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Best Jack Reacher AudioBooks

The Jack Reacher series, by Lee Child, is about Jack Reacher, a former Major in the United States Defense Force who turns to private investigation. Jack Reacher helps an elderly couple in his new book, Blue Moon. Here, he faces the most dangerous adversary of his career.

We are excited to read it when it comes out on October 29th. You don’t necessarily have to read Jack Reacher’s books in order, though some prefer to do so. Since each book is a standalone narrative, it makes sense to start with the best ones.

Editor’s Recommendation: Jack Reacher AudioBooks

Best Jack Reacher Audiobooks reviews:

1. Worth Dying For

Worth Dying For: Jack Reacher 15

As Reacher investigates the decades-old mystery of the missing child in Nebraska, this thriller follows his journey. A family of power in the area, the Duncans, do not want Reacher going into too much detail about their past or their current dealings, which reveals a massive, global criminal conspiracy that is determined to keep Reacher from solving the case.

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2. Bad Luck and Trouble

Bad Luck and Trouble: Jack Reacher 11

Reacher is thrown back into his past when a woman tracks him down using a signal that only very few people know how to use. She has horrifying news: someone is hunting and killing members of Reacher’s old unit. Reacher is the only one who can stop this evil before it strikes anyone else, including himself.

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3. The Enemy

The Enemy: Jack Reacher 8

Reacher’s transformation into a loner is the focus of this novel. A general’s murder takes place in the days surrounding the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Reacher is tasked with containing the scene. Reacher discovers that this is not a simple murder, and as more killings follow, he teams up with a young lieutenant in order to uncover the truth and discovers some shocking secrets about his own family.

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4. The Affair

The Affair: Jack Reacher, Book 16

In a case in Mississippi’s heart, we learn about another of Reacher’s early cases. An officer who lives on a nearby base appears to be responsible for the death of a young woman. Reacher intervenes when the suspect slips out of local justice’s grasp due to his friends in high places. In the course of an investigation fraught with mistrust and twists, Reacher teams up with the cagey local sheriff. This will mold him into a formidable investigator.

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5. The Affair: A Jack Reacher Novel

The Affair: Jack Reacher, Book 16

Back in 1997, Carter Crossing, Mississippi, was that somewhere for elite military cop Jack Reacher. There was nothing there but a lonely railroad. The scene of a crime. The coverup.

There is strong evidence that a soldier at a nearby military base is responsible for killing a young woman. This soldier, however, has powerful Washington connections.

The order is for Reacher to go undercover – to learn everything he can, to control the local police, and then to disappear. I admire Reacher’s courage. The investigation spins out of control once he reaches Carter Crossing and finds layers no one expected.

Despite her thirst for justice, local sheriff Elizabeth Deveraux is filled with secrets. As Reacher and Deveraux are uncertain if they can trust each other, they reluctantly join forces. Truth seekers are striving to uncover it, while burying it forever is the goal of those who seek it. He risks being turned into a monster by the conspirators, shattered by their threats.

Lee Child’s The Affair is a gripping thriller that can only come from the pen of the New York Times best-selling author. Reacher – and his readers – are taken to the edge of despair in this thrilling thriller..beyond that.

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6. The Midnight Line

The Midnight Line: Jack Reacher, Book 22

Reacher finds a West Point class ring in a pawnshop while killing time. Having been moved by the object, he picked it up and decided to return it to her. Instead, he is thrust into a twisted case involving many feints, and unexplainable crimes, revealing a vast conspiracy that involves prescription drugs and those who will stop at nothing to maintain their profit margins.

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7. Persuader

Persuader: Jack Reacher, Book 7

DEA agent Reacher is sent to rescue a drug tycoon kidnapped by a reclusive drug kingpin. In an effort to find his missing agent, Reacher infiltrates a Maine mansion, ingratiating himself in the process…and runs into someone he knows from his childhood. An enemy he’s supposed to kill. In the process of maintaining his cover and serving justice, Reacher collides with new cases and old enemies.

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8. Past Tense

Past Tense

As Reacher heads across the country, he detours to visit his father’s hometown. His suspicion of his father’s absence grows slowly as he pokes around. As they are waiting for their flight to New York City, two Canadians find themselves stranded nearby, under the care of friendly strangers. During the investigation of his father’s past, Reacher’s fate becomes intertwined with that of his father’s family group.

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9. One Shot: Jack Reacher

One Shot: Jack Reacher 9

The fact that five of six shots fired by James Barr hit their mark is strange since he is a military sniper…unless he is not the shooter. His innocence is questioned when he is arrested for murder, and he asks for Reacher. The case becomes complicated when Reacher teams up with a scrappy defense lawyer to uncover the truth despite reluctance to help Barr.

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10. Gone Tomorrow

Gone Tomorrow: Jack Reacher 13

Reacher finds himself observing five other passengers on a New York City subway car at night with increasing suspicion – he is certain that at least one of them is a suicide bomber. After acting upon this suspicion, he is forced to investigate war crimes in the 1980s, tangling with federal and local authorities to obtain the truth.

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How will you choose your best jack reacher audiobook? Each book here has been selected based on its durability, performance, and benefits. As a result, we are confident that after you invest, you won’t be disappointed. Choosing the one you like is simple, so let us know which one you prefer.

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