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AudioBooks vs Training Courses Guide

It is now so easy to stream a book on the move and enjoy a good story or discover new facts while commuting to work. Audio books can be had at every level of mathematics, human anatomy or any other endeavor that will help advance you in any career.

Media Streaming Online

Digital books have evolved into a technology that allows the distribution of knowledge via the internet that was not that long ago, unimaginable. Initially, it was the ability of music files to be stored onto the Apple iPad which kick started the revolution of audio books and eBooks. Devices now have plenty of storage capacity for all media file types.

Education has changed considerably because of the flexibility offered by various formats for books and the ability to stream, in the case of audiobooks, or may be read digitally in the event of eBooks. No longer do we need to carry books where ever we go, no longer do we need huge spaces to store and or distribute books to the masses.

In today’s world, increasingly, but not not solely, we bring our reading material, albeit for reading pleasure, or for educational purpose’s, right into our electronic devices where we can read or listen to the text.

Providing one accepts that the act of reading is the ability to absorb and understand a concept or fictional story it is irrelevant, regardless if it is read or listened to.

The following reasons illustrate why listening to a book might be more beneficial than attending a training course on a given subject.

1. Introduction

Streaming information to a device for study gives a student control to take in that information, at their own pace.

“Access is available 24/7 with out the stress of adding to an already busy diary”

2. Cost

A training course can be expensive, regardless of its duration. Streaming a book is an affordable option, especially when compared to live training, it allows for easy revision and fits a busy person schedule. Access is available 24/7 without the stress of adding to an already busy diary.

3. Accessibility

Educational audiobooks are easy to carry, regardless of the destination. They can be loaded onto a phone, laptop or tablet and taken anywhere in the world; the only other item you may need is headphones! Additionally, as long as an internet connection is available, you might wish to download the ebook equivalent or any other material relevant to your studies. (Optional)

4. Perspective

Training courses can be very intuitive, and most tutors will stamp their personality and enthusiasm into the course, especially given that in most cases the subject material will have been written by a person or team other than the person doing the training. In contrast, a narrated book may be read either by the author or a professional narrator.

5. Time

Any section of a recorded book can be replayed as often as necessary which helps reinforce the information in the listener’s mind.

6. New readers

It’s not uncommon for people to find it difficult finding the time to attend training courses and read the required material.

7. Movement

Training sessions often follow a set pattern; a presentation followed by a break, and then a second presentation, lunch and a repeat for the afternoon. Unless there is already a passion for the subject, the day can become monotonous, and it can become tough to take in or understand the information being presented. By listening to a training book, the material can be heard in its entirety or bite size chunks while on the go.

8. Testing

A training course comes with a trainer; normally, there are no choices for trainers, you get the one assigned for your course. Presentation styles vary; if their style is not enjoyable, then it may affect your motivation and concentration levels.

Talking books normally have an option where one can listen to a sample of the books narration ensuring that the tone of the narrators voice is acceptable to the listener. This means that the style of presentation and the narrator’s voice can be assessed and the right one chosen for any particular audience. Books are often narrated by more than one person.

9. Distractions

Training courses do offer the opportunity to meet other people. Of course, these people will be interested in the same topic and may have ideas or perhaps a better understanding of the subject, and this can be beneficial. Unfortunately, other people might also be a distraction; it may be one person who others are drawn to and refocuses the mind on other subjects, or there may be a ‘class clown’ who wants to entertain everyone.

Any distraction will prevent the subject matter being absorbed fully and destroy the opportunity to broaden one’s horizons and improve career prospects. An audio book does not have this issue, it can be replayed or stopped and started as needed; this will ensure the reader can absorb all the information provided.

10. It’s Cool!

(Tongue in cheek!) An audio book can be played on an iPod or a Smartphone; technology being what it is, no one will know if you are listening to an educational audio book or the latest chart hits.


Training courses offer excellent networking opportunities which may be difficult to match when using any other learning media. However, it is clear that educational audio books have significant advantages over traditional training courses.

Of course, you may choose to use both in tandem, this offers the best of both worlds, it may add a little to the cost of doing a training course on it’s own. But in reality, it offers an ideal way of consolidating all the information offered by both sources.

Last but certainly not least, digital books are so easy to access in a very broad sense given the ability to sync across a range of small and portable devices. No carrying or storing of large cumbersome and bulky textbooks. They are the most convenient, accessible and cheap ways of buying and using books.

If you haven’t tried it yet then, perhaps you should!

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