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Best Projector for iPad

What if I told you that the best projector for iPad made it possible to project onto any surface? Projectors are an amazing tool for displaying large, usually video-based content on walls or other surfaces. Projectors aren’t just useful for movies and TV shows. They’ve also replaced whiteboards in many classrooms worldwide because they’re easy to use, portable, and can be used with minimal instruction time.

However, when you’re onto choosing one for your iPads, you might be deceived by their features and confuse yourself with buying one. In this article, I will go through every possible detail and make you understand what you need to choose.

Comparison Chart 

Product Name Brightness Built-in Speaker Connectivity Warranty 
1. TOPVISION 5500L Outdoor Movie Projector 5500L Yes HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, Laptop, PS4, Fire Stick 2 years 
2. CiBest Video Projector Outdoor Movie Projector  7500L Yes PS4, HDMI, VGA, TF, AV and USB Lifetime Warranty 
3. ELEPHAS 2020 WiFi Movie Projector 4600 lux Yes HDMI, USB, SD, VGA Not available 
4. FANGOR ‎F-506 230″ Portable Movie Projector – Yes VGA, HDMI, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Not available 
5. MOOKA RD-823 WiFi Projector 7500L  Dual Stereo Speaker HDMI, USB, AUX, AV, PS4, Fire Stick 1 year 
6. FANGOR F601 PROJECTOR 6000L Built-in Stereo MicroSD, Bluetooth, AV Port, USB, HDMI 3 year with 3 month replacement guarantee 
7. WayGoal ‎Projector Low Lumen Yes VGA, USB 2.0 1 year 
8. DBPOWER ‎RD821 Projector 8000L Superb Stereo Speaker VGA, USB, HDMI 3 year 
9. WiMiUS W1 Wireless Projector 350 ANSI Lumens Dual Stereo Speaker HDMI, Bluetooth 5 3 year 
10. 3Stone A5 Wi-Fi Mini Projector 6500 lux Yes VGA, USB Not available 

Our Favorite Best Projector for iPad

Top 10 Best Projector for iPad Reviews- 2022 

1. TOPVISION 5500L Outdoor Movie Projector 

Mini Projector, TOPVISION WiFi Portable Projector for Outdoor Movie Night, 1080P Supported Movie Projector for Home Theater Compatible with TV Stick, HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, Laptop, PS4

TOPVISION outdoor movie projector is one of the best projector for iPad users. It is designed with high-precision chips to support 4k videos from any smartphone or tablet. You can use it via HDMI cable and VGA cable. Besides, you can also use wireless connections to do the thrill.  

A built-in microphone also enables users to enjoy music via Bluetooth, making it the best option for family outings and gatherings. Its 5500Lux brightness, HiFi stereo speakers, and advanced circulation cooling system make it perfect for watching movies in any setting. Whether you’re at the beach, on a camping trip, in your backyard, or even indoors, TOPVISION 5500L Outdoor Movie Projector is the perfect option for you to enjoy your favorite films anytime, anywhere. 


  • Advanced Circulation Cooling System : TOPVISION outdoor movie projector comes complete with an advanced circulation cooling system that keeps its LED lamp cool even after hours of use.  
  • Two-years Warranty: The two-year warranty and lifetime professional support offered by TOPVISION make it an attractive choice for home entertainment. 
  • Built-in Speaker: If you don’t have an external sound system, worry no more! Your worries will be eliminated by the built-in speaker of the projector! 


  • It can connect without any cable. 
  • The quality of the Built-in Speaker is amazing. 
  • 2 years of warranty 
  • Easily connects with iPad 
  • Top-notch cooling system. 


  • It doesn’t provide better output with 4k videos from iOS devices. 

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2. CiBest Video Projector Outdoor Movie Projector 7500L 

Mini Projector, 2022 Upgraded CiBest Video Projector Outdoor Movie Projector 7500L, LED Portable Home Theater Projector 1080P and 200' Supported, Compatible with PS4, PC via HDMI, VGA, TF, AV and USB…

 One of the best features of this projector is that it can connect via HDMI cable or VGA cable to support its functionality with 4k videos from any smartphone or tablet. You can also use wireless connections to enjoy video streaming. The built-in microphone enables users to enjoy music via Bluetooth, making it the best option for family outings and gatherings. 

