Best AudioBook Websites Free and Paid [2022]

1. Audiobooks from

Audible Audiobooks Service
Audible Audiobooks Service

2. Audiobooks from iTunes

Audiobooks from iTunes
Audiobooks from iTunes

3. Audiobooks from Soundcloud

Audiobook from
Audiobook from

4. BBC Audiobooks

Audiobooks from BBC
Audiobooks from BBC

5. Free AudioBooks from

Audiobook from Youtube
Audiobook from Youtube

6. Free Audiobooks from OpenCulture

Open Culture Audiobooks
Open Culture Audiobooks

7. Librivox

Free LibriVOX from Audiobooks
Free LibriVOX from Audiobooks
  • Free public domain audiobooks – Read by volunteers from around the world.
  • A large collection of audiobooks that you can download to your desktop computer. iPods, Smartphones, and other devices. The best for audio books free download site. 

LibriVox Objective is “To make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet.”

8. LoyalBooks

  • 7,000 + Free Public Domain Audiobooks & eBook Downloads
Free Audiobook from
Free Audiobook from


Free audiobooks
Free audiobooks
  • 100+ free audio books

10. Gutenberg Audio Book Collection


  • Free audiobooks for a selection of classic literature and philosophy titles


audio books from audiobookboom
audio books from audiobookboom
  • FREE audiobooks in your inbox every Tuesday! No cost to sign up and listen.

13. Lit2Go

Free AudioBooks from Lit2Go
Free AudioBooks from Lit2Go
  • An extensive collection of free audiobooks provided by the University of Southern Florida.

14. Free Audio Books for Amazon Prime Members

audiobooks from amazon prime
audiobooks from amazon prime

As an Amazon Prime member, you have access to a nice selection of audio books.  In most cases you need to download the ebook before you can get the audiobook; you can’t just see a separate list of available audiobooks and download them individually.


Audio Books from
Audio Books from

17. Internet Archive

Free Audiobooks from
Free Audiobooks from
  • Listen to free audio books and poetry recordings courtesy of the Internet Archive.

18. Scribl

Scribd Audio Books
Scribd Audio Books
  • Provides podcasts of largely free books that we’ve never heard of before.


  • Free Short Audio Books for Kids


  • Classic Poetry Collection. These poetry podcasts provide readings of the great poems of the past.


