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Best Data Structures Book

A data collection’s function and storage are determined by algorithms and data structures. There are a number of books that are available for complete beginners that cover these structures, even though programming and mathematical knowledge are helpful. Most of the books use working examples and coding to support the theory behind a particular subject, with a focus on a specific structure meant to facilitate learning. Learn algorithms after you have a good understanding of data science basics. We will discuss a range of algorithms and structures books that can be suited to the needs of beginners, intermediates, and advanced users.

Our 5 Favorite Data Structures Book

Best Data Structures Book Reviews:

1. Introduction to Algorithms

Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition (The MIT Press)

Computer Algorithms is one of the best books available on the subject. Four authors wrote it, one of them is Thomas H. Cormen, whose other book Unlocked Algorithm is one of the most recommended books for learning algorithms.

The book is much more comprehensive and contains a lot of different algorithms and advanced algorithms such as greedy algorithms, dynamic programming, and amortized analysis, along with elementary data structures such as stacks and queues, arrays, linked lists, hash tables, Tree, and Graph. There is no other book that combines completeness and rigor like this one.

Another benefit of this book is that algorithms are explained in pseudo-code so even beginners can understand them, but if you want to learn Data Structures in Java, you can combine this book with the Deep Dive into Data Structures with Java course on Udemy.

All levels of programmers can use it equally, whether they are seniors, experienced programmers, or freshers in any programming language such as Java, C, or C++. Software programmers and developers should read this book on algorithms.

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2. The Algorithm Design Manual by Steven S S. Skiena

The Algorithm Design Manual

In addition to explaining a lot of algorithms, this book also includes a lot of code. Specifically, I like the section in the book where he gives real-life examples of how to implement that particular algorithm (or family of algorithms) in practice. It helps to see the kinds of problems that a particular algorithm (or family of algorithms) can solve.

Although the code is in C, it isn’t extremely complex, and it is easy to follow. After having been out of school for a while, I was well versed in a number of graph algorithms within a short period of time. For almost a decade now, I have had this book and I still look at it occasionally.

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3. Algorithms For Interviews by Adnan Aziz And Amit Prakash

Programming interviews are addressed in the book Algorithm for Interview by Adnan Aziz, which explains algorithms in terms of interviewing for programming positions.

Its cover illustrates how unusual the book could be because it has thumbnail images of famous persons on it, and it explains how these algorithms can be developed. Don’t you think it’s interesting? 

This book appeals to me due to its approach and objective. It is sometimes helpful to study a similar concept with a different object in order to gain a greater understanding of it.

4. Algorithms Unlocked by Thomas H. Cormen

Algorithms Unlocked (The MIT Press)

Even a computer science graduate may find algorithms difficult to understand. Associating with real value things, a book that makes a readable attempt at the algorithm does its readers a huge favor.

A book called Algorithm Unlocked presents some of the well-known computer algorithms related to finding the shortest path, searching, and sorting algorithms, cryptography algorithms, and data compression algorithms.

One of the best books written about algorithms, this is a book worth taking the time to read. As a reference book, it does not cover data structures, so it cannot be used as a textbook.

As a companion to a comprehensive book on data structures and algorithms, this book is best used, but you can also pair it with the courses on Algorithms and Data Structures from Pluralsight, which covers both data structures and algorithms.

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5. Data Structures and Algorithms in Java

Data Structures and Algorithms in Java

Algorithms and Data Structures as a conventional book. I liked the fact that the book gives examples in my favorite Java programming language, and you can use it as a reference for learning data structures like stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, and graphs.

As well as concentrating on data structures and algorithms, this book also focuses on Java, making it an excellent choice for Java programmers. Although it does not cover many algorithms, it does cover directed and cyclic graphs as well as minimum spanning trees and provides a lot of practice exercises.

There is no better book for learning an algorithm or data structure from Java, but this course from Udemy also covers advanced data structures and algorithms, such as Trie, AVL trees, and graphs, as well as dynamic programming and greedy algorithms, which are essential for coding interviews.

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6. Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy in Java

Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy in Java: Data Structure and A

The book scores high on both readability and practical usefulness, as this is another data structure and algorithm book. Describes a particular data structure or algorithm in a clear and concise manner, followed by real-life examples and a lot of problems to master.

In addition to its examples in the C programming language, the only thing I didn’t like was that they were written in that language. Those who can easily deal with that will find it an excellent book for learning data structures. As I went through it, I actually wrote my own Java implementation, which was certainly helpful.

A good exercise after you’ve implemented linked list data structure in Java is to try different things, such as finding cycles in a linked list and finding the middle node in one pass after getting an objective feel for what a data structure is and how it works. 

You might also find Grokking the Coding Interview: Patterns for Coding Questions on Educative useful if you are preparing for a coding interview. In this book, the authors explore a few of the common patterns that can be applied to a number of coding problems. The hundreds of Leetcode problems don’t need to be remembered. You will be able to handle any interview question after mastering these 15 underlying patterns

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for clarity, concise explanations, and, most importantly, examples that are not trivial. Definitely, the best book for beginners to learn about data structures and algorithms.

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7. Algorithms in a Nutshell

Algorithms in a Nutshell: A Practical Guide

Programming algorithms are well covered in O’Reilly’s Algorithms in a Nutshell, especially for Java developers. In this book, the algorithms are described with an emphasis on implementing them rather than the heavy mathematics of classical algorithms books.

Patterns of each algorithm are presented, with a motivation for using them, pictures, and pseudocode that provide a high-level overview, and working code (in C, C++, Java, and Ruby).

Additionally, they provide benchmarks to demonstrate the theoretical performance of their algorithms. A good book for programmers to learn algorithms.

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8. Algorithm Design by Jon Kleinberg And Eva Tardos

Algorithm Design

After Thomas Cormon’s Introduction to Algorithms, this is the second-best book on algorithms. Rather than an introduction to algorithms, it’s aimed at programmers who have experience.

Developers familiar with the necessary algorithms will learn more about algorithm design. After you have read Robert Sedgewick’s Algorithms book or Introduction to Algorithms, you can move on to this book.

Also, you could complement your learning with one of Pluralsight’s online courses, such as Algorithms and Data Structures – Parts 1 and 2. If you’re interested in learning more about Algorithms and Data Structures before moving on to Algorithm Design, this is the course.;’

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9. the Design and Analysis of Algorithms by Anany Levitin

Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms

It deserves a place on any programmer’s shelf as another great book on computer algorithms. This book is an excellent resource for studying advanced topics in algorithms once you’ve completed the Coursera specialization on algorithms and read one of its introductions.

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10. Data Structures and Algorithms by Alfred Aho, Jeffrey Ullman, John Hopcroft

Data Structures and Algorithms

Introducing algorithms and data structures in another great book. This is a lovely book that has a lot of brightness and anyone who does not enjoy algorithms that use a lot of mathematics will appreciate it.

Also, if you have problems reading this book, as some of my readers claim, then I recommend Grokking Algorithms by Aditya Bhargava, which is one of the easiest and most exciting books on Algorithms for beginners.

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I hope you find the right book for your needs after reading this article and are going to be a better computer scientist as a result. You will be more knowledgeable, experienced, and confident after reading this article. So choose the best one for you.

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