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10 Best Audiobook Subscriptions for Book Lovers

Do you like to read books? If yes, good news for you! You don’t have to add to your expenses to enjoy audiobooks in your free time. Plenty of audiobook subscription services will let you listen to free audiobooks!

This blog post is for you if you’re looking for the best audiobook subscription service. I’ve tried many audiobook subscription services but only chose the best for this list. This blog post will tell you about my top picks of the best audiobook subscription services! If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, scroll down to our handy comparison table at the bottom of the page.

What is an Audiobook?


Audiobooks are books recorded by a human voice and listened to through headphones or speakers. They can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet, and you can listen to them anywhere—while driving in the car, walking down the street with your headphones in, working out at the gym, or even doing housework.

Audiobooks have been around for some time now, but they’ve recently become more popular due to the rise of smartphones and tablets. With so many people listening to audiobooks on their phones or other mobile devices, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard one yet!

The History of Audiobooks

The history of audiobooks is a bit muddied, but we can trace the first use of recorded voice to an 1877 Edison phonograph cylinder. This was an early form of audio recording, and it’s estimated that it took about three hours to record a single track on one of these cylinders.

The first audiobook ever made was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, published in 1913 by Chautauqua Press. However, this recording wasn’t intended for home use—it was only made available to libraries so patrons could listen to it while they read along with their book copies.

The first commercially available audiobook didn’t come out until 1927, when The Bodley Head released Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on wax cylinders. This recording was made by actor William Gillette (who played Holmes in an earlier stage adaptation of the story). It was meant to accompany his performance in London’s West End.

Why Audiobooks?

Audiobooks make a great addition to your daily routine. Audiobooks are a great way to add variety to your day, whether you’re looking for something to listen to while working out or relaxing at home.

Here are some reasons why audiobooks are worth checking out:

1. They help you learn more: Audiobooks are a great way to expand your knowledge of different topics and subjects, including books on history, science, business, and more.

2. They can be a cheaper alternative: If you’re looking for books on tape or CDs but don’t want to spend too much money on them, audiobooks are usually affordable and provide plenty of entertainment value!

3. They’re easy to use: You can listen to audiobooks anywhere with internet access, making them perfect for long car rides or commutes. There might be no other options available for entertainment purposes (such as television shows).

Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks

Audiobooks are the best way to enjoy literature, whether on the go, in transit, or looking for a way to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

  • Audiobooks are great for those who can’t read.
  • It is also helpful for people who do not want to read many books.
  • It is also a great way to pass your time when bored or tired.
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Increased memory retention
  • Improved reading comprehension and retention
  • Better language acquisition skills

How Much Do Audiobooks Cost?

Audiobooks have become quite popular nowadays. Audible, Amazon, and iTunes are the three major audiobook providers or channels. Each of them offers different types of audiobook pricing models.

Audible provides monthly and annual subscriptions at fixed prices to get unlimited access to its library.

Amazon provides free downloads for a limited number of items under their “Prime” membership program but requires you to purchase the rest at standard prices.

This article will calculate how much audiobooks cost from these three companies based on your listening speed and the average length of each audiobook under these companies’ payment plans.

Audiobooks made a comeback in the early 2000s with the popularity of iPods, iPhones, and iPads. They’re often cheaper to buy than physical or printed copies because they only require one set of production costs versus multiple copies of a physical product. At the same time, some audiobooks are free and available through public libraries, most cost between $5 to $20 per book.

Why Do Audiobooks Cost So Much?

There are several reasons why audiobooks are more expensive than hardcover and electronic equivalents.

The first reason is that it requires a lot of upfront investment in casting, renting an audio recording studio, hiring a narrator, narrating the book, and dealing with audio engineers. This is not only costly but also time-consuming.

The second reason is that audiobooks have a much smaller market than movies or music. Since fewer people listen to audiobooks than those who watch movies or music, publishers need to charge more to compensate for their smaller audience size.

The third reason is that audiobook publishers don’t have as much money as their counterparts in other entertainment industries such as film or music. For this reason, not everyone has the financial wherewithal to spend tens of thousands of dollars on audiobooks during their lifetime.”

How to Listen to Audiobooks for the Least

Would you like to listen to audiobooks for the least? If so, we have the answer for you. Several audiobook subscription services enable you to listen to books at an affordable price and fulfill your desire.

An audiobook subscription is the most economical way to listen to audiobooks (it has books you like to read and is affordable). A digital audiobook subscription operates in the same manner. Aud audiobooks may be accessible for a monthly or annual membership fee, depending on the platform and plan. A single audiobook may cost anywhere between $25 and $50, but with a monthly membership, you may get one or occasionally an endless number of audiobooks for a fraction of the price.