  • Digital Narration for the 21st Century

More Free Audiobooks Websites

  • AudioBookTreasury offers about 50 audio books for free download in MP3 (or complete work in Zip) or for listening online.  Many are available elsewhere, but they do have a nice collection of Sherlock Holmes books and a nice collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s writings.
  • American Radio Theater Modern production using old time radio techniques for stories broadcast in podcasts.  All are available for free download in MP3 or free listening online.  This site is still active.
  • offers 4 free classic novels for download.
  • FreeAudioReview offers a personal review and links to over 206 free audio books. 
  • Baseline Of Health  has 16 free lectures on health related topics available for free download in MP3 without registration.
  • Biography In Sound the Internet Archive offers the old time radio broadcast of Biography In Sound, for free listening online or free download in MP3, without registration.  Also available as a torrent download.  There are 79 one hour episodes.
  • Book at Bedtime BBC Radio 4 presents audiobooks in episode form for free listening online without registration.  These are time-limited so you have to keep up to complete a novel.
  • Classicly has a good sized collection of free classic audiobooks separated into various categories.  All are available for free download in MP3, without registration.
  • Classic Literature Podcast a collection of classic literature audiobooks released in podcasts.  All available for free download in MP3.
  • FreeClassicAudioBooks has around 60 classic works available for download in MP3 (32kbps) or iPod friendly m4b (32kbps).  They are pretty much split between human read and computer.  
  • FreeListens  is a blog that culls the web for free audio books.  Not all blog entries are about the free audio books, but most are and there is a large amount of content available through here.
  • GlobeRadioRepertory (InterenetArchive) offers Madame Bovary, Don Quixote and 16 Stories by Anton Chekhov for download in MP3, Ogg Vorbis or online listening.
  • Goodreads  has a collection of 55 free science fiction audiobooks.  The links are offsite, so download and listening options vary.  The link to the audiobook is on the book page, select “more details”.
  • Greatest AudioBooks  posts their audiobooks at YouTube and has over 200 free audiobooks available for free listening online.
  • Huffduffer around 500 free short audio stories released in podcast, most in the science ficiton and horror genres.  All are available for free listening online or free download in MP3.
  • Kara’s Free Audiobooks over 200 free podcasts of readings of classic books and poems.  All suitable for children and all available for free listening online without registration.
  • LitToGo is a project of the Florida Educational Technology clearing house that offers a very large collection of interesting audio books and poems.  All are available for download in very good quality MP3. 
  • LoudLit offers a small collection of free audio books, but with some unusual entries.  They are available for online listening (and reading) or download in MP3.  All are human read.
  • Miette’sBedtimeStoryPodcast offers a unique collection of mostly short story MP3 audio works.  These are selections that you will not find elsewhere and it appears to be a good size collection.
  • ODP  has a listing of “100 Free Audio Books You Should Have Read”.  The title is a bit strange since these are audio books and the links are off site to sites listed here-but it is still a good collection of classic works nicely put together in one place.
  • PDGene PDGene has put together an excellent collection of links to online audiobooks and short stories. 
  • Poetry Archive  A huge collection of poetry readings, accompanied by the written version.  There are several “guides” to acquaint you with the offerings.
  • PublicDomaineBlog has links to hundreds of  popular classic works available for free listening online. 
  • Rick Steve’s Audio Walking Tours  a nice collecton of free MP3 downloads for various cities throughout Europe.
  • Sherlock Holmes Podcast a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories available for free download in MP3.
  • The Classic Tales Podcast  classic novels in unabridged audio podcasts.  All are available for free download in MP3 without registration.
  • ThoughtAudio offers around 70 audio books for free download in good quality MP3 format.  Many are not available elsewhere and this is an interesting collection.
  • YouTube  has a huge offering of audiobooks, but it is a bit of a pain to find them.  the main link here is just a search for “audiobooks” and contains some non-book entries but is a thorough display of their entries. 
  • offers a number of classic novels for download.
  • offers free audiobooks for download in MP3. Note: registration is required.
  • Audio Treasure has the Bible and other religious texts available for download in a variety of languages in MP3.
  • BookBox has free audiobooks for children in a variety of languages available for download in MP3.
  • Books Should Be Free is a convenient way to find and download public domain audiobooks in a variety of languages.
  • christianaudio give away one free Christian audiobook book download each month. Note: registration is required.
  • Common Sense Atheism offers links to 90+ free audiobooks about religion. Most audiobooks are from LibriVox.
  • Free Classic Audio Books has a collection of both human-read and computer-generated classic audiobooks available for download in MP3 or iPod friendly m4b.
  • The Globe Radio Repertory (Internet Archive) offers dramatizations of 4 major series of classic literature –  Don Quixote,  Dead Souls, Madame Bovary, and 16 Stories by Anton Chekhov.
  • LibriVox has a huge collection of audiobooks recorded by volunteers available for download in MP3 or ogg vorbis.
  • Librophile provides a clean, simple interface for browsing audiobooks available from LibriVox.
  • Lit2Go is a free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 from Florida’s Educational Technology Clearinghouse . You can browse authors, genres, collections and readability.
  • has a small collection of free public domain audiobooks available for online listening or download in MP3.
  • The Online Library of Liberty offers a collection of computer-generated audiobooks on topics related to individual liberty. They can be listened to online or downloaded in MP3.
  • Open Culture has a large list of free audiobooks available for download either directly from the site or from other sites.
  • OverDrive is a download service which libraries can use to make audiobooks and other digital content available for browsing, checking out and downloading. More than 13,000 libraries worldwide offer audio books via OverDrive. Audiobooks are available in MP3 or digitally-protected WMA format. 
  • PodCastle is a fantasy audio magazine which offers weekly short stories for online listening or download in MP3.
  • Podiobooks offers serialized audiobooks distributed via RSS, much like a podcast. There are 500+ audiobooks available which are spread through a wide variety of genres including chick lit, fantasy, humor, magical realism and thrillers.
  • The Poetry Archive is an online collection of recordings of poets reading their work which you can listen to online for free.
  • Talking History has a collection of audio documentaries, speeches, debates, oral histories, conference sessions, commentaries, archival audio sources, and other aural history resources. They also have weekly internet based radio broadcasting program which covers all aspects of history.
  • Thought Audio has a nice collection of professionally produced classic literature and philosophy titles. You can listen to them online or download them in segments in MP3 format.
  • World of Tales has stories for children, folktales, fairy tales and fables from around the world available for online listening.
OpenCulturefiction, poetry and non-fiction
Free-ebooksfiction, children and non-fiction
Legamus BlogEnglish and non-English
Digitalbookget free digital audiobooks
Simply Audiobooks15 day free trial
Audiobooks OrgMP3, audiobooks resource
Thought Audioclassic literature and philosophy titles
The Internet Archiveaudiobooks resource collection
Telltale WeeklyBC, 1st,18th-21st Century AD audiobooks
Maria Lectrixpublic domain catholic audiobook
Verkaro Audiobooksfairytale, classic, children, literary titles
Penguin Random Houseall ages, audio publishing
Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcastshort stories
Sync Audio FileSync audiobooks for teens
Audio Book Treasuryclassic, literary
Book BoxMP3, children stories
Learn English Kidschildren stories
Christian Audiobookfree audiobook download
Christian Classic BooksMP3, Christian classics
Clarkes Worldscience fiction & fantasy
Cthulhuhorror podcast
Curious EchoMP3, radio theater
Audiobook for Soulpopular audiobooks like Harry Potter
Escape PodMP3, weekly podcasts
Free AudiobooksMP3, Christmas audiobooks
Jehovah’s Witnessesaudiobooks about Bible
Kids Audiobooksmp3, kids audiobooks
Loud LitMP3,novels,poetry,children, historical
Many Booksfree audiobooks
New Fictionmp3, performed by multiple actors
Robert Munschmp3, children audiobooks
Story Line Onlinechildren stories
Top Free Bookslistening rely on YouTube
Tom’s Audio Booksmp3, read by Tom Weiss
Popular Children Storiesmp3, read by The Story Shoppe
Public Domainclassic titles
The Land of Magicbible, children
Darker Projectshorror themed
Dunesteef Bloghorror themed
Free Audiobooks Onlineaudiobooks blog
International Bible Societybible audiobooks
Poetry Archivepoetry audiobooks
Books on Tapelistening library
Agenda Web100 free audiobooks
Bible Study Toolsall versions bible

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