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Best Kindle Reader for Audiobooks

What will be better than getting a device with you having more than a thousand books? Whether you are going on a long journey or just reading your favorite book in your room, the best kindle reader will be a reading partner for you. 

Moreover, you don’t have to charge it again and again; in just one charge, it can run for a month. But in the world of chaos, what will be the best Kindle reader for you? Although we have researched a lot and listed here some best kindle readers, you can choose for yourself according to your likings.

Comparison Table

Product NameDisplayBatteryKindle unlimited
All-new Kindle Paperwhite Comes with a 300 PPI glare-free display.The powerful battery of more than two months in one chargeGive access to Kindle unlimited
Kindle OasisIts shade can shift from white to amber and comes with a 300 PPI glare-free display. The powerful battery of more than two months in one chargeIt gives you free access to Kindle Unlimited for three months
Kindle Essentials BundleComes with the 167 PPI glare-free display, which will never hurt your eye.Its battery can last up to one month.Enjoy the millions  of books with Kindle unlimited
Kindle Paperwhite Essentials BundleIt has warm adjustable light and the 300 PPI glare-free displayIts battery can last up to a few weeks.Don’t give access to free Kindle unlimited
Certified Refurbished KindleComes with a 167 PPI glare-free display to look the same as the paper book.Its battery can last up to a few weeks.Don’t give access to free Kindle unlimited
Kindle PaperwhiteIt comes with a 300 PPI glare-free display and protects your eyes.The battery can last up to one month with one charge.You have to buy a subscription, and it doesn’t give access to free Kindle.
Certified Refurbished Kindle PaperwhiteComes with a 300 PPI glare-free displayIts battery can last up to a few weeks.It doesn’t give the free Kindle subscription.
Certified Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite BundleIt comes with the 300 PPI glare-free display and protects your eyes.In one charge, it can last up to one month. You are not going to get the free unlimited Kindle subscription.
Kindle KidsComes with a safe display that doesn’t harm your eyes.The powerful battery of more than two months in one chargeFree access to unlimited Amazon Kids+

Top Picks : 5 Best Kindle Reader

Top 10 Best Kindle Reader Reviews- 2022

1. Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device

Kindle - With a Built-in Front Light - Black

Do you want to fulfill your cravings for the new dramas, movies, and shows? Or want to give a new look to your home? Then this Fire TV stick is going to be best for you. Moreover, it provides you with endless streaming opportunities to meet your urge.

However, with the complete automation of your entertainment, you can even control it with your voice. Furthermore, the Ultra Hd result and power of this Fire TV stick are going to blow your mind. Additionally, it will give your home a decent and new look.


  • Theater audio: The feeling of going to the theatre to watch a newly released movie can be fulfilled in your own home. Moreover, the fascinating Dolby Atmos Audio of this fire stick will enhance the sound quality of your home.
  • Theatre view: However, with the cinematic audio, the view should also be of that quality. For that, you are not going to disappoint. Because the ultra HD Dolby Vision with HDR and HDR 10+ will add a sweet pie to your dessert. 
  • Free TV: Sometimes, you only want to see the TV, look at the new shoes for getting the latest updates. At that time, it provides you with free live shoes, news, and TV. So, don’t have to get an extra subscription.
  • Streaming: Usually, the main reason for this Firestick for the customers is unlimited streaming. Therefore, access to more than 1 million movies and seasons of Prime Video, Disney, Netflix, etc., is going to be wonderful for you.
  • Automation: Moreover, the world will be much better if you get full control over your desire. Additionally, with Alexa, you can check the weather, play a song, get the live show with just your voice. It will take your standards too high and will give you a new experience of living life.


  • Quick access to your every desire
  • Easy to set up and install on your devices
  • Give you the Alexa Voice remote
  • Get the new cinematic experience with it.


  • You have to get a subscription to Netflix, PrimeVideo, etc.

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2. All-new KindlePaperwhite (8 GB)

Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB) – Now with a 6.8' display and adjustable warm light

When you want to read as many books as you want, a single book can’t fulfill your desire. Moreover, you also can’t take a pile of books with you on a journey. Here comes the best kindle reader.

Additionally, you can get the fascinating experience of more than a thousand books in one hand with the Kindle Reader. However, it will be the best partner for avid readers.