Leading Best Audiobook Subscription for Book Lovers

Leading Best Audiobook Subscription
  • Amazon Prime
  • iTune
  • Apple Books
  • KOBO
  • Hoopla Digital
  • Blinkist
  • OverDrive & Libby
  • LibriVox
  • Google Audiobooks

The 10 Best Audiobook Subscription Reviews:


Audible, the world’s largest seller and producer of audiobooks, offers more than 180,000 titles in all genres for download or on-demand listening. You can choose from bestsellers and new releases with our personalized recommendations, listen to curated playlists by mood, or discover something entirely new.

You can start an audiobook on one device and seamlessly switch to another—no syncing required. Audible membership includes a 30-day free trial to try it out without risk. If you don’t love it, cancel within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

Audible’s collection has over 2 million titles, so there is something for everyone. Audible has you covered whether you’re searching for a terrific narrative to listen to on your commute or want to indulge in some self-care with an audiobook.

The Audible app and website allow you to download or stream audiobooks. The free app enables users to listen to 30 minutes and 4-5 minutes of each book on their website before selecting whether or not to purchase it. If you decide not to buy any of their titles after listening to them, you may continue to listen without paying any more costs!

Advantages of Audible Audiobook

  • Large selection: Over 500,000 titles are available on, and more than 100,000 titles are exclusive to Audible members.
  • Exclusive content for members: Audible Originals is an original podcast series featuring interviews with celebrities and other interesting personalities. Members also get access to an additional 150+ titles per month.
  • Purchased titles are yours to keep even if you cancel your subscription: If you buy a title from Audible, it will stay in your library forever—even if you cancel your membership!
  • Car-friendly interface

Disadvantage of Audible Audiobook

  • The credit-based model used by Audible is more costly than other subscription services. The monthly membership is $14.95, and each credit is valued at $1. This implies that you may acquire a new audiobook for less than $15 each month, which is more costly than other subscription services that provide free or discounted credits.
  • The software prohibits the purchase of books. If you desire to purchase an audiobook from your phone, you must first log in to your account on a computer, then download and sync the audiobook to your phone using the Audible app.
  • If you cancel your membership, any remaining credits will be lost. If you do not use all of your credits in a given month, they expire at the end of that month, and you will lose them if you cancel before they expire (they do not roll over).

2. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime memberships come with access to Amazon’s library of over 1 million ebooks, including many best sellers and classics like The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. You can also get access to Audible’s library for free.

When you sign up for an Audible membership, you’ll access a wealth of audiobooks available through the service, including audio versions of many best-selling novels, nonfiction titles, and classics like Moby Dick by Herman Melville and 1984 by George Orwell. In addition to these, you’ll have access to Audible Originals—original content that has been produced exclusively for the company.

Audible is available via your computer on iOS and Android devices and web browsers. You can listen to audiobooks on any device with a Bluetooth speaker or headphones connected via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm headphone jack (though you may need an adapter).

Amazon Prime for audiobooks is a great way to listen to your favorite books on any device, including the latest releases. Whether commuting to work or relaxing at home, you can choose from over 1 million titles and enjoy them anytime.

With Amazon Prime for audiobooks, you can:

  • Listen to over 1 million titles at no additional cost
  • Stream audiobooks instantly while offline without downloading them
  • Choose from bestsellers and new releases across all categories, including fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books
  • Sync your audiobooks across devices so that they’re available everywhere

Advantages of Amazon Prime

1. You can listen to audiobooks on all your devices

The first advantage of Amazon Prime audiobook is that you can listen to audiobooks on any device, including your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You don’t need to buy a special player or download an app—you can go straight to Amazon’s website and start listening!

2. The selection is huge

The second advantage is that thousands of different titles are available at any time, so you’re sure to find something that interests you! There are also many new releases each month, so it’s easy to stay up-to-date with the latest releases without worrying about getting bored with old favorites again too soon after finishing them off!

3. It’s affordable

The third advantage is that it’s very affordable compared with similar services such as Audible or iTunes—you’ll only pay around $15 per month instead of $20 per month.

Disadvantages of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime audiobooks are a great way to listen to books at a low cost. But there are also some disadvantages of Amazon Prime audiobooks, including:

  • You can only download one book at a time.
  • You can’t download audiobooks if you have a Kindle device.
  • There’s a limited selection of audiobooks.

3. iTunes Apps

If you’re an audiobook lover like us, you know that iTunes is the best way to listen to your favorite books. With iTunes, you can explore the huge library of audiobooks available and find the perfect one for you.

You can also sync your audiobooks across devices to listen to them wherever and whenever. If you love podcasts and radio programs, iTunes has got those too! So what are you waiting for? Get on iTunes today!

