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Blinkist App Review

As you know, some people prefer reading to other forms of entertainment. However, sometimes there is not enough time or patience to read complex and confusing text when reading from a mobile device. The blinkist app review in this article discusses the solution to this problem. Thanks to him, the user will recognize the key points and essential information from the text, which will help significantly save time.

Blinkist App Review

Who Owns Blinkist?

Blinkist founder Holger Seim is a visionary who created an app that summarized life’s most important ideas into 15-minute readings. As of 18, his company has over 2,021 million users and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

How does the Blinkist app work?

Blinkist exists both in the web version and as an app for iPhone and iPad, and we’ll take a look at them below.

There are a lot of books in Blinkist. There are 3 tabs on the main page: new arrivals, categories, and curated. The last tab contains a selection of excerpts sorted by exciting topics.

Each book is exciting. The service is meticulous in choosing, so only the best and most useful books are found here. It is worth saying that many of them, after reading the synopsis, I want to read them in full.

Each book is divided into chapters, and each of them has a short description of what you will find inside. On average, each book has 8 to 12 chapters. The reading interface does not contain anything extra, and in the settings, you can change the font size, screen brightness, and light theme to dark and vice versa. There is a handy progress bar at the bottom that shows how much you’ve read so far.

Highlights is a tab where you can save your favorite thoughts and quotes from the author. I’m used to saving them to Evernote, so I have it empty.

Reading Blinkist on the web is as enjoyable as it is on the iPhone. There is nothing extra on the main page: only the books that you have added to your library with a short description under each of them.

The reading interface is almost the same as the application—simple design, the almost complete absence of any elements, and the ability to customize text display.

Finally, bad news for those who thought it was all free. Unfortunately no. Blinkist gives you a three-day free period in which you can enjoy all its delights and then asks you to purchase a subscription that costs $ 8 per month. If you buy it immediately for six months or a year, you can save, and decently.

However, StackSocial gives away a three-month Blinkist subscription for free. All you have to do is sign up with Facebook and get your desired code. Because of this promotion, I started using the service, and I want to say that I will probably pay for the subscription at the end of the three months.

Blinkist is not a substitute for reading full books, not at all. But in addition to the usual books, you get access to beneficial information, which can be processed in just a few minutes instead of hours.

What makes Blinkist different from other book resume services?

Websites and various companies dedicated to summarizing books have been around for many years. However, no book summary service can match the vast selection of Blinkist Library.

Blinkist’s library of over 2000 text, video, and audio summaries can satisfy almost any user in the short term. The service Blinkist provides very valuable as you can get summaries of various books at your fingertips and understand almost every book better. You can read or listen to whatever you want with summaries of books on a wide variety of topics.

It is difficult to keep abreast of changing times, stories, and current themes, especially if many things go through.

However, Blinkist leaves out all the unnecessary and only includes essential points that are easy to access and understand. With the Blinkist app, you can quickly organize your work with more accessible book summaries so you can easily learn any topic.

Blinkist is the perfect solution for people looking for a short introduction to a specific area but has little time to learn it.

Blinkist alternatives

Still not sure about the Blinkist app; haven’t we covered it, check out the best Blinkist alternatives that are equally worth trying, and some are free as well. So let’s get started.

1. Weekly

Continuing the topic, let’s talk about the Weekly app, which helps to instill good habits. How does it work? You need to add an activity you want to do in the program and constantly indicate the frequency. The app will remind you of the scheduled task at the right time. The application keeps records, so you need to mark them in the system after completing the task. Thanks to statistics and graphs, you can track your progress. Weekly functionality is effortless and straightforward. The application is entirely free and available for all operating systems. So it is a great helper for those who want to get better every day.

2. Forest

Surely everyone is familiar with the situation when instant messengers, email notifications, news applications greatly distract from the current work and do not allow them to concentrate on one thing. Forest helps you deal with just such cases. If you need to focus on a task, you set a timer between 30 and 120 minutes. After that, a tree begins to grow in the application. A small sprout makes a large plant. But only if you are not distracted by other programs. If you exit the app and open another, the tree will die. However, it is allowed to answer the incoming call. If you constantly use the application, you can grow a whole forest. It will contain both grown and “killed” trees. Free versions of the app are available for Android and iOS.