  • Reality: When you are reading on the Kindle, it should give the same experience as a book; otherwise, your eyes may hurt because of the screen. That’s why the Kindle is built to look as if it is like a book with a 300 PPI glare-free display.
  • Battery life: The thing that attracts me is its battery life. Additionally, it gives more than ten weeks of battery life in just one charge, which you can’t get with any other device.
  • Books: The main purpose is the number of books it can have. Therefore, with the Kindle Unlimited, you can get the opportunity to have more than a thousand audiobooks and 2 million titles.
  • Waterproof: When you go to a beach, you must protect your books and devices from water, but this Kindle Paperwhite gives you a waterproof facility. So, don’t need to get worried on a beach.


  • The powerful battery of more than two months in one charge
  • Store up to more than 2 million books
  •  Eye protective and display looks same as a book


  • Not every library support the Kindle format

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3. Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis – Now with adjustable warm light - Without Lockscreen Ads

Everyone wants to update their life. Moving from a pile of books to Kindle Oasis is the right choice. Moreover, this is one of the best kindle readers on our list because it will change your life through the variety of features and facilities that you will get.

However, Kindle has launched many styles of readers, but not all are best for you. Additionally, this Kindle Oasis comes with side buttons to change the page and front light. Therefore, you can read in every environment.


  • Books: Typically, it comes with the three months free kindle unlimited subscription. However, you can read as many books as you want. Because after subscription, you will get access to millions of books.
  • Display: The front light should not be too bright and looks like a real book. That’s why it displays 300 PPI, and the shade can shift from white to amber.
  • Waterproof: Every time you go to a bath or beach, you have to consider whether this device will bear the water. However, most can’t, but this Kindle Oasis can easily get through the water.
  • Hands-free: Moreover, this Kindle Oasis can also be used with the Audible subscription. So, take your headphones and listen to your favorite book. However, it also has Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Light design: Your reader should be light and easy to carry, so you don’t feel any burden. Therefore, Kindle Oasis comes with the weight like a feather, and you will be comfortable carrying it even for a long time.


  • Have adjustable warm light, looks same like a book
  • Light  and easy to carry 
  • Get access to more than millions of book
  • Buttons for the fast page-turns


  • You can’t get access to free Kindle unlimited forever

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4. Kindle Essentials Bundle

Kindle Essentials Bundle including Kindle, now with a built-in front light, Amazon Printed Cover, and Power Adapter

When you want a book reader for your kid, you will always look into the cooler one for him. Likewise, this Kindle comes with a printed design that your kid will love. Moreover, it is also one of the best Kindle readers who will fulfill all your urges to read.

However, it is not just for the kids; it is also suitable for the adults because they can take it everywhere.


  • Display: No one wants to affect their eyes with the high brightness; that’s why this Kindle comes with the 167 PPI glare-free display, which will never hurt your eye.
  • Printed back: Some people want their life cooler with colors. Likewise, you can get the Amazon printed back to add glamour to your life. However, it is also lovable by the children.
  • Books: Of course, you will get access to millions of books, newspapers, and audiobooks. However, despite the Kindle Library, you can also get a subscription to other books sources.
  • Edit: When you read, you surely mark some things in the book. The Kindle has this highlighting feature to give you this facility, and you can also mark things on it.
  • Battery: You will feel good when you don’t have to charge it for a long time because its battery can last up to one month.


  • Adjustable light according to your eye and surrounding
  • Comes with a power adapter and is waterproof
  • Three different printed designs 
  • Ability to read millions of books


  • You cannot change the background color from white to black

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5. Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle including Kindle Paperwhite - Wifi, Ad-Supported, Amazon Leather Cover, and Power Adapter

Do you want the extremely thinnest and lightest kindle reader for yourself? Then, it would be best if you looked into this one. Moreover, this slim design gives you access to more than a million books; that’s why it is also one of the best Kindle readers. 

However, it comes with good storage space, so you also read your favorite comics and files on it. Furthermore, you will love its beautiful colors and the booklet design.