It also comes with an advanced circulation cooling system which keeps its LED lamp cool even after hours of use. It also comes with an advanced circulation cooling system which keeps its LED lamp cool even after hours of use. The advanced fan circulation system also helps to make the lamp brighter and enhances its overall performance. It can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or overhangs wherever you want without worrying about shadows blocking your view. 


  • Outstanding Watching Experience: The XP-L LED lamp in the CiBest Video Projector Outdoor Movie Projector 7500L draws much less power to produce about four times more brightness than other projectors. This best projector under 1000 has a floating lens feature to adjust the focus and get the best picture quality.  
  • Easy Mounting: The projector is ideal for home theaters, business presentations, classrooms, or any environment needing a big screen experience. It can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or overhangs for even better viewing results without creating shadows if light falls upon the projection surface. 


  • Extensive connectivity options 
  • High brightness output from lamp that is energy efficient 
  • Improved heat dissipation for a longer lamp life 
  • It comes with a wall mountable design 
  • Portable and easy to carry 


  • The remote control is not universal and requires 2 AAA batteries. 

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3. ELEPHAS 2020 WiFi Movie Projector 

Mini Projector for iPhone, ELEPHAS 2020 WiFi Movie Projector with Synchronize Smartphone Screen, 1080P HD Portable Projector Supported 200' Screen, Compatible with Android/iOS/HDMI/USB/SD/VGA

ELEPHAS is the perfect tool for enjoying movies on the go. Whether you’re by yourself or with friends, watching your favorite films using ELEPHAS 2020 WiFi Movie Projector will be an unforgettable experience. Simply connect your iPad to the projector on its 200″ screen, then kick back and relax as you enjoy all of your favorite shows, movies, and sports. 

It is also compatible with all smart devices to bring out the best viewing experience. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which offers durability and resilience. 


  • Easy connection: It’s easy to use with a simple plug and play interface – just connect it to the iPad using an HDMI cable, then turn it on and enjoy your favorite videos! Besides, you can connect it with VGA port and wirelessly.  
  • Compatibility : Enjoy movies, music, and more on this portable projector. It supports iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, or other devices that support HDMI or wireless input. You can cast videos directly from your smart devices to the screen of the projector! 
  • Easy Mounting: The ELEPHAS 2020 WiFi Movie Projector is an incredible device with many features. Its 200″ screen offers an unrivaled cinema experience making it the perfect tool for watching movies anywhere. It comes with a versatile mounting experience such as a table, tripod, and ceiling mount. 


  • Compatible with all smart devices, including iPad 
  • Unrivaled picture quality, offering 1080P HD. 
  • Easily mount the projector with table, tripod, and ceiling. 
  • Easy to use interface with a plug and play feature. 


  • High wattage 

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4. FANGOR ‎F-506 230″ Portable Movie Projector 

1080P HD Projector, WiFi Projector Bluetooth Projector, FANGOR 230' Portable Movie Projector with Tripod, Home Theater Video Projector Compatible with HDMI, VGA, USB, Laptop, iOS & Android Smartphone

If you want to watch movies with your friends or family at home or outdoors, then this is a perfect choice. FANGOR Portable  Projector can project a 230-inch big screen in darkness using advanced technologies and an ultra-modern circuit design concept. It can be mounted on a tripod and it is compatible with Android/iOS devices, laptops, USB, SD cards and it has an HDMI cable for connecting to other devices such as iPad/iPhone or TV. 

The projection image will not fade even after hours of usage. It also includes a remote control so you can control the projector without getting up.  


  • Remote Control: The FANGOR projector comes with a remote control so you can start playing movies right away instead of having to walk over to your player and start it up. 
  • Tripod for Mounting: It comes with a tripod for mounting, and you can mount it on the wall in case there is no room for your projector to sit. 
  • 2 Years Warranty: You will get a 2 years warranty and 6 months replacement guarantee so if there are problems you won’t have to worry about the quality of the product.  


  • You can use the projector for presentations because it supports VGA and HDMI connection and Bluetooth. 
  • The 230 inches bigger screen feels like a movie theater. 
  • It supports Android, iOS devices along with USB, SD card and laptops. 
  • Comes with a remote control. 
  • Super portable projector so it can be moved with the included carrying bag. 


