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Best Audiobook Subscription

One way to escape reality is through reading books. In addition to being entertaining, it also stimulates the mind. Listen to audiobooks if you love reading books but are short on time! The convenience of audiobooks makes them popular. With audiobooks, you no longer have to pick up a book to read what you love!

Each month, book lovers have access to limited or unlimited titles through these subscription services. The store offers a wide range of titles in different genres, including both classics and the newest releases. You can not only listen to your favorite songs on the go, at work, or at home, but you also get a sense of the atmosphere of the moment.

Listening has many benefits, and not just in terms of content! You will improve your vocabulary, improve your comprehension, and most importantly, save time! Don’t let your schedule prevent you from nurturing your love of reading. By using the best audiobook subscriptions on this list, you can still listen to a lot of books!

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Best Audiobook Subscription Reviews:

1. Amazon’s Audible

Amazon’s Audible

Audible Audiobooks is a great audiobook subscription service. The library includes over 200k titles, a wide selection of new releases, and you can keep the books you buy for life. It’s amazing.

Audible Originals, which cannot be found on other platforms, are also available on the platform. Audible offers a single book for $14.95 (plus a free Audible Original). A unit of $14.95 is equal to one credit per month. There are also other subscription plans available.

The price of Audible is relatively high compared to Scribd. The reason is that you purchase rather than rent the books. The platform allows you to exchange a boring title for free if you have purchased it. Moreover, they frequently run promotions which makes them a great resource for those looking for cheap deals.

2. Audible Audiobooks

Audible Audiobooks

Audiobook industry leader with over 200,000 audiobooks in its library, Audible has by far the largest library of titles in the audiobook industry.

Due to Audible’s market share and customer base, new releases and bestsellers are invariably released on Audible first.

The fact that you can keep the books you pay for is one of the most important aspects of owning books or audiobooks. The titles I own are worth over $2,500, and I am happy to pass them on to my children. Scribd, for example, offers an unlimited listening subscription, but the book is really only borrowed for the duration of your subscription. After the subscription ends, you have no access to the book. The Audible App can still be accessed even after the subscription has ended.

3. Google Audiobooks

Google Audiobooks

Google Audiobooks is a good choice if you want access to books without signing up for a subscription. It’s like a giant online bookstore where you can look at books.

What is the process? It’s very simple. You just need to choose the book you want, pay the fee and press the download button. The book will now be yours forever. I bet Amazon’s Audible is envious of the library on this site. Additionally, you will have no trouble accessing the latest titles.

4. Blinkist


There is no other platform that compares to Blinkist when it comes to non-fiction titles. This platform’s content is primarily focused on self-development and education. To cover only the most important points, they have condensed their books into small sections. Therefore, most of the books will be completed in as little as 20 minutes, which is great for those with busy schedules.

Health and fitness, parenting, and economics are some of the topics covered by Blinkist. For those looking for a smarter version of themselves, this is what they should do.

Scribd and Audible subscriber fees on the platform are significantly lower than on the platform. For annual plans, you receive a 50% discount. You can take a test ride for seven days during the trial period.


Audio books

You should check out if you are looking for an extensive collection of audiobooks, textbooks, podcasts, and magazines. For heavy readers who want to read both fiction and non-fiction, it’s probably the second-best choice after Audible.

Similar to Audible, it charges a relatively steep subscription fee (almost twice as much as Audible). When you subscribe, however, you get three audiobooks for free (two from the VIP section and one from the premium section).

Its freebie offer is probably’s greatest advantage. There are over 8 thousand free audiobooks available to subscribers. Honestly, they mostly consist of titles related to specific niches. But if you dig deeper, you might find some surprises.

6. Apple Books

Apple Books

Monthly subscriptions can be inefficient for an occasional (and possibly busy) listener if they do not log into the platform for some months. Apple Books, a subscription-free service, may be of assistance in this regard.

Apple offers this service, however, it is not listed among its services. Nonetheless, its popularity is growing as more and more people own iPhones and Mac devices. As with Audible, you own a book for life when you purchase it through this service. The average price per book is around $9.90.

Due to the site’s growth, there aren’t many books to browse through. However, they are inactive collaboration with publishers. Soon, you can expect a flood of top-quality titles. 

8. Downpour


It’s okay to want to buy a book just so your children can read it someday. In the olden days, people were strapped for cash and rented titles instead of buying them. Well, guess what, Downpour offers the same options.

With this platform, you get an incredible amount of flexibility. With this platform, you get an incredible amount of flexibility. In other words, if your schedule gets hectic, you can always come back a few months later without having to resubscribe.

There are over 22 genres and subcategories in Downpour’s library, so you’ll have no trouble finding what you need. You can access the platform on your mobile or web browser. They also offer excellent customer service.

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9. Librivox


You have arrived at this article’s sweet spot if you have not yet saved enough to sign up for subscription audiobook services. Free audiobooks are available through the Librivox community.

How is that possible, I am sure you are wondering. Basically, the platform only displays works that have previously been subjected to copy-right claims. Therefore, this site will often lack current and recent publications. Nevertheless, Librivox is worth investigating if you enjoy classics or freebies.

10. Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital

Similar to Libby and OverDrive, Hoopla Digital requires library cards to be connected. The best part is that you’ll get free access to TV shows, music, ebooks, and comics in addition to audiobooks.

A lot of audiobooks are available. With active deals with leading publishers, Hoopla is one of the best audiobook services for the most up-to-date content. Why then is it so expensive? The service is only available in the US and Canada.

Final thoughts

So there you have it, a list of the best audiobook services you should consider.

 The most popular audiobook platform is Amazon’s Audible, according to our research. There are many reasons for this; an extensive list of books, new releases, and the option of downloading books from a wide range of genres.

That doesn’t mean other options aren’t viable. Every person has their own preferences. Scribd, Downpour, and, for example, are great choices if you prefer to rent a book for a low price. Then you should check out Overdrive, where you can access your audiobooks, movies, and music from one location. The choice is yours. Thanks.

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