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Get 2 Free Audible Originals with Audible Free Trial

Guide to Audible Free Originals

What are audible Audiobook Originals?

Audible has introduced Audible Originals. These audiobooks are audible own original content which is FREE for Audible members. You won’t find them anywhere else.

You will need to be a paying member of Audible.

As an Audible member, You can Pick 2 Audible Originals from the selection of 6 every month. A new selection of six Audible Originals will be available on the first Friday of the next month

  • Audible will offer 6 New Monthly Audible Originals
  • Audible Originals News – Daily news from WSJ, New York Times, Washington Post. ( 20 mins daily podcasts)
  • Free Guided Meditation & Fitness Program

Audible Originals FAQs

How are Audible Originals different from audiobooks?

Audible Originals are similar to mainstream Audiobook, however, produced by Audible. The Originals are available only from Audible

Who gets Free Audible Originals?

Users with an active audible membership get more 2 originals per month

What happens to the Audible Originals after I cancel Audible Membership?

Your Audible Originals will stay in your library for life.

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