  • Waterproof: If your reader is not waterproof, you will always have to stay away from water while reading. But that’s not life, therefore. It comes with a waterproof design. You can even get it into your bath.
  • Hands-free: When you are exercising or traveling, you can listen to your favorite book by just pairing it up with your Bluetooth headphones. However, you will have to buy the Audible subscription by yourself.
  • Battery: You can charge it one time and can use it over the weeks. Likewise, it has a long battery time.
  • Display: You will love its warm adjustable light and the 300 PPI glare-free display. Additionally, it will never harm your eyes.
  • Books: The big Kindle library of various books will give you a vast and different reading experience, and you will love it.


  • 8 GB to 32 GB storage space
  • Get access to millions of books
  • Comes with the waterproof design
  • The lightest and thinnest design


  • It doesn’t give you a free subscription to Kindle unlimited.

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Refurbished Kindle Readers

Let’s start with some refurbished kindle devices for a budget cut!

6. Certified Refurbished Kindle 

Certified Refurbished Kindle - Now with a Built-in Front Light - Black - Ad-Supported

Sometimes you don’t want to invest so much money on the kindle reader; then, you can look into the refurbished ones. Moreover, there is no significant difference between the new and refurbished ones because Amazon has certified them and gives a warranty.

However, some people say refurbished kindles do not last long, but they are entirely misconceptions. The refurbished one is less costly than the new one, but it looks the same and works well.


  • Certification: Some people think that the refurbished ones are low in quality or have some issue. Therefore, it comes with the amazon certification and a one-year warranty.
  • Battery: When you are going on a long journey, you will consider thinking about the battery, but in that case, you don’t have to worry. Charge it one time, and it will last weeks.
  • Display: When you are reading, your eye should bear that screen for a long time. That’s why this Kindle comes with a 167 PPI glare-free display so that it will look the same as the paper book.
  • Brightness: Either you are reading at home or in the garden, the brightness should be according to your environment. Therefore, it has an adjustable brightness ability to give you comfort.
  • Books: When you subscribe to kindle unlimited, you get access to more than 2 million books. Therefore, you can fulfill your reading craving with it.


  • Pair up with the Audible and enjoy audiobooks
  • Store all your files with the 8 GB storage space
  • Get access to more than 2 million books
  • Highlight and translate the text as you want


  • You don’t get the free Kindle unlimited.

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7. Kindle Paperwhite

International Version – Kindle Paperwhite – (previous generation - 2018 release) Now Waterproof with 2x the Storage - 8 GB

Do you want to enjoy the variety of books but can’t lift the large pile of books? Then, it would help if you looked into this Kindle reader. Moreover, you will be amazed by its long-lasting battery and the variety of books it has.

However, the owners have enjoyed the experience with this Kindle paperwhite because we can also take it to the beach. Furthermore, you can also save your files on it and read them whenever you want.


  • Battery: You may think that if we are using the device to read, we should also charge it many times. But it’s like the book; you have to charge it one time and forget it. Don’t have to worry about charging again, because it can last up to two months.
  • Books: The other thing that will always come into your mind is the capacity of books. So, after subscribing to Kindle Unlimited, you can get access to up to 2 million books that you can read according to your taste.
  • Waterproof: Moreover, its design is made in a way that it can be the water easily. Therefore, you can take it with you to the beaches or when you are going to bathe.
  • Display: When you are in the sunlight, the sunrays should affect the screen, but they don’t because of the 300 PPI glare-free display. Moreover, it also protects your eyes.
  • Bluetooth: However, it seems to be a normal book reader, but you can also listen to a book with it. You can connect your Bluetooth headphones and play the audiobook. Additionally, you have to buy the Audible subscription.


  • Long time battery of about two months
  • Have the storage space of 8 GB and the 32 Gb
  • Waterproof with the unique design
  • The thinnest and lightweight design


  • It doesn’t give the free Kindle subscription.

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 8. Certified Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite

Certified Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite Bundle including Kindle Paperwhite - Wifi, Amazon exclusive The Hunger Games Cover, and Power Adapter

Are you finding the best kindle reader at a low price? Then you should go for this refurbished Kindle Paperwhite. Moreover, it’s wrong if you think that it will also have some faults with the low price.

Because it has the same features as the new one and there is no difference between them. However, you will be amazed at its back design with the logo of Hunger games.  Likewise, it looks more relaxed and decent.


