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Best Noise Suppression Software

Noise suppression software is a powerful tool for removing unwanted noise from audio recordings. It can be used in any situation where you have an audio file that needs to be cleaned up. For example, if you’re recording a podcast or live music performance and there are ambient sounds like traffic or people talking in the background, it’s possible that these noises will get picked up by your microphone and make their way into your recording.

Noise suppression software can help remove these sounds so they don’t disturb your listeners or distract them from what they should be listening to.

The best noise suppression software will allow you to eliminate noise without affecting the rest of the recording. If you use an inferior product, it could cause artifacts in the audio that make it sound worse than before.

How Does Noise Suppression Software Work?

Noise Suppression software works by reducing the volume of the loudest parts of your recording while keeping the quieter parts at their original volume. The result is a recording that sounds much like it would have if you had simply recorded in a quiet space.

How does it work?

The noise reduction software uses an algorithm to detect and remove any background noise from your recording. It does this by analyzing each section of your audio file and comparing it to other sections of similar length and volume. If there is a large difference between two segments, then it assumes that one of those segments contains background noise, and it removes that segment from the audio file.

Noise reduction software works by analyzing the audio signal being recorded and then removing any unwanted noise during playback. This can be done in two ways. The first is by detecting the actual frequencies that make up the noise and then subtracting them from the original recording. The second method involves detecting abnormal changes in the volume level and adjusting it accordingly.

7 Best Noise Suppression Software

Noise is a problem in most media. It can come from the recording equipment, as well as external sources such as traffic noise or air conditioning units. In audio files, noise can be distracting and unprofessional.

Noise suppression software is used to remove this unwanted sound from an audio file so that only the desired sounds remain. There are many different types of noise suppression software available, but not all of them are equally effective in removing unwanted noise from a file. In order to choose the best noise suppression software for your needs, you should look at features like ease of use and price.

You can use these tools while recording videos or taking photos to eliminate street sounds, wind noise, or other background noise.

In this article, we will list the ten best noise reduction software you can use to remove unwanted noises from your recordings.

1. Adobe Audition Noise Suppression Software

Adobe Audition is a powerful tool for editing audio. You can use it for simple tasks like recording and editing voiceovers, as well as more complex tasks such as creating sound effects, composing music, and mixing it. This powerful audio editor allows you to create and edit audio files, make podcasts, record live performances, and even convert tapes, vinyls, and other analog media to digital formats.

It has a wide range of features that include noise reduction and equalization. The software also works well with Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

Adobe Audition is one of the best noise suppression software programs available today. The software has several features that make it easy to use even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy. It’s also powerful enough for more advanced users who need efficiency and reliability in their workflow.

This software comes with an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to learn how to use the tools provided by it. Its noise reduction tool removes unwanted sounds from your recordings, making them clearer and more understandable.


  • Adjust any song’s duration easily and automatically using Remix in Audition.
  • Podcasts and other audio projects can be recorded, mixed, and exported using this program.
  • It is still possible to create professional-quality audio even if you are not a professional.

2. Krisp Noise Suppression Software

The Krisp Noise Suppression Software prevents echoes and background noise from video conferencing and audio files.

By using artificial intelligence, Krisp’s technology eliminates echo and background noise from meetings, leaving only the human voice. The software works seamlessly in the cloud, on-premises, and on any device.

krisp developed a patent-pending deep learning algorithm that identifies, isolates, and removes noise from recordings in real time. You can use this solution for all your audio recordings, including conference calls, podcasts, interviews, webinars, and more.

Using advanced machine learning technologies, Krisp identifies human voices from other sounds in your recording. After that, the software isolates and removes all unwanted sounds before sending you a clean recording. As a result, you will be able to hear previously inaudible information from your meeting recordings.


  • A powerful tool for audio restoration, sound cleaning, and denoising.
  • Using wavelet decomposition, it reduces noise;
  • Machine learning algorithms are used for automatic noise reduction;
  • Dynamic range compression (DRC) and automatic gain control (AGC).

