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Free Audible Promo Coupon Codes [2022]

Are you an audible user and now wondering how to get audible promo codes? The question “What is the best way to get an Audible Promo Code is an important one. But because you’re here, we assure you that you will receive the guide that best fits your query.

For those who do not know what is audible, it is one of the leading providers of premium digital information and entertainment via its online platform. Podcasts, radio, TV programs, and original programs can be found on their online site. Audio versions of newspapers, magazines, and books can also be obtained. The platform offers its users even more.

Although the platform offers a lot of fascinating content to its users, the content is not available for free. And at a time when everyone has been shaken by the current global pandemic, many will want to save. Is it that so? Lucky you, if you don’t want to save, but many people out there they are willing.

One way to save on the Audible platform is to use the promotional codes available. If you don’t know the audible promotional codes, they are kind of discount offers that you can utilize while shopping on the platform.

In this article, we have prepared some tips and tricks that you can use and get audible promo codes.

So be sure to read the article if you are actually looking for promo codes to save on your purchase on the Audible platform.

Audible Promo Code for New Members

There is no requirement for Audible Promo Coupon code for New customers.

Just click here to find a 1 Free audiobook and 30 days Free Trial offer.

Direct Audiobook Purchase

The first way you can get audible promotional discounts and save on your purchases is by buying audiobooks directly. The platform is by far the best audiobook service available, some of which are free and some for a fee. Buying audiobooks on an Audible platform can save you a little. The direct purchase comes at some point with legal discounts that a person can enjoy. There are many audiobook credits available on this platform.

For example, for around $ 40, you can buy an audiobook directly on the Audible platform. It’s way too crazy, isn’t it? So, if you are an avid audiobook enthusiast, the promo codes can save you a lot.

Change Membership

Another trick to earning promo codes on an audible platform is to change to another membership plan or start a new one. For example, a new membership earns free credit. However, those who take advantage of free trials may be limited on redeeming the free credits.

Recommend Products

You can also earn promo codes by recommending products on an audible platform. There are a variety of features that can enable a product to be recommended. One of the features is the “Audible Send this book feature” which allows you to recommend a book to a loved one, including friends or family, for free. Having audible membership is not a must for those recommended for the book.

In addition, those who receive the referral for the first time can redeem the promo codes for free. So recommend your favorite book to your friend or family member who has never redeemed one and you will get recommendations for other audiobooks from others.

Note that if you cancel a referral that gets in your way, you will lose all audible promotional codes. If you don’t have time to use all of the book recommendations, you can just keep them in your library.

Try an Audible Original

Another way to opt for promo codes on the platform and get them is to try the audible original. Once you start your trial, you can redeem up to two promo codes. The free content available can change from month to month. But each month, the promo code offered for trying out audible original can enable one to enjoy hundreds of tracks to choose from a whole range of genres.

To enjoy more coupon codes when trying out Audible Original, you can create multiple accounts with a different credit card. It is not a crime to do so provided you are using a legitimate credit card.

Use Third Party Software

You may be tired of looking for audible promo codes every time you buy something from their platform. If so, you can use third-party software and stay updated on all available promotional codes on the Audible platform. There is a variety of such third-party software out there that you can use. Here are two of them

1. Coupert

Coupert is a Chrome extension like app that you need to install if you still want the promo codes on the audible platform but are tired of searching. This Chrome extension app will notify you when there are coupons when you visit the Audible platform. Installing and using this app is not difficult.

  • Add it as an extension to Chrome
  • Visit the platform
  • Go to the checkout page

If there are coupons, the app will display a notification and you will have to decide if you want to apply for the coupons.

Even if there are no valid coupons, Coupert will inform you about available free credits at the time you visit the Audible platform.

The app supports over 7,000 stores. This app makes sure you get the best coupon codes available without lifting your finger.

2. DE vouchers

You can use DE coupons if you think installing the Chrome extension is not for you. It is very easy to use DE coupons. Just go to the audio promo code page, select your preferred coupon, then click Get Coupon.

Redeem your discount by going to the audio checkout page and entering your promo code. Hopefully, you will get the discount you want.

How to Use Free Audible Book Code Coupon?

Amazon Promo codes allow customers to download audiobook for free from Audible.

Look for audible free promo code via sources like Reddit r/FreeAudiobook or and then enter at for a FREE promotion audio book.

How to Redeem Audible Promo Code:

  1. Go to Bottom of
  2. Click Redeem a Promo Code or
  3. Enter ACX code found at Reddit
  4. If still valid – The Audible Code will be exchanged for the Book
  5. Be aware, the ACX codes are limited and may expire.
Free Audible Code
Free Audible Codes

Audible Promo Code for Existing Members

Typically – the best Audible promo codes are for new customer only.

Therefore, its harder to find audible promo codes for customer members.

How to find Audible promo code for existing members:

Audible Promo Code Questions

When my audible subscription ends, do I get to keep the books I got with a promo code?

Yes, also you don’t need a subscription in order to redeem a promo code. You keep those books forever too.


Many can be appreciated on the Audible platform. However, it can be worth saving if you use different promotional codes offered on the platform. We’ve shown you some of the tricks you can follow to earn more promo codes and stay tuned on all of the options available. Just get the ultimate bang for your spending with these tips.

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