  • The sound might not be loud enough for use outdoors, but that can be worked around by using speakers or another device to play the movies through. 

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5. DBPOWER ‎RD821 Projector 

WiFi Mini Projector, DBPOWER 8000L HD Video Projector with Carrying Case&Zoom, 1080P and iOS/Android Sync Screen Supported, Portable Home Movie Projector Compatible w/Smart Phone/Laptop/PC/DVD/TV

If you’re looking for the best projector for iPad at an affordable cost, then DBPOWER RD821 Projector is a great choice. It is light and easy to move around but powerful enough to deliver an excellent picture still. It has a built-in speaker, and you can connect it with various devices such as your laptop or tablet.  

Lamp life of the projector is very long, at 55000 hours, which means that you can use it for years. The lamp is great because it’s energy-efficient, allowing you to save money on your electricity bill. There are different ports available in the projector, such as USB and HDMI, which allow you to connect your iPad, laptop, or tablet efficiently. 


  • Affordable: The online price of the projector is less than three hundred dollars, which makes it very affordable. It’s small and light, so you can easily carry it around. 
  • Brightness: The lamp’s brightness is 8000 lumens, which means that you’ll have no problem enjoying your favorite TV shows or movies in high definition.  
  • Lamp life: The projector’s lamp life is very long, at 55000 hours, which means that you can use it for more than ten years. The lamp is great because it’s energy-efficient, allowing you to save money on your electricity bill.  


  • It comes with an extraordinary built-in speaker for excellent audio quality 
  • High definition picture quality  
  • Great lamp life 
  • Easy to use 


  • The fan can get a little loud at times when it’s on for long periods. 

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WiFi Projector Bluetooth 8400mAh Battery, Rechargeable Portable Home Projector, FANGOR 1080P Supported Movie Projector with Sync Smartphone Screen via WiFi/USB Cable, Compatible with iPhone, Laptop

FANGOR F601 PROJECTOR lets you play games, watch movies or work on the go with your iPad. No matter where you are, with FANGOR there is always something to be entertained! It can also connect directly to your television via HDMI or AV connection. It has built-in Bluetooth that allows you to connect your devices wirelessly.  

The F601 is a projector designed with versatility in mind. It is equipped with a high resolution screen and is powerful enough to play the latest video games on a big screen. It also has an amazing battery life, allowing it to be used for hours on end without the need for recharging. 


  • 3-month Return Guarantee: There is a 3 months return policy for all the purchasers who are not satisfied with the product. If you are not completely satisfied, you can get a replacement or money back without any question! Besides, you will get a 3 year warranty and lifetime support. 
  • 8000 mAh Battery: With 8000 mAh large capacity, FANGOR  created the biggest battery in the world for projectors. You can play games or watch movies without worrying about power! 
  • Built-in Sound System: There is a built-in sound system, and you can enjoy the immersive sound experience. 
  • 1080P HD Resolution: The FANGOR  F601 has a very high quality screen, with 1080P HD video resolution and LED light source, and you can watch every detail of the image. 


  • High quality screen with a large size 
  • Rechargeable battery for long use without extra power supply 
  • Clear image and loudspeaker 
  • Well compatible with various devices such as iPad, iPhone 
  • Easy to connect to the devices wirelessly by Bluetooth functions.  


  • Bulky in weight 
  • High power consumption for charging 

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7. 3Stone A5 Wi-Fi Mini Projector 

Wi-Fi Mini Projector 3Stone A5 6500 Lux Portable Movie Projector with 1080P Supported, Wireless Screen Mirroring, Blue-ray Glass Lens, Outdoor Multimedia Video Projector Support TV Stick, PC, PS4, AV

3Stone A5 is a new mini projector that uses an LED light source, adopting the latest projection technology for more color reproduction, sharpness, and brightness. This fantastic projector isn’t only compatible with iPad but also TV sticks, Android, PS4, PS5, Chromecast, and Roku. 