If you’re already a member of Apple Music or Spotify Premium, sign in with your account to access your entire music library on any device—and use the same login to access your audiobooks. You’ll be able to play any song or album from Apple Music or Spotify Premium at any time using AirPlay 2-enabled speakers connected to Sonos speakers—or stream it directly from an Apple TV 4K with AirPlay 2.

Advantage of iTunes Apps

  • iTunes is the most popular audiobook platform, so finding the audiobooks you are looking for is easy.
  • The app is free and easy to use on all devices with iOS or macOS operating systems.
  • iTunes has a large selection of audiobooks, including many bestsellers and new releases at reasonable prices.
  • You can listen to audiobooks without an Internet connection, allowing you to enjoy them anywhere and anytime without worrying about data charges!

Disadvantages of iTunes Apps

  • Many people have had problems with iTunes not syncing their audiobooks properly.
  • iTunes is expensive, and you can’t get the books for free on this app.
  • iTunes is not user-friendly, and when you download an audiobook, it will automatically play without asking whether you want to.
  • Credits can be kept for up to a year after accrual: If you have credits accrued on your account, they don’t expire until 12 months after they’ve been earned.

4. Audiobooks (

Do you have an hour-long commute every day to work? Do you like listening to podcasts at the gym? Perhaps you don’t have enough time in your life to read books. Whatever your motivation, is an excellent resource for audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio entertainment.

There are several advantages to utilizing this service, particularly if you are a regular traveler or commuter who spends a significant amount of time in the automobile. However, one feature distinguishing from other services such as Audible is unrestricted access to 72,000+ podcasts.

Advantages of iTunes Apps

  • is a great place to find audiobooks and other resources for your listening pleasure. It is similar to Audible.
  • Purchased titles are yours to keep; they also include podcast access; the library is comparable to Audible.
  • has a large selection of titles in its library, including bestsellers and classics.
  • Subscription options include monthly plans or annual plans

Disadvantages of iTunes Apps

  • First, VIP books accessed with a subscription are returned (you must purchase with a credit to keep it).
  • You can only stream audiobooks you’ve already downloaded to your device.
  • You can only download audiobooks that are part of your subscription’s Premium Catalog, limiting the number of books you can listen to.


The most important thing to remember about Blinkist is the app. It’s built for people who are busy and on the go—people with jobs, kids, friends, and lives. Like most of us, you don’t have hours to devote to reading daily. That’s where Blinkist comes in.

With a Blinkist audiobook, you can listen to an entire book in just 15 minutes daily! Instead of spending your lunch break reading or listening to music, you can get through a whole book in just 15 minutes a day!

So what are you waiting for? Download the app today and start listening to books today!

With their premium subscription, you can access unlimited summaries on any topic. Even if you don’t finish the book in one sitting, you can still spend as much time getting through the summary.

The best thing about Blinkist is that it’s not just a way to get through books quickly – it’s also an easy way to read more books than ever!

With their free basic plan, users can access one summary each day. But the efficiency of the 15-minute summaries often leaves people wanting more. And that’s where their paid tiers come in: for $15.99 per month, users can upgrade to a premium plan and have access to unlimited summaries on any topic they choose.

They also offer an option to pay for a year in advance (which saves 45% off monthly payments) at $99.99 per year – less than most people spend on two books per month!

Advantages of BLINKIST audiobook

  • It takes less time than reading a book—you’ll be able to get through even dense material quickly because our audiobooks are designed for efficiency (15 minutes or less per chapter!).
  • It’s cheaper than buying audiobooks or print books. Their subscription model means you’ll never pay more than $15 per month for unlimited access to our library of over 2 million titles (including audiobooks, e-books, and summaries).

Disadvantages of BLINKIST audiobook

  • The biggest disadvantage of BLINKIST audiobooks is that you need to subscribe if you want to access them. You can’t download just one book or even a few.
  • The idea behind BLINKIST is that it’s supposed to help busy people get through all the books they want to read in a short amount of time. But this might not be your service if you’re only interested in listening to one book or two.

6. Google Play Books

Google Audiobooks is a good choice if you want access to books without signing up for a subscription. It’s like a giant online bookstore where you can look at books.

What is the process? It’s very simple. You need to choose the book you want, pay the fee and press the download button. The book will now be yours forever. I bet Amazon’s Audible is envious of the library on this site. Additionally, you will have no trouble accessing the latest titles.

Advantages of Google Play Books Audiobook

  • The cost per book is below the average of $8.
  • Compatible with Google Assistant & Android
  • If you listen to the book at night and don’t want to lose your place if you fall asleep, you can use the timer feature to automatically stop it after a set amount of time.
  • In case the narrator is reading too slowly, you can increase the speed of the voice.
  • When you purchase a book, it is yours forever.
  • The progress you make on each device is synchronized.
  • You do not have to pay a monthly fee to use it.

