Free Spotify Audio Books Library [2022]

What is Spotify?

Spotify is an European Music Streaming Powerhouse known for its music collection. However, Spotify is also a great source of great audiobooks.
It provides a variety of Audiobooks and most of them are free.

With Spotify, You need a Subscription. You can try either the:

  • Free Spotify Subscription – [Ads, Playing Restrictions]
  • Premium Spotify Subscription – [Ad-free, Unlimited Playing, Offline Dowloads]

Get Spotify at

What AudioBooks are at Spotify?

Audiobooks at spotify
Audiobooks at spotify

Spotify AudioBook Collection entails mainly popular classical books.

There are 1000+ Audiobooks from popular classic authors like:

  • Mark Twain
  • Charles Dickens
  • Jane Austen
  • Robert Louis Stevenson
  • William Shakespeare

While there aren’t any modern audiobooks on Spotify yet (Amazon’s audible has seen to that), there are still quite a few classics AudioBooks

Spotify Audiobooks Pros and Cons

Spotify AudioBooks Pros

  • 1000s+ AudioBooks Collection
  • Free Collection
  • High-Quality Audios
  • Fast Reliable Streaming

Spotify AudioBooks Cons

  • You can only stream the Audiobooks.
  • No new or modern Free AudioBooks

How to Find AudioBooks at Spotify?

  1. Start a Spotify Free Subscription at
    You can either use the Web, Mobile (Apple, Andriod) or Software Player (PC, MAC)
  2. Click Search Box and search for “AudioBooks”
  3. Browse the AudioBooks Songs, Artists, Playlist, Albums
  4. Play (stream), Save AudioBook to your Spotify Library
Audiobooks at Spotify
Audiobooks at Spotify
audiobook spotify player
audiobook spotify player

Browse our selection of Spotify AudioBook Library >>

Spotify Offical Audiobook Playlist (sample)

Our AudioBook Spotify Playlist

Most Popular AudioBooks on Spotify

Free Fiction AudioBooks On Spotify

  • Austen, Jane – Pride and Prejudice – Spotify
  • Beckett, Samuel – Waiting for Godot – Spotify
  • Bradbury, Ray – The Martian Chronicles – Spotify

Free William Shakespeare AudioBooks on Spotify

Free Shakespeare AudioBooks
Free Shakespeare AudioBooks
  • Shakespeare, William – A 68 Hour Playlist of Shakespeare’s Plays Being Performed by Great Actors: Gielgud, McKellen & More – Free on Spotify
  • Shakespeare, William – Hamlet (Starring John Gielgud) – Spotify
  • Shakespeare, William 
    The Merchant of Venice – Free Spotify

Free Robert Louis Stevenson AudioBooks on Spotify

Free Robert Louis Stevenson AudioBooks
Free Robert Louis Stevenson AudioBooks
  • Stevenson, Robert Louis – The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (Read by Christopher Lee) – Spotify
  • Stevenson, Robert Louis – Treasure Island – Spotify
  • Stoker, Bram – Dracula (Read by Christopher Lee) – Spotify

Free Leo Tolstoy AudioBooks on Spotify

Free Leo Tolstoy AudioBooks
Free Leo Tolstoy AudioBooks

Free Mark Twain AudioBooks on Spotify

Free Mark Twain AudioBooks
Free Mark Twain AudioBooks

Free Kurt Vonnegut AudioBooks on Spotify

  • Vonnegut, Kurt
    Slaughterhouse 5, Cat’s Cradle, Breakfast of Champions, Welcome to the Monkey House (Abridged readings by Vonnegut) – Spotify

Free HG Wells AudioBooks on Spotify

H.G Wells AudioBooks
H.G Wells AudioBooks
  • Wells, HG
    Time Machine (dramatized version) – Spotify
  • Wells, HG
    The War of the Worlds (Read by Maxwell Caulfield) – Spotify

Free Virginia Woolf Audio Books on Spotify

  • Woolf, Virginia
    The Short Stories – Spotify
Collection of Free Poetry Audio Books
Collection of Free Poetry Audio Books
  • Arnold, Matthew – The Poetry of Matthew Arnold – Free Stream on Spotify
  • Bukowski, Charles – Hostage – Spotify
  • Bukowski, Charles – Master Collection – Spotify
  • Carroll, Jim – Praying Mantis – Spotify
  • Carroll, Lewis – The Poetry of Lewis Carroll – Spotify
  • Ciardi, John – As If: Poems New and Selected by John Ciardi – Spotify
  • Collins, Billy – Soap – Spotify
  • Dickinson, Emily – Poems & Letters – Spotify
  • Eliot, T.S. – T.S. Eliot Reading Poems and Choruses – Spotify
  • Ferlinghetti, Lawrence – A Coney Island of the Mind – Spotify
  • Ginsberg, Allen – The Last Word on First Blues – Spotify
  • Ginsberg, Allen – The Lion for Real – Free on Spotify
  • Ginsberg, Allen – Witchita Vortex Sutra – Spotify
  • Hardy, Thomas – Poems – Spotify
  • Hughes, Langston – The Glory of Negro History – Spotify
  • Hughes, Langston – The Voice of Langston Hughes – Spotify
  • Nash, Ogden – Christmas with Ogden Nash – Spotify
  • Nash, Ogden – Ogden Nash Read Ogden Nash – Spotify
  • Neruda, Pablo – Pablo Neruda Lee a Pablo Neruda – Spotify

Free Carl Sandburg AudioBooks on Spotify

  • Sandburg, Carl – A Lincoln Album: Readings by Carl Sandburg – Spotify
  • Sandburg, Carl – The People Yes – Spotify
  • Sexton, Anne – What’s That – Spotify
  • Schiller, Friedrich – Poetry of Friedrich von Schiller: Read in German by Kinski – Spotify

Free Dylan Thomas AudioBooks on Spotify

Free Dylan Thomas audiobooks
Free Dylan Thomas audiobooks
  • Thomas, Dylan – An Evening with Dylan Thomas – Spotify
  • Thomas, Dylan – Richard Burton Reads 15 Poems by Dylan Thomas – Spotify

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