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FREE Amazon Audible Audio Books [5 ways in 2022]

Wondering How to get Audio Books on Amazon for free?

Amazon owns the amazing Audible Audiobook service – which let customers exchange credits for Audiobooks.

How to get free Amazon AudioBooks?

Therefore, you can find many ways to access free Audiobooks on Amazon via Audible:

  1. Sign to up 30 Day Amazon Audible Free Trial for 1 Free Audiobook
  2. Be an Amazon Prime Member to access Free Audiobooks
  3. Access Free Audiobooks Via Amazon Kindle
  4. Use Amazon Alexa to Stream Free Books
  5. 100% Free Amazon Audiobooks – No Extras

1. Sign up to Amazon’s 1 Free Audiobook

New customers of Amazon Audible service get 1 Free Audiobook to keep during the “30-day Amazon free trial.” In Audible terms, this means a FREE credit, which you can exchange for almost any audiobook on the site.

Sign up Audible Amazon Login
Sign up Audible Amazon Login

You’ll have to provide credit card information (or point to your Amazon account) to get 1 free Audible credits, but if you cancel before one month, you won’t be charged.

2. Be an Amazon Prime Member to access Free Audiobooks

Did you know that you can access Free Audible Books with your Amazon Prime Membership? Amazon Prime members have access to free Audible content, via Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon Prime Reading is a perk of Amazon Prime that offers a free rotating library of books and magazines. You can listen to free audiobooks with Prime, if you look for Books with Audible Narration in Prime Reading.

The Prime Reading Library includes more than 300+ Kindle Short Reads, Singles, and eBooks.

Books with Audible Narration in Prime Reading

3. Access Free Audiobooks Via Amazon Kindle

Try Kindle Unlimited for Free Audiobooks

Kindle Unlimited is similar to a Netflix library service. You pay a monthly fee and can borrow as many ebooks + audiobooks as you like without paying anything extra

Kindle Unlimited includes:

  • Unlimited Reading to 2 million Kindle eBooks
  • Free Magazine Subscriptions
  • Unlimited to Free 3k Audiobooks and Millions of Paid Audiobooks
  • Read on multiple Devices like Phones, Tablets, PC

How to Get Free Audiobook with Kindle Unlimited?

  1. Free trial for Kindle Unlimited
  2. Borrow many audiobooks (limited to 10 active rentals)
  3. Read and Listen to eBooks and Audiobooks on Phones, Tablets, Online
  4. If you want to download something else, you’ll have to return one of the 10 you currently have.
  5. You can’t keep the books after your subscription runs out. But you can keep them for as long as you like while your subscription is active.
  6. And you can always get a book again if you want to re-read it.
  7. After the Free Trial, you can cancel or pay a monthly fee $9.99 per month

Upgrade your Kindle Books for Amazon AudioBooks

You can also use Kindle Books with Audible Matching to see which of the Kindle books that you already own can be upgraded with the audiobook. 

4. Stream Free Audiobooks via Amazon Alexa

Via Amazon-owned Alexa devices, you can stream a small selection of Audiobooks. Typically 3 new audiobooks are released monthly.

Say: “Alexa, read me a free audiobook”

Free Alexa Audiobooks
Free Alexa Audible Audiobooks

View the free Alexa Audiobooks at:

5. 100% FREE AudioBooks

Go to and search “free audiobooks” via the search bar.

You will find a large number of free audiobooks being listed in the results.

Select the titles you want to listen to and complete the order for free as instructed. After that, the free audiobooks will be added to your library for listening or downloading.

Examples of Free Amazon AudioBooks

Top Free AudioBooks