Disadvantages of Google Play Books Audiobook

  • There are some limited features.
  • Library with a small collection.
  • Some books cost more than others.

7. Apple Books

Monthly subscriptions can be inefficient for an occasional (and possibly busy) listener if they do not log into the platform for some months. Apple Books, a subscription-free service, may be of assistance in this regard.

Apple offers this service; however, it is not listed among its services. Nonetheless, its popularity is growing as more and more people own iPhones and Mac devices. As with Audible, you own a book for life when you purchase it through this service. The average price per book is around $9.90.

Due to the site’s growth, there aren’t many books to browse through. However, they are an inactive collaboration with publishers. Soon, you can expect a flood of top-quality titles. 

Advantages of Apple Books

  • It offers a good collection of books to choose from.
  • There is no subscription fee for this service.
  • Before you buy anything, read the previews.
  • Your book will remain yours for as long as you live.
  • There is an average price of $9.99 for a book.
  • The app is compatible with all Apple devices.

Disadvantages of Apple Books

  • Quite expensive.
  • The device is locked into the Apple ecosystem.
  • There are severe limitations on the availability of popular titles.

8. Downpour

It’s okay to want to buy a book just so your children can read it someday. In the olden days, people were strapped for cash and rented titles instead of buying them. Well, guess what? Downpour offers the same options.

With this platform, you get an incredible amount of flexibility. With this platform, you get an incredible amount of flexibility. In other words, if your schedule gets hectic, you can always come back a few months later without resubscribing.

Downpour’s library has over 22 genres and subcategories, so you’ll have no trouble finding what you need. You can access the platform on your mobile or web browser. They also offer excellent customer service.

Advantages of Downpour Audiobook

  • If you cancel your membership, you can keep your books.
  • DRM-free books are available through Downpour.
  • The cancellation of your membership is free of charge at any time.
  • The narration can be sped up or down.
  • The sleep timer setting lets you set the time when it will stop.
  • If you have a subscription, you can rent titles for as little as $1.99, and they do not take away from your monthly credit allowance.
  • Additionally, you can buy credits each month.
  • Downpour credits are valid for one year, so you can save them up if you are not using them.

Disadvantages of Downpour Audiobook

  • It is not possible to try the software for free.
  • It has a smaller library of content than other platforms.
  • If you don’t like a title, you cannot return it.
  • They charge two credits for some titles, and monthly members get one credit free.

9. Librivox

You have arrived at this article’s sweet spot if you have not yet saved enough to sign up for subscription audiobook services. Free audiobooks are available through the Librivox community.

How is that possible, I am sure you are wondering. The platform only displays works that have previously been subjected to copy-right claims. Therefore, this site will often lack current and recent publications. Nevertheless, Librivox is worth investigating if you enjoy classics or freebies.

Advantages of Librivox Audiobook

  • Public domain books are available for free.
  • Great browsing features in this mobile app.
  • There are many classics in this collection.
  • A summary is included with each audiobook as well as a sample reading.
  • There is no limit to the number of books you can read through the app.

Disadvantages of Librivox Audiobook

  • The quality of some recordings is poor.
  • Ads may overwhelm users.
  • There is a limited selection of books on the platform since only public domain books are available.

10. Hoopla Digital

Like Libby and OverDrive, Hoopla Digital requires library cards to be connected. The best part is that you’ll get free access to TV shows, music, ebooks, and comics, in addition to audiobooks.

A lot of audiobooks are available. Hoopla is one of the best audiobook services for the most up-to-date content with active deals with leading publishers. Why is it so expensive then? The service is only available in the US and Canada.

Advantages of Hoopla Digital Audiobook

  • Audiobooks are not the only content offered on Hoopla, as audiobooks, music albums, comic books, TV shows, and movies are also available.
  • Instead of placing holds, you can borrow titles instantly from your library.
  • Using the app on your phone or browsing the web on your laptop, you can watch a movie or listen to an audiobook.
  • This app has a user-friendly catalog that’s easy to navigate.
  • For audiobooks and movies, you can keep them for approximately three weeks.
  • Over 500,000 titles are available, and titles are updated fairly frequently to keep the selection fresh.
  • You can download audiobooks or other titles to avoid streaming and data usage.
  • No late fees or fines apply, and the app is totally free.

Disadvantages of Hoopla Digital Audiobook

  • There is a limit to how many books you can borrow each month, and as long as you borrow a title and don’t read it or you borrow the wrong title by mistake, it still counts as one of your loans.
  • Some libraries also limit how many titles you can borrow per day as part of the total borrow allowance.


We hope that you’ve found this guide helpful. We know how overwhelming it can be to wade through all the different audiobook subscription services, so we tried to make it as simple as possible to choose the one that’s right for you.

We can’t wait to hear which audiobook service wins in your book!

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