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Best Bath Books For Babies

A bath book is one of the most important inventions ever. Our kids will eagerly anticipate their next bath time after reading these bath books.

It will be fun for them to watch these magic books change color in front of their eyes.

Thanks to the waterproof material which can be attached easily to the side of the bath, our curious little munchkins can observe what they see properly on each page.

As our children grow, we can adapt how we use bath books. By the time we know it, they’ll be naming the images and reading the words.

Best Bath Book For Babies Reviews

1. Melissa & Doug Children’s Book

Melissa & Doug Float Alongs: Three Little Duckies

Three yellow rubber ducks come with this waterproof book from Melissa & Doug to help your child learn while playing. If you wish the book to float in the bath with your baby, you can remove the mesh tube from which the ducks are attached. 

Through the help of some baby ducks, this bath book teaches your little one how to count to three. Like most rubber ducks, the babies don’t have holes in their bottoms, so they won’t mold and swell up like their toy cousins.

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2. World of Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Numbers Bath Book

Let's Count Soft Book - World of Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Teething Crinkle Book

You may want to incorporate Eric Carle’s charming kids’ book The Very Hungry Caterpillar into your child’s bath time if your child (and you) enjoy it. 

There is no such thing as a bedtime story in this waterproof, submersible book. Rather, it’s meant to teach children how to count. The bath toys include a caterpillar, a seahorse, an elephant, a polar bear, and a duck.

All of these toys are squirty, so you can expect a wet bath time from your kid when he or she points the seahorse at you.

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3. Bath Toy Book for Kids

Bath Toy Book for Kids (Sesame Street Elmo Rainy Day)

A rainy day adventure awaits Elmo in this cute bath book. This book may only have a few pages, but your child will be able to enjoy storytime with one of their favorite Sesame Street characters. 

The bathing suit is completely waterproof, so your child has no reason to worry about getting wet.

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4. Teytoy My First Baby Bath Books

teytoy Baby Bath Toys, 6Pack Nontoxic Fabric Baby Bath Books Early Education Bathtub Toys Activity Waterproof Baby Books for Toddler, Infants and Kids Perfect for Baby Shower

Each of these books corresponds to a single topic, providing your little one with an opportunity to learn new words. Among the topics covered in the books are the ocean, vegetables, fruit, traffic, animals, and numbers. 

To add a tactile element to your child’s learning process, each book has tabs at the top. There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to bringing these books into your child’s bath, so he or she will not get bored.

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5. Nuby Bath Book

Nuby Bath Book

The book depicts different sea creatures on every page, such as dolphins, whales, and turtles. There are fun, friendly illustrations throughout the book. Your child will also enjoy a squeaking surprise page.

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6. Baby Einstein – Splish! Splash! Bath! Bath Book

Baby Einstein - Splish! Splash! Bath! Waterproof Bath Book / Bath Toy - PI Kids

We all know that our kids can learn a lot about the different things you can find under the sea from a sea life book.

During bath time, you can grab this book because of the smiley faces of the sea animals. 

In addition to bath books for toddlers and babies, Baby Einstein also has many other toys and books!

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7. Bath Time! By Sandra Boynton

Bath Time!

Paint gets on this pig, so it needs a bath. This bath book is full of rhyming words that flow nicely. 

Teaching colors with basic paint colors can be an exciting way to teach them. Pigs represent dirty, mucky children after a busy day.

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8. The Rainbow Fish Bath Book

The Rainbow Fish Bath Book

There are very few bath books that include more than just a few words, but this is one of the best. A bath book as well as a regular book, The Rainbow Fish is beautiful.

The shiny scales on the fish give the illusion that it is moving in the water by glistening in the bathwater. 

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9. Barnyard Bath! By Sandra Boynton

Barnyard Bath!

Our children’s books are marked “Wash the…” on every page, which encourages them to wash each of the animals in order for them to change color.

A ‘hidden’ reason for washing the animals is that we hope it will encourage our own children to do the same, preventing any stressful bathtimes where they refuse to be washed (We hope).

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10. Melissa & Doug Childrenâ€s Book – Float-Alongs: Playful Penguins

Melissa & Doug Childrenâ€s Book - Float-Alongs: Playful Penguins (Bath Book + 3 Floating Penguin Toys)

A rhyming book featuring floating penguins is included here to accompany Mummy’s reading.

Besides being sealed to prevent yuckiness from getting inside, these penguins also come with a netted storage box to allow them to dry off easily.

These three little penguins are adorable and will certainly be used more than just during bathtime. 

How do you make your baby and toddler happy during bath time? When you try one of our bath books for toddlers or babies, let us know how it went.

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Are you ready to choose the best bath books for babies? Presented here are books analyzed for durability, performance, and benefits to help you solve your problems. 

Our goal is to ensure that you won’t be disappointed after investing. You can easily select one that you like, and please let us know your favorite.

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