Free Debate Audio Collection [2022]

Free Political Debate

The Argument Audio Debates

Each week New York Times Opinion columnists David Leonhardt, Michelle Goldberg and Ross Douthat explain the arguments from across the political spectrum.

IQ2 Debates

Oxford Style Debates. From the most salient questions about our national identity and place in the world, to fundamental concerns about technology, religion, the economy, and public policy, Intelligence Squared U.S. is here to help.

Smart people talking about US politics, policy, culture and other stuff

BBC Moral Maze (UK)

Atheist Vs Religious Debates

Alan Conradi Mike Paget Audio  
Alan Dershowitz Alan Keyes Audio

Does Organized Religion Have the Answers to 21st Century Problems?



Antony Flew Gary Habermas Audio

Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?: The Resurrection Debate

Brian Edwards William Lane Craig Audio Easter Audio Debate
Christopher Hitchens Larry Taunton Audio Fixed Point Debate
Christopher Hitchens Al Sharpton Audio Debate – Christopher Hitchens Vs Al Sharpton
Christopher Hitchens Dinesh D’Souza Audio  
Christopher Hitchens Dinesh D’Souza Audio Hitchens Vs Dsouza God Debate at NotreDame University
Christopher Hitchens Marvin Olasky Audio Christopher Hitchens Vs.Marvin Olasky Audio Debate 
Christopher Hitchens Douglas Wilson Audio IS CHRISTIANITY GOOD FOR THE WORLD Debate?
Christopher Hitchens Lorenzo Albacete Audio Christopher Hitchens Vs.Lorenzo Albacete Science and Religion Debate
Christopher Hitchens Ed Doerr Audio  
Christopher Hitchens Chris Hedges Audio  
Christopher Hitchens David Allen White Audio Christopher Hitchens Vs.David Allen White Impact of Christianity Debate
Christopher Hitchens Shmuley Boteach Audio  
Christopher Hitchens David Wolpe Audio  
Christopher Hitchens Dinesh D’Souza & Dennis Prager Audio Hitchens Vs Dsouza & Prager Debate
Christopher Hitchens & others Shmuley Boteach & others Audio  
Conway Morris & David Perks Steve Fuller & Alex Hochuli Audio Debating Darwin Debate
Dan Barker Dinesh D’Souza Audio Dan Barker Vs.Dinesh Dsouza Debate
Dan Barker George Pell Audio Dan Barker Vs.George Pell Debate 
Dan Barker Hassanain Rajabali Audio Dan Barker Vs. Hassanain Rajabali Islam Debate
Dan Barker Todd Friel Audio  
Dan Barker Phil Fernandes 1 2 3 4  
Dan Barker Paul Manata Audio  
Dan Barker Dinesh D’Souza Audio  
Dan Barker Peter Youngren Audio  
Dan Barker Adam Deen Audio  
Dan Barker & Richard Carrier Hassanain Rajabali & Michael Corey Audio  
Bana Bashour Hamza Andreas Tzortzis Audio Islamic Debate
Daniel Dennett Alvin Plantinga Audio  
David Keller Mark Hausam Audio  
Derek Sansone Paul Manata Audio  
Derek Sansone Matt Slick Audio  
Eddie Tabash Todd Friel Audio  
Eddie Tabash Matt Slick Audio  
Eddie Tabash Joel Reif Audio  
Edwin Kagin Gene Cook Audio  
Edwin Kagin Matt Slick Audio  
Elliot Ratzman Phil Fernandes Audio  
Emery Norton & others podcast  
Eric Dayton William Lane Craig Audio problem of evil
Eugenie Scott Ken Ham Audio  
George Kane Arthur Hippler Audio  
George Williamson William Lane Craig Audio radio debate
Heather MacDonald Michael Novak Audio  
James Robert Brown William Lane Craig Audio  
James Lisle Ken Hamm Audio science and the Bible
Jeffrey Jay Lowder Phil Fernandes Audio  
Jeffrey Noonan Kirk Durston Audio  
Jeffrey Shallit Kirk Durston Audio science and religion
Jeremy Beahan Cliff Knechtle Audio  
Joe Zamecki Rick James Audio  
John George Doug Miller    
John Loftus David Wood Audio  
John Wiltshire Friar Peter    
Josh Singer & Sye TenBruggencat Gene Cook Audio  
Julian Baggini & others Alex McLellan & Marc Surtees Audio  
Keith Augustine Gary Habermas 1 2 3  
Matt Dillahunty Hans Jacobse Audio morality
Michael Paytonn William Lane Craig Audio  
Michael Ruse William Dembski Audio short
Michael Shermer Douglas Jacoby Audio  
Michael Shermer Karl Giberson Audio  
Michael Shermer Kent Hovind & Kyle Frazier Audio creationism
Michael Shermer Kent Hovind Audio creationism
Michael Shermer William Philips Audio science and religion
Michael Shermer Ben Witherington Audio short
Michael Shermer Stephen Meyer Audio short
Michael Tooley Peter Kreeft Audio  
Mike O’Donnell Sharif Abu Laith Audio  
Niall Shanks Paul Nelson Audio intelligent design
Peter Atkins Alister McGrath Audio  
Peter Atkins Shabir Ally Audio  
Peter John Phil Fernandes 1 2  
Peter Singer Dinesh D’Souza Audio God: Yes or no?
Peter Singer Dinesh D’Souza Audio god and morality
Peter Ward Stephen Meyer Audio creationism
Peter Ward Stephen Meyer Audio creationism
P.Z. Myers Angus Menuge Audio neuroscience and religion
Rational Response Squad Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort Audio ABC Debate
Reggie Finley Shandon Guthrie Audio  
Richard Carrier Mike Licona Audio resurrection
Richard Carrier William Lane Craig Audio  
Richard Carrier Nadir ahmed Audio science and religion
Richard Dawkins John Lennox Audio Richard Dawkins vs John Lennox Debate at Birmingham
Richard Dawkins Madeline Bunting Audio Richard Dawkins Vs Madeline Bunting Debate at the Guardian
Richard Dawkins & Daniel Dennett Francis Collins & Benjamin Carson Audio Richard Dawkins & Daniel Dennett Vs.Francis Collins & Benjamin Carson Audio Debate
Richard Schoenig Jim Laws Audio I know the God of the Bible does exist Audio Debate
Sam Harris David Wolpe Audio Sam Harris Debates Rabbi David Wolpe Audio Debate
Stephen Meyers Kent Hovind Audio creationism
Sue Blackmore Alister McGrath Audio  
Theodore Drange William Lane Craig Audio Atheism vs Theism Does God Exist Audio?
William Moore Kent Hovind Audio Creationism Audio Debate
Zachary Moore John Ferrer Audio  

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