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Best Real Estate Exam Prep Book

Are you having trouble preparing for the real estate license examination? Do you have concerns that the pass rate for the real estate exam will be lower than expected? Don’t be concerned, the list is available!

Consider the scenario of taking your real estate exam and going completely blank. You haven’t studied for a long enough period of time, and you haven’t studied with the proper materials. You slump into your chair, depressed.

Don’t be one of the people. Here is a list of some of the best real estate exam preparation books available. These will be the most frequently recommended ways to assist you in passing your examination and becoming a realtor. Also covered will be how to select books for your real estate licensing examination preparation.

Continue reading to find out more information. Prepare your notebook and prepare to be informed.

Best Real Estate Exam Prep Book Review

1. Real Estate Licensing Exams with Online Digital Flashcards

Real Estate Licensing Exams with Online Digital Flashcards (Barron's Test Prep)
  • Authors: Jack P. Friedman Ph.D., J. Bruce Lindeman, Ph.D.
  • Publication Language: English

Our list begins with the best book for preparing for the real estate licensing exam. Barron’s is probably one you have encountered when studying for other exams.

Because it assembles high-quality content for exam reviews, Barron is our top choice for students. Real estate licensing exams are no exception.

Thanks to the in-depth information in this book, your preparation efforts will surely be boosted!

Among the topics covered are finance, law, contracts, and the state that conducts the toughest real estate license exam!

In addition, you will also benefit from it in the following ways:

  • Preparation for multiple real estate exams – Provides nine practice tests covering different aspects of the real estate industry. Several mock exams are included in the book; however, it also includes tests for appraisers and federal regulators!
  • Get practicing – There are over 1000 practice questions in this text. You will both find both questions from the nationwide portion and the state portion of the real estate licensing exam!
  • Improve your vocabulary – the study guide offers a glossary of terms and examples that will help you gain a better grasp of the material!

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2. Real Estate License Exams For Dummies with Online Practice Tests

Real Estate License Exams For Dummies with Online Practice Tests
  • Author: John A. Yoegel, PhD
  • Publication Language: English

We’ll conclude our list with an examination prep book that offers the best value. You might also be familiar with the “For Dummies” books.

It’s okay to call yourself a “Dummy,” but don’t let it discourage you.

Especially for people without any expertise, they provide an abundance of information for beginners. These same principles also apply to real estate.

To pass your real estate licensing exams, you will need an impressive foundation of knowledge from this For Dummies book! Besides being a great value, it’s also very affordable.

Don’t worry if you can’t handle complex concepts!

There are a lot of interesting facts in this book, which you can read in any order!

These aspects are also covered in the For Dummies text:

  • This is a great source of information – there are a lot of topics covered like legal issues, home valuation, home ownership, etc.!
  • Retention and practice –An answer key is included for each section’s review questions. A mock exam is even included with in-depth explanations.
  • You will learn how to study well – Study and test-taking strategies are included in this text!

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3. Real Estate Math Express: Rapid Review and Practice with Essential License-Exam Calculations

Real Estate Math Express: Rapid Review and Practice with Essential License-Exam Calculations
  • Authors: Stephen Mettling, David Cusic, et al.
  • Publication Language: English

Getting a better grasp on calculations is easier with Real Estate Math Express.

In addition, a math formulary section introduces the major real estate mathematics topics and their formulas. The course covers important topics such as basic math, capitalization rates, prorations, and even closing cost calculations!

If you’d like to increase your real estate math proficiency without spending a lot of money, then this book is a perfect reference. There’s even a section that helps with math refreshers when you need them!

The fact that it’s written by experienced trainers and real estate professionals is another factor that makes it so effective!

Prep Book Fact: This text was written by the same authors as Principles of Real Estate Practice!

You can use this book to prepare for exams in the following ways:

  • An excellent refresher study guide – about 100 pages in length!
  • Math Express helps you master the basics . You will learn how to work with fractions, percentages, multiplication of fractions, etc.
  • This course takes your knowledge to the next level – The calculations include legal area, condo evaluation, net income, property income, as well as other real estate transactions!

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4. Real Estate License Exam Calculation Workbook (2022 Edition)

Real Estate License Exam Calculation Workbook: 250 Calculations to Prepare for the Real Estate License Exam (2020 Edition)
  • Author: Josh Flagg
  • Publication Language: English

You’ve seen our top picks, but if you want even more materials to help you ace your exam, we suggest you look at these.

Calculations for real estate math are included in the Exam Calculation Workbook.

The text is a good option if you want something that will help you prepare for your upcoming test in math. You can study for the real estate examination using this material.

Josh Flagg, the author of this book, lends credibility to its credibility. Among the top-ranking agents in the luxury real estate sector, he has a high volume of sales!

There are several reasons why this is a good prep book:

  • A broad range of this text’s financial concepts appear on the real estate license examination – it covers topics such as valuation, taxes, and assessment.
  • You are prepared for the difficulty of the real estate exam – This test includes a variety of questions representing different levels of difficulty. Additionally, it includes real-world examples!
  • Calculation mastery is made easier – You can find the calculations necessary to reach the answer in the answer key. It’s just a matter of working hard!

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5. Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

Dictionary of Real Estate Terms (Barron's Business Dictionaries)
  • Authors: Jack P. Friedman Ph.D., Jack C. Harris Ph.D., and J. Bruce Lindeman, Ph.D.
  • Publication Language: English

A new text from Barron’s. This is a real estate dictionary that contains every term and jargon you can imagine.

The real estate language will soon become second nature to you if you want this to broaden your vocabulary!

Additionally, you can use it long after becoming a full-fledged real estate professional to support your career!

The following are the things that make it one of the best study guides:

  • No need to look up unfamiliar words on Google – you’ll find over 3000 words and their meanings here!
  • Comprehension is easier – Charts, graphs, and images help improve comprehension!
  • All the information you need is right here – including common abbreviations, mathematical formulas, the mortgage payment schedule, as well as measurement charts!

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These are just a few of your options. There are various other books that can aid you with both the national and state portions of the exam. This list’s books will offer you the confidence and information you need to pass your exam.

Barron’s real estate dictionary is the book for you. This text is a no-brainer for lexicographers. This can help those who want to take the exam or merely have a reference guide.

The Real Estate License Exam Calculation Workbook is also a great resource for practicing math calculations. Josh Figg, a famous luxury real estate agent, wrote this text. He gives readers plenty of questions to practice their skills.

If none of the texts on this list appeal to you, you can use the questions above to help you focus your search. This is an exciting time, and you want to make sure you get proper information. Success! We know you’ll pass the exam soon.

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