Free Audiobooks Rental Via Your Public Library Card (4 Free Apps)

You can access thousands of free textbooks and audiobooks via your local public library card. With your local library card, you can rent Audiobooks for Free. We will guide you on how to rent audio books from your library via Online Apps

Try the following audiobook / eTextbook library apps and websites

1. Rent Library Audiobooks via OverDrive App

OverDrive Audiobook
OverDrive Audiobook

OverDrive is the collection of more than 30,000 libraries across the world. It’s a site that allows you online access to the catalog of a library near you, where all you need to ‘rent’ a book is a valid library card number. The use of LibbyApp, the mobile and tablet version of OverDrive, lets you check out audiobooks and textbooks straight to PC or Mobile


2. Rent Library Audiobooks via RBDigital App

RBDigital offers an extensive collection of audiobooks, magazines, textbooks and eBooks, with the largest independent collection of audiobooks.


3. Rent Library Audiobooks via YourCloudLibrary

YourCloudLibrary is an application for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android that offers access to millions of ebooks and audio to download.


4. Rent Library Audiobooks via HooplaDigital

HooplaDigital – Instantly borrow digital movies, music, eBooks and more, 24/7 with your library card.


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