3. Lumosity

Brains, like muscles, need to be constantly pumped to keep you in good shape. The Lumosity app lets you customize your workout routine. To get it, you need to answer a few questions. They will help determine the characteristics of your memory, attention, speed, etc. All tasks are of a game nature, so they are addictive and exciting. The program is designed for training several times a week. The app will adjust the program based on your progress. You will be able to see your results and statistics. iPhone owners can download the app for free. In addition, a web version of Lumosity is available.

4. Headspace

At the end of the collection, we present you with the Headspace app to help you de-stress and relax through meditation. What’s important is that it was developed in collaboration with a former Buddhist monk. The interface is not the easiest, but everything is described in detail with pictures in the user manual. Headspace teaches you how to set aside 10 minutes daily for meditation. It contains a course of 10 lessons with audio and video accompaniment. Each meditation consists of several exercises. The app keeps statistics of your workouts. This is a universal program for those just getting acquainted with meditation and taking their first steps. True, all materials are presented in English. But it’s accessible both on Google Play and in the AppStore.

Who Can Use Blinkist?

Blinkist is for everyone, especially those who want to read quickly rather than read the entire book. College students are looking to prepare for a test, busy people looking for effective ways to use their time, and pursuing students who want to brush up on a subject, they have a lot of interest in.

Blinkist offers you a simple experience where you can export new resumes from a different perspective as well.

Reading books helps expand your knowledge, and you can quickly reach your goals using the critical information gained from reading books. However, some people find it difficult to read hundreds of pages and get involved in a routine.

With the audio service provided in the Blinkist app, you can easily find essential parts that interest you or are relevant. You can even access summaries of many popular science books on the Blinkist app in just 15 minutes.

What are the significant pros and cons of Blinkist?


  • A large number of titles
  • Regular new publications
  • Clear operation of the app
  • Text and audio are available


  • Slightly overwhelming due to the selection
  • Intensive derivation of themes is missing
  • No markers in the text are possible
  • Entices you to buy books

How much does Blinkist cost? (Blinkist Pricing Plans)

The main question you might be wondering is how much it costs to use such a productive and useful book reading app. Typically, the Blinkist app is free to download. However, if you want to access a few new and innovative features, you can use the premium version.

Blinkist Review – Pricing

While the premium version of Blinkist comes with a 7-day free trial, it’s available as a monthly plan for $ 12.99. You can even access the annual plan for $ 6.67 per month. Here you can get 50% off great features.

You can sign up for a free, one-day trial that is risk-free. Typically, the average cost of reading nonfiction books is between $ 1 and $ 10, which is more expensive than the premium Blinkist app.

You can finish about 50 books a year or more quickly using Blinkist. Thus, it shows that using the Blinkist app is quite affordable instead of paying a higher amount for other eBooks.

Blinkist Review FAQ

Is the Blinkist worth the money?

If you don’t have the luxury of carrying books with you all the time, then Blinkist is a great solution for you. This platform is exclusively for bookworms. You can read any book you want, where you want, whenever you want with Blinkist. His library contains over 4000 annotations.

What is better heard or Blinkist?

Blinkist is the best choice if you are looking for a resume, where Audible is the best choice if you want to read an entire fiction or fiction book.

Is the Blinkist app free?

Yes, the Blinkist app is free with a limitation: you can only access or read the daily selection, the daily random book review that Blinkist recommends as a free user.

How does Blinkist work?

The main idea behind Blinkist is to take the trending and best of new science fiction books and turn all the books summarized into another series of these blinks lasting about 15 minutes or so. Users can see a list of the top 10 with options such as suggestions and user wishlists.

Does Blinkist offer a free trial?

Yes, Blinkist offers its new users a 7-day free trial. But you have to sign up for an annual plan to get a free trial.

What is it like to use the Blinkist app?

A key feature of the Blinkist app is listening and reading, and they do it well. The application is easy to use, fast and light, has a user-friendly interface, well-thought-out design; the Blinkist application has everything you need to better read and listen to books.

Does Blinkist app offer offline access?

Yes. Book summaries added to their library will automatically be available as a downloaded version in text format. You can even download audio and delete it whenever you want.

How many books are there on Blinkist?

Blinkist adds 40 new books per month on average and has over 4,000 books in the Blinkist library.


Since all coins have two sides, the blinkist app review and the pros cons also have. But what they offer has more advantages than disadvantages. Blinkist provides a lot more, and it depends on how you use it.

Do you find it useful or not? To check it out once, you might even have to go through a 7-day free trial to help you see if Blinkist is useful to you or not. These seven days will help you determine the status of your interest.

You can also check their social networks, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.

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