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Free SoundCloud AudioBooks Library [2022]

Free Poetry AudioBooks at SoundCloud

  • Rich, Adrienne
    “Planetarium” (read by astrophysicist Janna Levin) – Soundcloud
  • Rich, Adrienne
    “Power” (read by astrophysicist Roseanne Cash) – Soundcloud
  • Rich, Adrienne
    What Kind of Times Are These? (read by the author) – Soundcloud

  • Gaiman, Neil
    The Mushroom Hunters (read by Amanda Palmer) – Soundcloud
  • Levertov, Denise – City Psalm, Open Secret, Love Song, The Ache of Marriage, To the Muse, The Certainty – SoundCloud
  • Szymborska, Wisława — Life While-You-Wait (Read by Amanda Palmer) – Soundcloud

Fiction AudioBooks at Soundcloud

  • Bradbury, Ray –  “The Last Night of the World” – Soundcloud

Non-Fiction AudioBooks at Soundcloud

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