3. NoiseGator Noise Suppression Software

NoiseGator software is designed to reduce or eliminate unwanted background noise from audio recordings in a simple and effective manner. It works by applying a noise gate in real-time to an audio input, allowing only the portions of the recording that are wanted to pass through.

NoiseGator is designed for use with electric guitars and basses, but it can also be used with any other source of audio. The software was developed to remove unwanted background noise from an instrument or a group of instruments simultaneously (e.g. drums) during live performances and recording applications.

NoiseGator has three modes of operation: Gate, Hold, and Release. Gate Mode requires only one parameter to be adjusted – Threshold – whereas Hold Mode requires the adjustment of two parameters – Threshold and Hold Time (or Hold Ratio). The Release Mode has three parameters – Threshold, Release Time, and Release Ratio.

NoiseGator can also be used to create ducking effects where background music plays while foreground speech is occurring. It can also be used to create effects that fade out music when speech begins.


  • The reduction of unwanted background noise from recordings such as vinyl records or cassette tapes, or from live performances.
  • Old recordings can be repaired by removing electrical hum, clicks, and pops.
  • Removing hiss from digital recordings made with mobile phones, tablets, and other portable devices.
  • Eliminating hiss when using analog connections such as USB microphones or mixers (e.g., with Audacity).

4. SoliCall Noise Suppression Software

SoliCall Noise Suppression Software removes unwanted background noise from phone calls, music, and other audio sources with a Windows-based noise suppression application. With this software, you can reduce background noise in your recorded conversations or clean up music recordings that have been derived from vinyl records or other sources with pops and hisses.

The program is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

The SoliCall Noise Suppression Software uses advanced noise reduction algorithms to automatically adapt to changing noise conditions both indoors and outdoors. It ensures that even if you move while recording, you will get the best possible results.

In order to preserve the voice signal as much as possible, the software reduces the volume of background noise. When listening back through headphones or speakers, you will hear the voice more clearly than if it were recorded without using SoliCall Noise Suppression Software.


  • Adapts to changing conditions during the call with a robust automatic gain control algorithm.
  • Signal processing techniques such as adaptive filtering, LPC analysis, and prediction filtering are used in high-quality DSP algorithms for echo cancellation and noise suppression.
  • Very low delay (less than 100 milliseconds), which makes it ideal for real-time applications such as VoIP phones, video conferencing software, or Skype-like applications.
  • The company works with software developers, call centers, providers of conference bridges, network operators, and other organizations worldwide.

5. Andrea Noise Suppression Software

Noise Suppression Software from Andrea lets you reduce background noise from your audio recordings. The program analyzes your audio files in order to identify regions that contain noise and suppress them while leaving untouched the parts you want.

There is a built-in equalizer in the program that lets you adjust the frequency response of audio tracks. You can also normalize recorded files, set start and end points, trim or cut them into smaller pieces.

Andrea Noise Suppression Software also offers advanced recording capabilities, including automatic gain control, multiple microphone support, and more. It can be used to remove unwanted noises from your audio files, such as hissing, humming, white noise or any other type of background noise that can be heard while listening to your audio file.

These algorithms are based on the sound masking principle and they can be applied to any type of audio file without any loss in quality. This way, you can make sure that no new distortions appear after removing background noises from your music files


  • It provides the best quality of noise reduction and automatic noise detection.
  • This software can enhance the voice of your audio file and make it more clear.
  • Andrea Noise Suppression Software can remove all kinds of noises, such as hissing, crackling, humming and more.

6. Nvidia RTX Noise Suppression Software

Nvidia RTX Voice does an excellent job of removing background noise from your audio clips. It eliminates background noise in audio and video conversations by creating a virtual microphone and speakers within your computer system.

Nvidia announced RTX Voice Noise Suppression, a new software that can help improve the quality of VoIP calls via Skype, Discord, Teamspeak, and other services. The RTX Voice Noise Suppression utilizes deep learning and artificial intelligence to suppress voice noise. There is support for RTX graphics cards, but it will also work with any GPU that supports NVENC H.264 encoding.

