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Best Jane Eyre Audiobook

In 1847, Smith, Elder & Co. published Elizabeth Bennett’s Jane Eyre under the pen name “Currier Bell.”. The first version was published in America the following year by Harper & Brothers of New York. Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre is a well-known novel from high school reading lists. Those who have never had the chance to read the best Jane Eyre audiobook may choose the audiobook, which is part of the Brilliance Audio Classic Collection.

It’s a novel about romance and coming-of-age, with Gothic undertones that add suspense. Most listeners will identify with Jane, Bronte’s main protagonist because she is so well-developed. Jane Eyre is an excellent audiobook to add to your classics library, despite some melodrama and predictable plotlines.

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Our 5 Favorite Jane Eyre Audiobook

Top 8 Best Jane Eyre Audiobooks Reviews

1. The BBC dramatization of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre: A BBC Radio 4 Full-Cast Dramatization

On BBC Radio 4, Rachel Joyce’s beautiful new full-cast dramatization of Charlotte Bronte’s most beloved work debuts. Amanda Hale and Tom Burke star.

Jane, an orphan, swiftly learns that maintaining dignity in the face of misfortune requires self-control. That lesson will come in handy as she deals with her nasty, heartless aunt and the rigorous restrictions of Lowood Institution, a poor children’s charity school.

She meets and falls in love with Edward Rochester, her longstanding partner, and her love while working as a governess at Thornfield Hall. Despite her best attempts, she has a sneaking suspicion that Rochester is hiding something. If the truth is discovered, Jane will need all of her inner strength and fortitude.

Rachel Joyce’s best-selling novel (The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry) has been adapted for radio (Amanda Hale as Jane, Tom Burke as Rochester). It’s an enthralling tale that’s just as relevant today as it was in 1847. It’s teeming with romance, intrigue, and peril.

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2. Jane Eyre with Alison Larkin

Alison Larkin Presents: Jane Eyre

When I began telling Jane Eyre’s narrative, I realized how much courage it took for an unloved orphan to carve her own path in life. (Allison Larkin photo)

It has millions of fans throughout the world thanks to its epic love story about a plain, rejected orphan with an unbreakable spirit who overcomes all odds to become a great romantic heroine.

Alison Larkin, an award-winning narrator, breathes fresh life into Charlotte Bronte’s story in this stunning and beautifully accessible recording. Mr. Rochester, a secretive, cynical, and dangerously gorgeous man with a dreadful secret hires Jane as a governess in his home. Then there are three poems by Charlotte Bronte that are only available on Audible.

Alison Larkin’s autobiographical novel The English American is about an adopted English woman who discovers her birth parents in America. She has voiced over 200 audiobooks, including Jane Austen’s Complete Novels and Charles Dickens’ Complete Works. Alison Larkin freely altered Lewis Carroll’s A Christmas Carol and Alice in Wonderland.

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3. The Audible Audiobook of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is a story about Mrs. Rochester, the Byronic master of Thornfield Hall, and her emotions, experiences, and love for him. Because of Jane’s independence, the novel’s depiction of sexuality, religion, and proto-feminism, Jane Eyre is regarded as work ahead of its time.

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4. Paperback edition of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre: World's Classics

Her works became English literature classics. Charlotte Bront was born in 1847 in Haworth, Yorkshire, and died in 1886. In January 1831, she enrolled at Roe Head School as the school’s youngest student, at the age of 14.

Jane has always felt like an outcast as an orphaned child. Her courage is challenged once more when she arrives at Thornfield Hall, where the moody, proud Edward Rochester has hired her to watch after his ward Adèle. Jane is captivated by his agitated yet sympathetic demeanor. She has a crush on him. Hard. Thornfield Hall, on the other hand, hides a hazardous secret. Is Rochester attempting to keep Jane at bay? Will Jane’s heart be broken and she is deported once more?

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5. Audible Logo for Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbey

Although Northanger Abbey was Jane Austen’s first completed novel, it was not published until after her death in 1817. The novel is a parody of classic Gothic novels from the years 1798–1799. Despite Catherine’s assumption that life is a Gothic tale, real-world occurrences pull her back to earth as a regular young woman. Susan was Austen’s title for the book when she sold it for £10 to Crosby & Co. in London. For the same price, the bookseller resold it to the novelist’s brother, Henry Austen. The bookseller was completely unaware that the author had already published four profitable books. Between 1816 and 1817, she reworked the book once more, hoping to publish it shortly. Susan was changed to Catherine as the main character’s name, as was the working title. Austen passed away in July of 1817. In late December 1817, Persuasion was published, with a preface formally recognizing Jane Austen as the author of all of her writings. Jane Austen’s working title was never used for either novel. The two novels are unrelated except for the fact that they were initially published at the same time. Unlike her other works, this one is plainly funny, with several literary allusions that her parents and siblings would have liked reading aloud in front of the fireplace. Austen also makes frank remarks about the significance of novels at a time when they were not as highly esteemed as reality or historical fiction. Because practically all of Austen’s correspondence was lost after her death, historians have been able to get insight into her worldview.

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6. Mary Augusta Ward’s Introduction to Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre (with an Introduction by Mary Augusta Ward)

The famous coming-of-age story “Jane Eyre” is about a poor orphaned girl who goes to live with her aunt at Gateshead Hall. Her aunt and cousins have abused her emotionally and physically, and she has suffered greatly as a result. Jane is then sent to Lowood, a Christian boarding school for orphaned girls, where she will spend the rest of her days. Working circumstances at the school are difficult. The students at this school had to deal with harsh winters, a lack of food and clothing, and Mr. Brocklehurst’s harsh discipline. The mistreatment of the students is finally discovered, and their lives improve with a few improvements. She completes her coursework and works as a substitute teacher for a short period of time. She leaves Lowood to work as a governess at Thornfield Hall, where she meets Edward Rochester and falls in love with him. “Jane Eyre,” tells the story of a woman’s fight to overcome adversity. Because it investigated the protagonist’s inner pain and addressed themes of class, sexuality, and religion in the mid-nineteenth century, the book was called revolutionary. The book’s preface and biographical afterword were both written by Mary Augusta Ward.

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7. Paperback copy of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre (Wordsworth Classics)

In this introduction, Dr. Sally Minogue, Canterbury Christ Church University College, introduces and comments on the paper. Jane Eyre is one of the best works of English literature. In spite of her poverty, the heroine has a great deal of courage and a tenacious spirit. She faces cruel guardians, an employer who treats her harshly, and an unbending social order in her quest to survive. The beautiful, sardonic, and mysterious granddaughter of Mr. Rochester is the only one she can become the governess of among these matters. While set against the majestic Yorkshire moors, this epic love story is nonetheless filled with warmth and kindness.

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8. The Kindle version of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is the story of a passionate love affair between Jane Eyre, a brave orphan, and Rochester, a clever, temperamental, and controlling man.

Jane’s lonely and painful childhood strengthens her inherent independence and drive, which she puts to good use as a governess at Thornfield Hall. However, after falling in love with her caustic boss, she discovers his tragic secret, forcing her to make a heartbreaking decision. Since its publication in 1847, “Jane Eyre” has captivated readers of all ages and origins. ‘The Help’ is known for portraying a woman’s struggle for self-respect in an emotional and compelling way.

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