has converted into Audible Plus. Firstly, I was shocked, and then after searching, I got the point. So, Here I will spot a comparison between Audible vs Audible Plus.

Comparison Table

AttributeAudibleAudible Plus
Free-trial Duration30 Days30 Days
Total CreditsZeroOne
Unlimited Access to Plus CatalogYesYes
Unlimited Access to Premium CatalogNoYes
Total Free BooksOver 10,000Almost 500,000
Ownership of BooksNoYes
Monthly Subscription Cost$7.95$14.95

Audible vs Audible Plus: Overview

You may be excited to know about both Audile’s Subscription services. Audible changed its subscription plan a while ago. Your Audible Gold or Platinum subscription changes into Audible plus and others into the Audible program.

With the new fact, the subscription plan Audible is also called Audible Plus, and Audible Plus is also called Audible Premium Plus.  Quite confusing? No, problem, you will get it. Furthermore, as you may know, Audible services previously worked on the credit system, and now they have launched another subscription plan called Audible.

Moreover, in the Audible subscription plan, you will get unlimited access to the Audible Catalog for just $7.95 per month. Audible Catalogs usually contain Audible originals, podcasts, and other books. But they don’t have the latest and quite famous books. With that, you don’t own any books.

However, In the Audible Plus subscription service, you will have all the Audible Catalog with one or two credit hours, depending on your subscription plan. You can say that Audible plus is more like a previous Audible plan, in which you also own the book, which you get from credit hours.

Lastly, they both differ in many ways, and you can look into one which suits you.

Audible Review

audible vs audible plus

Do you like Netflix? Then you will be glad to know that the Audible subscription service is more like Netflix.

You only have to pay $ 7.96 per month, and you will get unlimited access to thousands of books. You can fulfill your listening cravings with it.

Moreover, this service has a Catalog, which contains books, but the point is, these books usually are podcasts or Audible original, or some old ones. So, they don’t have the new releases and the popular ones.

If you want to read the popular ones, you have to buy them by yourself at almost the same market rate, and they will remain with you even after the subscription expires.

While other Audible catalog books will not remain with you, and you will lose all when the subscription expires.

However, now it’s become a pretty high amount when you buy books with a subscription on them. That’s why I’ll refer you to choose this Audible subscription if you don’t have cravings for the newly released ones. You can listen to the books in the Audible Catalog, for that the subscription amount is quite good.

Library of Audible

There are over 500,000 audiobook titles in the Audiobooks library, making it the most extensive audiobook library on the planet. We already noted that membership plans include either one or two titles each month and two Audible Originals. Does anything else come with membership? Sure! Additional purchases are discounted by 30%. Daily Deal gives you the opportunity to purchase a new book each day at a discounted price. You can return and exchange audiobooks easily and take advantage of wellness plans, including discounts.

Advantages of Audible

  • If you cancel your subscription after purchasing audiobooks, you will still have access to the books. In other words, you will have lifetime access to all the materials in your library.
  • There are at least three times as many books on Audible than on Scribd, which has the second-largest library in the world. Popular books and new releases usually appear on Audible first.
  • It’s $7.95 per month for Audible subscriptions.
  • Book exchanges and returns are available for 365 days after the purchase date.
  • With your account, you can use it on an unlimited number of devices.
  • Members receive special discounts plus various benefits, including unlimited access to podcasts.
  • It is possible to share your favorite books with family or friends for free using the “Send The Book” feature.
  • Students can enroll in their own plan for just $9,95 a month.
  • The audio quality of audiobooks is excellent at 64 kbps.
  • Provides an excellent, reliable app.
  • Audible provides 24/7 customer service through phone, e-mail, and live chat.

Disadvantages of Audible

  • Having just one audiobook title plus two Originals in an audiobook subscription service is not for everyone.
  • The Audible library does not offer e-books, magazines, etc., like Scribd.
  • Finding podcasts isn’t easy.

Audible Plus Review

audible vs audible plus

As the Audible Plus is not like Netflix, it’s more like Audible’s previous subscription services. What has changed is the number of credits with different duration plans.

Generally, with the Audible Plus per month subscription, you will get one credit per month, which equals one book.

Moreover, the books you get from credits will remain with you other than in the Audible Catalog.

With that, you will get complete access to all the Audible Catalog, additionally with one credit per month. So, that is the point where differences come.

However, you can get this Audible plus subscription plan to listen to the most popular and newly released books. If you are also urged to save the books yourself, choose this. Lastly, it is a good offer at such a low cost because one good book’s price is usually quite more than that.