  • Display: The bad or bright light display can affect your eyes badly. That’s why Amazon Kindle paperwhite came up with the 300 PPI glare-free display that will never affect your eyes.
  • Light: Some people just want extremely lightweight and thin Kindle readers. Moreover, this has been made exactly according to them. 
  • Books: With that, you will get access to more than a million books after subscription. Therefore, you can completely remove your urge with it.
  • Waterproof: No one wants to miss the holiday on the sunny beach, but they also want to read their favorite book. In that case, the Kindle paperwhite is just best for them. Likewise, they don’t have to worry about splitting the water on the book.
  • Certification: When you are looking for a refurbished kindle reader, it should be certified with Amazon, like this one. However, it also has a warranty of one year.


  • Extremely light in weight
  • Reliable with the one year warranty
  • Get access to millions of books
  • Can bear water easily.


  • It doesn’t have the free Kindle unlimited; you have to buy it by yourself.

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9. Certified Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite Bundle

Certified Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite Bundle including Kindle Paperwhite - Wifi, Amazon exclusive The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Cover, and Power Adapter

If you are a cool person and want to buy a superb and colorful Kindle paperwhite, you should go for this Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite as it is available at a cost less than the market price.

However, this refurbished Kindle Paperwhite’s features are the same as the new one. Moreover, it can store more than a thousand books and has long-lasting battery life for months.


  • Certification: If your Kindle reader is certified and has a warranty, then it will be reliable. Likewise, this one, which is certified by Amazon and has one year of warranty.
  • Books: The main purpose of the book reader is to get more than a thousand books. Therefore, it also has millions of books, magazines, etc., with the latest titles.
  • Display: Either you are going out or reading at home, your Kindle reader’s screen should be according to your surroundings. That’s why it comes with the 300 PPI glare-free display, which can also change the light wavelength according to you.
  • Pairing: After getting a subscription to the Audible, you can also listen to the books while exercising. Moreover, you just have to pair up your Bluetooth headphones with it.
  • Battery: There will be no use of it if you are stuck in charging it repeatedly. So, because of that, it has a battery which can last weeks. Therefore, don’t need to think about power.


  • Warranty of about one year
  • Get access to more than millions of book
  • The cool back cover with the exclusive design
  • Battery lasts a week.


  • You are not going to get the free unlimited Kindle subscription.

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For kids

Let’s look at some kindle reader that comes with parental control.

10. Kindle Kids

Kindle Kids, a Kindle designed for kids, with parental controls - Rainbow Birds Cover

As you may know, storybooks are very important for a child’s mental growth. Likewise, Amazon has launched the Kindle for kids and gives two years of guarantee.

If you want to buy a Kindle for your kid, you should look into the one made for them. With that, Amazon provides free unlimited Amazon kids, so you will never be bored with the book titles.


  • Battery: The battery matters for both adults or kids because no one wants to charge it again and again. Therefore, Amazon comes with a battery that lasts many weeks, not days.
  • Warranty: Usually, kids break the things that have been given to them. That’s why Amazon is providing a two-year warranty. If it breaks, you should return to Amazon, and they either fix it or give you a new one, depending upon the situation.
  • Books: You may know, children can’t read the same books that are made for adults. By seeing this factor, Amazon has already launched a complete gallery of books for the kids, and they also give free access to this gallery in it.
  • Pair: Your kid can also listen to his favorite book by just getting the Audible subscription and pairing it up with the Bluetooth headphones.


  • Free access to unlimited Amazon Kids+
  • Two years warranty
  • The full-color cover for kids
  • Black and white glare-free display


  • You may have to buy your favorite titles from the Amazon kid+

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Is Kindle worth it for reading?

Best Kindle Reader

When you first hear about the Kindle, many queries can come into your mind. Do I need to charge it again and again? Can the Kindle screen harm the eyes? Will I get a headache after spending lots of hours on it? But the answer to all these questions is “no.”

Kindle reader is a device that has been made according to your needs. Moreover, you may get exhausted from handling many books, but through Kindle, you get thousands of books in your one palm.

Furthermore, the battery time of the best kindle reader lasts more than one month, so you don’t have to charge it. Likewise, most Kindles are waterproof, so you also get the opportunity to take them with you in the bath or on the beach. But we can’t do this with the book.

