How to Get Free Audible Books via Free Credits, Trial, Codes [2022]

Getting time to read is a challenge for many people who love to read. A wide range of people find audiobooks appealing as a substitute for traditional reading. While you commute or clean the house, get entertained reading the newest bestseller audiobooks..

Over the past few years, Audible has established itself as a platform for users to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. 

Listening to audiobooks from Audible is not free, but you can do so with the right workaround – in this case, the correct link. Here’s how to get free Audible books.

Wondering How to get Audible Books for free?

We have found 14 methods of how to get free & special offers books credits on Audible

How to get free audible credits? There are various options for:

Try the 14 Audible Book Offers below

How to Get Free Audible Credits

1. Free Audible Credit with your Free Trial

New users of Audible get access to the standard “30-day free trial.” In Audible terms, this means a FREE credit, which you can exchange for almost any audiobook on the site.

Sign up Audible Amazon Login
Sign up Audible Amazon Login

You’ll have to provide credit card information (or point to your Amazon account) to get 1 free Audible credits, but if you cancel before one month, you won’t be charged.

Audible credits, and the books for which you exchange them remain connected to your account even when you don’t have an active subscription.

It’s a no-risk chance for you to try out the service in advance because you can cancel it without paying anything before the trial ends. Even if you opt out of the trial, Audible won’t take back your audiobook and you can still keep the free Audible audiobook. But if you anyhow remain a subscriber to Audible after the 30-day free trial, you will then get 1 new audiobook and 2 Audible Originals per month by paying $14.95 monthly.

Try Audible and Get Free Audiobook

2. Get Free Audiobooks With Amazon Prime

audiobooks from amazon prime
audiobooks from amazon prime

Love free audiobooks? Did you know there’s a secret library of Amazon Prime audiobooks that are free for Prime members

How to access Free Audiobooks With Amazon Prime?

  1. Click Books with Audible Narration in Prime Reading
  2. Or Go to the Amazon Kindle Store at on your desktop, mobile
  3. Search a book you want, it will show you some book results.
  4. Check to find the ebook which has a Prime logo and the Wispersync option.
  5. You can borrow the ebook first with Prime membership and then click the “Listen for free” button to borrow the audiobooks.
  6. As Prime members, you can’t download the free Audible audiobooks but only stream these titles for free

3. Almost Free Audible Books Via Daily Deal

Find almost free books via the: Audible Daily Deal:

Audible Daily Deals
Save with Audible Daily Deals – Typical Discounts 60-90% off

Signing up for the Daily Deal will keep you up to date on these massive sales. And Audible will probably send you emails about other sales, too

How to sign up to Audible Daily Deal?

  1. Visit –
  2. Or To sign up go to your Account Details, click on Notifications
  3. Check the box next to Audible Daily Deals, you’ll start receiving emails right away

4. Add Audible Narration to Your Kindle Books

With WhisperSync, you can sync your Kindle and your Audible books. So you’ll always pick up where you left off, no matter which device you’re using. It’s also good for listening and reading at the same time!

You can also use Kindle Books with Audible Matching to see which of the Kindle books that you already own can be upgraded with the audiobook. 

5. Return unwanted Audiobooks for Free Credits

return audible audiobooks
How to return audible audiobooks for credit?

Audible lets you return any books you don’t like. Audible has what’s called their Great Listen Guarantee. The Great Listen Guarantee is only available to active members, and specifies that you can return any book you’re not happy with if you’ve purchased it during the last 365 days, for any reason.

  1. Just head to your audible account details
  2. Click Purchase History.
  3. Find the order that contains the book you want to return,
  4. Click Return.
  5. You will receive an audible book credit or refund.

6. Get Audible for free for 90 days with Amazon Prime

If you already have amazon prime, look out for the 90 day Audible free offer

7. Try the new Audible Free Originals

Free Audible Originals
Get 2 Free Audible Originals with Active Membership

What are audible originals?

You will need to be a paying member of Audible.

Audible has introduced Audible Originals. These audiobooks are audible own original content which is FREE for Audible members. You won’t find them anywhere else.

As an Audible member, You can Pick 2 Audible Originals from the selection of 6 every month. A new selection of six Audible Originals will be available on the first Friday of the next month

  • Audible will offer 6 New Monthly Audible Originals
  • Audible Originals News – Daily news from WSJ, New York Times, Washington Post. ( 20 mins daily podcasts)
  • Free Guided Meditation & Fitness Program

8. Upgrade Kindle Books to AudioBooks

Do you have lots of Amazon Kindle Books? Amazon now offers reduced priced AudioBook upgrades for your kindle books.

Try the Audiobook Upgrade Checker and Prices at Kindle Books with Audible

Or Check your Kindle app on your phone in the “More” section to find these offers

9. Switch to Cheaper Audible Silver Plan

If you want to start listening to audiobooks but think one/two per month is too much, Audible’s secret Silver plan might be right for you.

Audible Silver Membership
Save money with Audible Silver Membership

The Audible Silver costs $15 for 1 credit every two months instead of every month. Silver plans still get membership benefits like 30% discounts on every audiobook, the Great Listen Guarantee that lets you return any book you aren’t satisfied with, and up to six credits rolled over.

If you only listen to audiobooks occasionally, one book every two months will be perfect for you.

Go to My Account > Change or cancel my membership > Upgrade/downgrade my membership.

or Contact Audible Support and ask them to switch your plan to silver plan for cost saving.

10. Look out for Free or Special Offers during Audible Cancellation

With Audible, wants you to keep you paying on a regular basis. To incentivize you to keep your account active, they’ll often offer you a discount if you try to cancel at the end of the month

Audible has offered me a 50% discount on the next 3 months.

Sometimes Audible will offer 2 for 1 offer

12. FREE Audiobook Stream via Alexa

Via Amazon-owned Alexa devices, you can stream a small selection of Audiobooks.

Say: “Alexa, read me a free audiobook”

View the free Alexa Audiobooks at:

Free Alexa Audiobooks
Free Alexa Audible Audiobooks

13. Use free Audible Book Codes

Amazon Promo codes allow customers to download audiobook for free from Audible

Look for the latest audible promotion codes at:

How to redeem Audible promo code:

  1. Go to Bottom of
  2. Click Redeem a Promo Code or
  3. Enter ACX code found at Reddit
  4. If still valid – The Audible Code will be exchanged for the Book
  5. Be aware, the ACX codes are limited and may expire.
Free Audible Code
Free Audible Codes

14. Search for FREE AudioBooks using FREE Audible Account

Sign in to Audible account and search “free audiobooks” via the search bar on Then you will find a large number of free audiobooks being listed in the results. Select the titles you want to listen to and complete the order for free as instructed. After that, the free audiobooks will be added to your library for listening or downloading.

Examples of Free Audible Books

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