  • Picture Quality: Most projectors in the market use DLP technology to get high-definition picture quality, while 3Stone uses the latest LED light source technology. The result is a very clear image even when you are watching it from a long distance or projecting on a big screen. 
  • Mounting: 3Stone A5 can be fixed on the ceiling or used as a tripod, which is a brilliant design that makes it portable and convenient to use in your house. 
  • Advanced Technology: The brightness of most mini projectors is between 1500-2500lux, but 3Stone A5 is specially designed with a 5W LED light source. The brightness can reach up to 6500 lux which means the image quality will not degrade even if you are watching it under the sunlight. 
  • Great Speaker: 3Stone A5 uses a small built-in high-quality speaker to produce a great stereo effect. 


  • Using LED light source, resulting in high-definition picture quality. 
  • Achieved brightness of 6500 Lux, acceptable for indoor environment. 
  • Free dust free cover with low volume speaker to make you enjoy watching without disturbing others. 
  • Affordable price with great picture quality. 


  • The fan noise is a little bit loud 

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8. WayGoal ‎Projector 

Mini Projector,WayGoal Movie Projector with 50000 Hours LED Lamp Life and 1080P Supported Projector for Outdoor,150' Display for TV Stick,Video Game,Dual Speakers

The WayGoal Projector has a large projection size of 150”, remote control function, wireless feature, Android and iPad operation interface, and other high-tech functions. The picture quality is 1080P HD. You will have everything you need in just one machine!  The advanced high-tech equipment allows for wireless projection. It can be used with Android, Mac, and IOS devices. 

This is the projector you’ll need if you love watching films or online films on your smartphone, TV sticks, or tablets because it can project video files directly from any USB flash drive. This product also comes with a tripod and a ceiling mount, which gives you the versatility to use this projector anywhere in your house or outside when it’s night time. You can even take it on holiday with you and use it outdoors in the garden! 


  • Sufficient Lamp-life: The WayGoal has a 50000h long lamp-life, meaning that you can use it for 7 years, several hours per day. 
  • Large Screen: The 150-inch big screen shows the details clearly. 
  • Support 4K video input: WayGoal projector supports 4K video input. You can watch 4K videos directly. 
  • 1080P HD Picture Quality: The image resolution of WayGoal is 1920*1080P. 
  • Support SD Card: You can play media files from an SD Card or USB flash drive on the projector. 
  • Multi-function Operation Mode: Built-in wireless receiver and remote controller make operating easy. 


  • Offer a large screen for your enjoyment. 
  • The projector is small and portable, which can be used anywhere anytime. 
  • With remote control, you could enjoy a more comfortable operation.  
  • All-in-one solution: Support HDMI Port, SD Card Port, and AV, VGA Ports.  


  • You can use it outdoors but be careful with rain and water. 

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9. MOOKA RD-823 WiFi Projector 

Portable WiFi Projector with Carrying Bag, MOOKA Outdoor Movie Projector 8000L HD Support 1080P, Home Theater WiFi Video Projectors Compatible with Smartphone HDMI,VGA,USB,AV

 MOOKA RD-823 Wi-Fi Projector is a 200″ HD projector and the latest model of the MOOKA RD series! It uses a wireless controller to operate, with 7500 lumens brightness and a 1080P full HD display. With this amazing projector, you can even play games with PS4 or PS5 wirelessly. 

Equipped with Bluetooth features, it can connect TV sticks to play videos. It’s also easy for daily entertainment use, such as watching movies or playing games. 


  • Play Games: Connect PS5 or PS4 with the projector to play games. 
  • TV Stick: With a TV stick, you can enjoy your favorite movies or TV dramas anytime, anywhere. 
  • Bluetooth Function: It’s easy for you to control this LED projector via Bluetooth function. It’s also possible for you to switch between Bluetooth and wifi. 
  • High Brightness: With 7500 lumens of brightness, you can experience vivid and colorful images on your large screen. It’s suitable for dark environments or night use. 
  • High Quality Images: With 1080P full HD display technology, you can enjoy crystal clear and HD images and videos. 


  • Support TV Stick, Google phone, iPad, Android, PS3, and PS4. 
  • Wireless control, easy to use. 
  • Extraordinary LED projector. 
  • 2 years warranty and lifetime support 


  • Tripod is not included in the box. 