Memberships Prices:

AttributeAudibleAudible Plus
SubscriptionOne monthOne month
Monthly Prize$7.95$14.95
Access to Audible CatalogYesYes

When it comes to the subscription plan, then price matters. You have to choose the one that is affordable and best for you. If we look into Audible per month subscription, it gives unlimited books to listen to, which will never come at such a low price. So, maybe it is more affordable for you.

Moreover, if we see Audible Plus, its price seems to be high but see the credit option; it gives you a hot new book at a lower price. With that, you will also get unlimited access to the Audible Catalog. The subscription cost for it is almost double that of the Audible, but it will not be lost if you get a good book from it.

How Does Audible Plus work?

As with Audible Escape, Audible Plus audiobooks do not have special icons. Audible audiobooks that you must purchase will have an icon that states “1 credit”, whereas those that are part of the Plus catalog will have the banner “included.” Additionally, audiobooks display “Play” and “Add to Library” buttons instead of displaying options for purchasing. Books are also available for download or streaming so that you can listen offline.

A subscription to Audible Plus gives you unlimited access to audiobooks. You can choose from as many titles as possible by clicking through the catalog. Audiobooks can be borrowed as many times as you want and kept as long as you want, so there’s no need to remember to return them. Once your membership expires, all titles on your device will be automatically removed. But will remove only the titles borrowed from the AP service. Even if you cancel your membership, you can always listen to the Audible books you purchased with your Audible Premium Plus credit or money.

Audible Plus currently has a catalog of over 10,000 titles, with new titles being added every week. These are definitely additions rather than rotations, however. Audible Plus is unlikely to ever remove titles again, and if it does, you’ll be notified.

Advantages of Audible Plus

If you are mega readers, then hopefully, Audible Plus is an excellent option for you. Additionally, it may not suit everyone, so you should get a complete knowledge of it first. That’s why I’m here to explain the benefits that you will get from it:

Credits: Earning some credit is an excellent option because one credit means one exclusive book that will surely be worth listening to in this package.

Audible Catalog access: You will get all you can have in an Audible subscription from this one. Moreover, this Catalog has quite a high number of almost 500,000. And you have unlimited access to it. Isn’t it great?

Ownership: As you may know, the Audible audiobook source is famous for its ownership to its subscribers. Furthermore, if you desire to establish an audiobook library for your loved ones, it will be an excellent chance for you.

Discount: If you are a picky reader and want to buy another whole book. Then, you will also get discounts on other books.

Disadvantages of Audible Plus

If you want to know about something entirely, you should also know the disadvantages rather than the benefits. Consequently, the main con of Audible Plus subscription is its high cost. It is double the Audible subscription. So, you can say it is pretty high.

However, in my opinion, if you get an excellent exclusive book, then it will not seem to be high. Then, it looks affordable.

FAQ: Audible vs Audible Plus

What is Audible plus?

Audible Plus is the Premium subscription service that gives you credit per month to get one book. Furthermore, Audible Plus also provides you unlimited access to the Audible Catalog with almost 500,000 readers, which is excellent. Additionally, you will also get ownership of your books. Isn’t it great? You are going to get what you want.

Is Audible premium plus free with Amazon Prime?

No, it’s not free. Additionally, Audible is strongly linked to Amazon, but it does not allow any free strategies. So, don’t hope for what you can’t get. However, this linkage will give some benefits. Hence, Amazon allows Prime members to get discounted premium membership. So, grab this deal and get your discount.

What is the difference between the Audible plans?

Both Audible Plans differ from each other in many ways. But the critical difference is the prizes, credits, and access. Moreover, the Audible plus has almost double the cost of the Audible subscription. With that, the Audible member doesn’t get any credit. Lastly, Audible Plus members have access to more free books than Audible ones.

How much does audible cost with prime?

Audible is Amazon’s program, so they discount Amazon prime members. But this discount is not forever. Moreover, it provides a three-month free trial to Amazon Prime members for just $4.95 per month. Consequently, they get a 66% discount for the first three months, but they will come to the usual price after that.

How can I get audible for free?

You can get an Audible free trial for 30 days by just making an account and giving your Mastercard. However, it also functions on American Express and Visa. Furthermore, if you don’t cancel the free trial before it ends, then Audible automatically continues your subscription by deducting the charges from the account.

Audible vs. Audible Plus: Final Verdict

Until now, you may know much about Audible subscription plans. Probably, you will be wondering which is best for you. So, let me clear it for you in simple facts. Furthermore, if you are an avid or massive reader, who reads or listens to more than one book in a month, you should go on to the Audible Plus.

But if you are someone who wants to get a book in a month, then go for an Audible subscription. However, that was my opinion; you can see what fits you.

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