The book is usually heavy and quite difficult to carry, but the Kindle is lightweight. With that, you can also carry it in your one hand.

However, we can say that the Kindle is worth it with all these features and qualities. After all, we can’t neglect that Kindle has made our reading experience wide and made our lives easier.

Is a Kindle bad for your eyes?

Many people think the Kindle reader can be bad for the eyes as the tab or mobile are. In fact, according to them, both Kindle and tabs have the same screen, so they must harm the eyes.

However, they don’t know a Kindle doesn’t have the ordinary screen as a tab or phone has.

Moreover, the Kindle has a display made up of E ink, which gives the same effect as the book.

The traditional and continuous reading from the printed book can also cause eye strain, but chances are very rare. The same goes for the Kindle, the screen made to be the same as the book can also cause eye strain but at the extreme reading.

Furthermore, Kindle has different features to adjust the brightness according to the reader’s environment so that it will not cause any effect on the eye. The Kindle screen also looks the same in the sunlight and doesn’t fade.

Lastly, it doesn’t cause any harmful effects on the eyes and is entirely safe for you. So, you don’t need to get troubled; it will not harm your eyes. You can use it to ease your life with its functions and features.

Should you buy a Kindle if you have an iPad?

You may wonder that I have an iPad, so should I consider buying a Kindle reader? Because you may think the iPad can also protect your eyes as the Kindle does. But it’s wrong; the iPad has a good quality screen but can’t be safer than the Kindle screen.

The iPad has the same colorful LCD as others have, but the Kindle has an e-ink display. In the iPad, the light comes below the screen, like other digital devices which can harm your eyes. But the Kindle reader doesn’t require any light to screen, so it doesn’t harm your eyes.

However, you may be happy reading on your iPad because of the so many functionalities and colors, but it can harm your eyes badly. On the other hand, the Kindle is in black white form and will never harm your eyes.

Lastly, you may get that reading on the iPad is not healthy for you, so you should consider buying a Kindle Reader for yourself so that your eyes will not get affected by the screen. Furthermore, you may get the free unlimited Kindle with your device, through which you get access to millions of books. Moreover, you don’t have to charge Kindle frequently because it’s a long-lasting battery.


What is the difference between Kindle and tablet?

A tablet is a device used for many purposes, like entertainment, office use, student use, etc. Likewise, you can also get millions of apps on it and play games as much as you want. But in the case of Kindle, it is solely used for reading and listening to books. Usually, the Kindle screen is black and white, which can’t have other functions like gaming, music, etc.

Are Kindle books cheaper?

If we compare real books to ebooks, the kindle ebooks are most likely cheaper. But when we look at the popular ebooks of the major publishers, they are getting expensive day by day. Moreover, the average increase of about $5 is coming in the actual cost of the ebooks. It is because Amazon is not handling the price of digital books. We can say that it’s a game of the major publishers.

Is Kindle better for eyes than iPad?

Yes, Kindle is better than the iPad because the iPad has the normal colorful LCD like other devices have, which can harm your eyes. Likewise, the light coming to the screen affects your eyes badly, but Kindle has an e-ink display, which doesn’t need light to run so that it protects your eyes and doesn’t cause any damage. Hence, Kindle is better for the eyes than the iPad.

Is it OK to read Kindle in the dark?

The front light of the Kindle may affect your eyes if you are reading in the dark. But the Kindle has the built-in light. Consequently, if you want to read in the dark, you don’t have to turn on the front light and use the built-in one. As a result, your eyes will not hurt in this low light state so that you can read in the dark.

Which is better, Kindle or books?

Studies show that books are better at conveying information, and a person who read the mystery novel by the reader can recall more than those who read on the Kindle. But if you are exhausted from handling a pile of books and want to experience the facilities of the Kindle, then it is better. Moreover, no doubt, Kindle will comfort your life and make it easy for you.


As you may know, here, I have reviewed all the best Kindle readers in three categories, the new one, refurbished, and also for kids. Likewise, you should get the one which is best for you. Now, you may wonder how I will know which is best for me. For that, you have to look into the prize and the features you want desperately.

However, they are all good, reliable and always give you a new experience and change your life. Therefore, you don’t need to handle so many books. Hence, you should go and get the one which is good for you.

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