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10. WiMiUS W1 Wireless Projector 

5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Support 4K Full HD, WiMiUS W1 Native 1080P Outdoor Projector Wireless Movie Projector w/ ±50° 4D/4P Keystone & Zoom 50%, Compatible w/ TV Stick, iOS, Android, PS4, PS5

If you’re looking for better features and not on a tight budget then WiMiUS W1 Wireless Projector is for you. It has an improved Bluetooth 5.0 connection that will effortlessly connect to your iPad. Also, it has a function called “miracast” which lets you connect your phone or laptop wirelessly to this projector. 

The projector has an HDMI cable that lets you connect it to any other media player or gaming device that can be connected to a TV. It gives you 3 hours of a fun time, powered by its built-in battery, before charging again. 


  • Resolution: You can enjoy the high-definition resolution of up to 1080p, giving you a much clearer picture. 
  • Picture quality: The LED lamp of this projector gives it an edge over other projectors available in the market with its amazing brightness and color quality. 
  • Image Size: The projector can easily provide you with an image size of up to 300 inches, which is amazing for a home theater project. 
  • Warranty: WiMiUS W1 wireless projector is backed by 3 years warranty, guaranteeing that you will get it fixed for any issue you face with the product. 


  • Easy to use. 
  • Comes with a carrying case. 
  • It provides a clear image, surrounds sound, and has excellent projection size. 
  • It has an amazing brightness of 350 ANSI Lumen, which is better than many other projectors available in the market. 


  • Image quality might not be that great if you project an image from a distance. 

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Best Projector for iPad Buying Guide 

Best Projector for iPad

You need to look out for certain things to ensure you’re buying the best projector for your iPad.  

Light Source:  

The light source is the most important part of a projector. It determines how bright and colorful your images will be and how large you can make them. There are two types of Light Sources: DLP (Digital Light Processing) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). All modern projectors use one or another kind of LED, LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY, or DLP, as a light source. And the LED one is great for your eyes. It protects you from UV light that is harmful to the eyes.  

Size Of The Projection: 

The size of your projected image depends on how far or close you place the projector. The further away, the larger your image will be and vice versa. For example, if you want to project a 70-inch image from a 1-meter distance, the projection size will only be around 15 inches if you double that distance (1.8 meters). 

Power Use: 

Projectors are more power efficient than they were just a few years ago. However, the advance of new technologies has blurred the distinction between them, so it is not easy to pick one that will meet your needs. All modern projectors use some type of LED or LCD as a light source, so you need to look for ones with low power usages. 


Most projectors offer internal speakers that allow you to use them without hooking up any additional audio equipment. However, this can further complicate your choice since it is very important for some people while useless for others. Some models also come with an external speaker port which allows you to add better speakers to your projector. However, this will increase the price of your purchase. 


The best way to choose a projector is by matching your expectations and budget. There are many cheap options on the market, and their prices can be as low as $100, so you don’t need to break the bank to buy one. On the other hand, you can buy some costly projectors that can cost as much as an average-priced TV set. 

Lamp Life:  

Lamp life is another important specification to look at before buying a projector. It is the number of hours that your projector can run continuously before it needs to be replaced. The lamp should last around 3000-5000 hours, and this is the main reason why calibration of your projector after a few years can be necessary. 


Connectivity is an important feature to look for in a modern projector. One of the most common ways to connect your iPad to a projector is via HDMI; however, some models come with DVI, VGA or USB ports which can be used as well. Newer projectors also have wireless connectivity with your devices, making them very convenient to use. 

How to Connect an iPad to a Projector? 

Setting up an Apple iPad to a projector is as easy as pie. You can connect it either with cables or wireless.  

Connection With Cables 

Step 1:  Plug one end of the VGA or HDMI cable into your computer’s headphone port and plug your other end into the video projector. 

This depends on the projector(VGA or HDMI) that you are using. If it has both, VGA output gives higher quality but is limited to only up to 1024*768 resolution while HDMI provides Full HD (1080p) but requires additional equipment like a VGA converter box, etc. 

Step 2:  Find the iPad’s settings. 

Tap the “Settings” app, go to “General,” and tap “Video Mirroring.” Turn on mirroring by sliding the switch to green which will make the screen of your iPad appear on your projector. 

