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Best Puzzle Books For Adults

As you age, it becomes increasingly important to keep a sharp and quick mind for your own well-being as well as for your family and friends. In older individuals, things like forgetfulness, irritability, and a lack of multitasking may occur naturally. As you get older, you can take steps to counteract mental decline.

There has been research showing that “mind games,” or puzzles and games that rely on memory, problem-solving, and speed, are beneficial to health. Your brain will remain sharper if you resolve these problems.

People of all ages lack a screen-free entertainment option, which adult puzzle books provide. Adult puzzle books benefit brain health while also providing screen-free entertainment.

We have selected the best puzzle books for adults on the market to get you started. To get you started, here are the best puzzle books for adults on the market.

Editor’s Recommendation: Puzzle Books For Adults

1. The Master Theorem – A Book of Puzzles

The Master Theorem - A Book of Puzzles, Intrigue and Wit

This book, which contains over 40 puzzles, has quickly developed a cult following due to its beautifully illustrated pages and original puzzles. In order to complete the challenges, players must solve brain teasers, decrypt messages, and apply critical thinking skills.

A puzzle-solver can spend weeks working through the book, which varies in difficulty from medium to hard. For those who may encounter obstacles, there are helpful hints at the end of the book. 

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2.  The New York Times Monday Crossword Puzzle Omnibus

The New York Times Monday Crossword Puzzle Omnibus: 200 Solvable Puzzles from the Pages of The New York Times

Crosswords in the New York Times are known for their Sunday editions, but this book proves that Monday puzzles can be just as entertaining. This book includes 200 fun crosswords from the Monday Times that are not too challenging.

The New York Times crossword editor, Will Shortz, edited this book for wordsmiths of all ages. After finishing this book, you will find additional crosswords from the New York Times.  

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3. Tricky Logic Puzzles for Adults

Tricky Logic Puzzles for Adults: 130+ Difficult Puzzles to Challenge Your Brain

Puzzles like this one are meant for adults who want to improve their critical thinking skills. There are 130 puzzles in this book, all designed to stretch your critical thinking skills to the limit.

All of the puzzle styles found in this collection are simple to understand but difficult to complete, including Sudoku, Masyu, logic, grids, and nonograms. Because of the variety of styles, you won’t get bored because boredom won’t be an issue.

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4. 120+ Variety Puzzle Book for Adults

120+ Variety Puzzle Book for Adults - Math Puzzles: The Ultimate Large Print Adults Brain Teasers & Variety Puzzles And Games Puzzle Book - volume 1.0

By providing a variety of puzzles, it improves memory, creativity and reasoning in adults, as well as problem-solving skills. This book contains 125 large-print puzzles, each with a mathematical element such as a number block or BODMAS equation.

They’re great for adults and seniors who want to exercise their minds on their own terms, with puzzles starting at an easy level and advancing to a medium level of difficulty. It features large-print throughout, making it easy for all ages to read.

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5. Funster 500+ Word Search Puzzles for Adults By Charles Timmerman

Funster 500+ Word Search Puzzles for Adults: Word Search Book for Adults with a Huge Supply of Puzzles

You will be entertained for hours with this award-winning word search book. It has more than 500 puzzles. Each puzzle is a different level of difficulty and has a theme attached to it, making it even more fun and memorable as you progress through the book.

The 45 words in each puzzle will keep you busy for hours, aside from a creative angle. There are wide margins on the pages (each page contains two puzzles) so you can easily cut them out and stow them in your purse or backpack. There are also links to online puzzles that you can access from the book.

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6. Sudoku Puzzles for Adults By J.D. Cross

Oh My Sudoku! Over 1000 Easy to Hard Sudoku Puzzles: Sudoku Puzzles for Adults

This book is a great choice for adults who want to develop their critical thinking skills while solving a classic Sudoku puzzle. The book contains over 1,000 puzzles, ranging from easy to hard, allowing individuals to advance their skills over time.

The wide margins in the book make it convenient to tear out a page and take it with you on the go for hassle-free entertainment. With the purchase of the book, you can also download a free Sudoku mastery guide.

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7. Picture Puzzles: Spot the Difference Book for Adults

Picture Puzzles: Spot the Difference Book for Adults

Today, our attention spans are known to be extremely short. It’s no wonder we feel stressed when we star at our screens all day long and get a million notifications an hour!

The popularity of adult activity books has been on the rise lately. In addition to allowing you to decompress, they engage your brain while allowing you to enjoy yourself. Focus on the little things in life with this picture puzzle book for adults.

There are a bunch of original illustrations inside, side by side. You’ll have a blast finding the differences in these images of animals, landscapes and funny scenes!

You can do these puzzles just about any time you feel a bit bored. You can do them after work or before you go to bed.

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8. Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book By John M. Samson

Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #21 (21) (S&S Mega Crossword Puzzles)

A crossword puzzle book was Simon & Schuster’s first title in 1924. Besides being the publisher’s first publication, it was also the first crossword puzzle collection ever published.

The legendary Simon & Schuster crossword puzzle book series continues today, more than ninety-five years later, with this new and appealing collection, which offers hours of stimulation for all levels of solvers. It was designed with convenience in mind and includes perforated pages so you can tear them out individually and work on them wherever you are. It was created by top puzzle master John M. Samson and edited by contemporary constructors.

Grab a pencil and dig into this timeless and unique collection of puzzles, which are sure to delight existing puzzle enthusiasts and challenge newcomers alike.

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9. 2022 Crossword Puzzles Book For Adults With Solution By Jennifer K. Johnson 

2022 Crossword Puzzles Book For Adults With Solution: Large-print, Medium level Puzzles | Awesome Crossword Puzzle Book For Puzzle Lovers | Adults, Seniors, Men And Women With Solutions.

Using words, trivia, and spelling knowledge, this entertaining game will exercise your mind.

For easier reading, we have made our puzzles in large type. With four answer keys per page, even our solutions are presented in an easy-to-read format.

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10. 399 Games, PuzzlesFor Adult

399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep Your Brain Young.

You can keep your brain young, strong, agile, and adaptable with the right program, just like you would exercise your body. Featuring 399 puzzles, trivia quizzes, brainteasers, and word games that are fun and engaging to play while stimulating neurogenesis – the process of making new brain cells – here is a brain workout designed to stimulate neurogenesis.

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Final Verdict

If you think picture puzzles are only for children, imagine again! Many adults around the world find that activity books like this one are a great way to relax and unwind. Hope that you will find the best puzzle book.

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