It has a simple interface that makes it easy to use. You can adjust the settings after selecting your audio source and running the software. RTX graphics card and Nvidia audio hardware to use it. It detects noise and filters out unwanted frequencies before they reach your ears. As a result, conversations are clearer without echoes and background noise.


This easy-to-use tool has three modes:

• The default “Enhance” mode automatically adjusts settings based on the environment you are in to provide the best possible experience.

• The “Manual” mode lets you manually adjust settings until you find the perfect balance between noise reduction and clarity.

• The “Monitor” mode shows real-time graphs of your microphone input and output so you can see how using RTX Voice Noise Suppression affects your audio quality.

7. Noise Killer Noise Suppression Software

Noise Killer is an excellent noise suppression software that reduces the unwanted sounds that are present in almost all recordings, which enhances your listening experience.

Based on advanced noise suppression algorithms, the program is capable of removing all kinds of noises from recordings. Since it has been designed with a user-friendly interface, even beginners can easily use it. The app will notify you if the sounds you’ve set or its default configuration exceeds the maximum sound volume.

It has a number of additional settings, such as the “shake” feature, and it uses much less battery power than other apps like Sound Recorder and Voice Recorder Pro. While each of these apps is useful in its own right, they consume a considerable amount of battery power compared to Noise Killer. The program uses advanced sound analysis algorithms that allow you to remove any kind of noise in the most effective way possible.


  • Easy-to-use interface with many useful features for effective noise reduction and sound optimization;
  • Change the volume of different frequencies to adjust sound volume;
  • Reduce background noise during phone or video conferences;
  • Eliminate background noises during voice calls via Skype, Viber, Hangouts, etc.;

Benefits of Using Noise Suppression Software

Noise suppression software is used to reduce noise in audio recordings. By reducing the noise, the software makes it easier for people to hear what they are listening to.

The benefits of using noise suppression software include:

Reduces background noise

Using this type of software will reduce background noise during playback. As a result, you will be able to hear what is being said and what is being played back clearly on your recording. It can be used to remove background noise and unwanted sound from videos. It is possible to reduce background noise and make someone’s voice more audible when recording a video of them speaking using noise suppression software.

It does not alter or remove any part of the recording

A benefit of this type of software is that it does not alter or remove any part of the recording. In short, it reduces any unwanted sounds so that they are less noticeable and distracting during playback.

Sound quality improvement

By reducing background noise, your voice will be clearer and easier to understand. In public places, reducing the background sounds will eliminate distractions such as car horns and sirens, resulting in better-sounding audio recordings.

Usability improvement

You can create more editable files later on by removing distracting noises from your recordings. It will be easier for others to understand what you’re saying this way without having to do much editing!

Reduce stress levels!

As fewer distractions surround them, people tend to feel calmer and more comfortable when talking into a microphone (or just talking normally). 

Cost Effective Solution

No additional hardware or equipment is needed for noise suppression software. This software can be downloaded easily using a computer or laptop with an internet connection. In terms of its benefits, this tool is cost-effective and convenient for both users and companies who want to make good use of it without spending too much on other expensive tools that are available on the market today.

Easy To Use

It is very easy to use noise suppression software even if you are not familiar with sound editing tools or software applications like Audacity used by audio engineers all over the world today. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps.


The best noise suppression software is the one that you can use and enjoy using. If you are looking for a solution that is easy to use and provides great results, then you should choose a program that has been designed by a professional sound engineer.

There are many different noise suppression software programs available on the market today. These programs are designed to help people eliminate unwanted noise in their recordings. Some of these programs can even be used to remove background music or other audio tracks from video footage.

The best noise suppression software will allow users to adjust the volume of their recordings so they can hear every word clearly. The program will also allow them to adjust the pitch of their voice so it sounds just like it did before they were recording it. The noise suppression software recommended for podcasters, musicians, and video editors is very important since it makes recordings sound better than when they aren’t being processed.

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