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Enhanced eBooks Guide [2022]

Electronic books (eBooks) are digitized versions of traditional books which because they are digital, lend themselves to a variety of enhancements that is just impossible to implement in paper books.

Many people are more than happy with an ebook in its basic form because it allows a book to be read electronically in anything from a specialized electronic book reader, tablet, computer or any device that has an LCD screen where a books text can be displayed.

Enhanced Reading

This would be an ebook in its most basic form, a paper book which may have the ability to display various font types and sizes, sketches and a few other customizable options that will improve readability for the devices display size and quality.

Many people are more than satisfied with what is offered with a basic ebook; the ability to read anywhere and on multiple devices which are synced together is after all much more than what is provided by traditional print books. What else could anyone want or need? Well, because of their digital format, much more can be achieved using enhancements which are intended to take the experience of reading a book digitally to another level.

An enhanced book is a description used to describe eBooks which utilize features that add interactivity (Multimedia) to the book. While in theory, multimedia as employed in the form of enhancements for electronic books, sounds almost like a given that it ought to be standard for all e-books, in reality, the concept has not resonated with all readers to date.

A large part of the problem is that enhanced products cannot always be delivered the same across all platforms resulting in different enhancements for various platforms. Unlike music or DVD’s which all who use consistent content and provide a unified experience for all, the same cannot be said for ebooks.

“Some people see enhancements as an unnecessary distraction”

An eBook will be different and vary depending on the platform they are intended for. An eBook title on Amazon will be different to the same title on Apples iPad! This is particularly true of ebooks which utilize features like video and audio etc.

Enhancing an ebook can sometimes be an intensive and at times an expensive process which may add to the cost.

Some people see enhancements as an unnecessary distraction and do not want it; some cite the included enhancements detract from the underlying content. Be aware not all systems support enhancement, some notable ones that are is:

Barnes & Noble NOOK tablets.
Apple iBooks
2nd Generation Kindle Fire and Fire HD tablets

Enhancements are a defining feature of ebooks which sets it apart from traditional paper books; this adds much to the experience of reading the book, particularly for referencing purposes. A book which appropriately uses enhancements will make a book more informative, interactive and much more entertaining.

Many of these enhancements (Or extras) are limited to specific apps and devices; debate continues about what constitutes as an enhancement, and what might be defined as a standard or integral component of an ebook

Common AudioBooks Enhancements

  • Narration (Amplified)
  • Various types of embedded media
  • Interactivity (Online)
  • Endnotes
  • Internal linking
  • External linking
  • Author interviews
  • Video
  • Sundries
  • Interactive maps
  • Photos
  • Diagrams

Adding multimedia will add to the books size, as an example, an ebook with text only might be 85-kilo bytes, a massively enhanced book might be weigh in at 1.5 gigs or more! This is less of a concern than in the past due to the larger storage capacity of devices like e-readers, tablets or even smartphones.

Enhancements in theory perhaps add something to a book, a lot depends on the type of books and its content type. Sometimes only minor enhancements are added; these can add the readers experience without causing the book to be overly bulky and not interrupt the flow of the book too much. There is an ongoing debate when does the book cease being a book and become something else, a book of dynamic content or something more where the other end of the spectrum might be touted to be a movie or video?

Personally, I don’t believe that would be the case as long as the original text flows as it would in a traditional book, in other words, all the enhancements are around the book, and the text remains clutter free. I am saying this more about the definition of an enhanced book, not in the context of the enhancements adding value to the book or not.

So perhaps it’s fair to say that most people would debate it’s not that adding enhancements in its self that is the problem but how the enhancements are implemented. Are enhanced books for you, the only way to find out by trying a few yourself.

Try the following link and check out a good example of enhanced books in the form of eTextbooks on


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