Step 3:  Find your display output options. 

If you are using a VGA cable, you can access your iPad’s display from the Settings “Video mirroring” screen. Otherwise, if you are using an HDMI cable, then tap on “Settings,” go to “Control Center,” and tap on “Customize Controls.” Then, add a new control by tapping “+,” select HDMI as the control type and follow instructions.  If using an HDMI connection, you require a VGA converter box. 

Step 4:  Control your presentation. 

For example, you can use the iPad’s built-in remote to advance slides or move through a Keynote presentation. Just make sure to connect it by Bluetooth to avoid any lag issues between what shows on screen and the iPad remote. 

Wireless Connection: 

Apple TV has an HDMI port paired with an Airplay Enabled projector. It can wirelessly project the screen onto the projector. 

To do this, you must turn on your Apple TV and open airplay in your devices control centre, allowing you to choose available wireless screens from a list of Apple TVs. If not go to Settings>Airplay to select your Apple TV. 

Third Party Apps 

Third party apps like ScreenCast will also allow you to wirelessly project from any iOS device that is running iOS 6 or later. Several apps available in the app store work through this technology but be prepared to spend money on them. 

What Projectors Work With iPad Pro? 

An iPad can be connected to a projector via an adapter cable, an Apple TV, or a single cable on some models. Almost all the projectors have both VGA and HDMI ports so that you can connect your iPad with an adapter and a VGA or HDMI cable. 

Another option is to go for a projector that uses an MHL cable. MHL stands for Mobile High-Definition Link, and this option gives you HD video quality with up to 7.1 surround sound compatibility. The only downside here is that you have to use an MHL cable with a Lightning port adapter, which means you won’t be able to charge your iPad Pro while the project is running. 

Thirdly, HDMI-equipped projectors will allow you to play full 1080p HD video through an HDMI input on your television. These typically don’t need additional accessories because they already have built-in HDMI ports but keep in mind that there are usually different resolutions for projectors. For example, this projector only works with an iPad mini or other device up to 1080p HD. 

Fourthly, the headrest option allows you to hook up your iPad Pro to a rear-view system in a car. This option also has built-in speakers and provides up to 720p video quality with cable compatibility for devices from the iPod Nano through Apple TV. 

FAQs: Best Projector for iPad 

Are Prjectors Compatible With iPads? 

The short answer is yes, but you have to have the right setup in place to do so. There are several things to consider before you begin. 

First, the projector has to be compatible with iPads. Any tablet works fine, but some projectors may not work with certain tablets or operating systems. 

Second, you have to have a video cable adaptable for your iPad that is also adaptable for your projector. 

How Do I Make My iPad Into a Projector? 

Projecting your iPad onto a larger screen can be helpful when giving presentations or sharing what you see with others. Many people have turned to use an Apple TV to accomplish this task, but there is another option. VGA adapters connect the iPad to any monitor that accepts VGA input, allowing your presentations and other content to be shown on a much larger screen. 

Why Can’t I Play Netflix Through a Projector? 

There might be several reasons for this issue. You should first check that your computer has hardware acceleration for video playback enabled. Navigate to your computer’s control panel, open the Hardware and Sound group of icons, then go to the video playback menu. Ensure that “hardware acceleration” is checked. If it is not, check the box and restart your computer. 

Why Can’t I Hear Netflix on My Projector? 

It’s usually caused by a video signal or Netflix app issue. Ensure the projector is always on the right sources (HDMI or VGA). Also make sure the video cables are fully plugged in. 

The projector remote usually has a source button. It’s very common for the Netflix device to be plugged into HDMI1, but the source is set to HDMI2. The screen will then be blank if it happens. If your projector is connected to a laptop, set the source to VGA. 

Can You Get a Smart Projector? 

When it comes to your TV, there is now the option of streaming movies and TV shows straight to your television. But what can you do if you want something more portable? You could go for a smart projector. Since they are not as advanced as TV screens or laptops yet, you can still get one at a fairly low price. 


There are different types of projectors for other devices. All of the mentioned projectors above are the best projector for iPad. However, every projector has its pros and cons and different features. Choose one that fits your needs and the budget.  

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