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Guide to Audible Badges [2022]

You are listening to your audiobook, and a notification comes in. It is exciting because, as you anticipated, you have unlocked an audible badge. Most of the people who love listening to audiobooks have no idea whether these badges exist.

The good news is that Amazon rewards their book listeners. They do it in terms of awarding audible badges. But what is so unique about the audible badges? Well, these badges help in keeping readers motivated. That means you can listen to more audiobooks.

The audible badges are given when you use the app while listening to the audiobooks. They are categorized into three different levels, and they are 15 badges. In this article, we will discuss every detail you need to know about audible badges.

Tag along.

How to Get Audible Badges

Generally, there are three levels of audible badges.  In each badge category, you can reach the three levels through listening to audiobooks. That means the fifteen badges have three levels. In each badge, you will find silver, gold, and platinum levels. The hours you take to listen to the audiobooks will determine which level you will be placed. That means the more you listen, the higher your chances of getting to the highest level.

Let’s discuss more on the levels.

 Silver Level

The silver level is known to be the most manageable level amongst others. It is the level that you are supposed to complete a thirty-hour-long audiobook at least.  Most audiobook listeners find it easy to earn at this level.

Gold Level

At the gold level, it is intermediate. You are supposed to complete a sixty-hour-long audiobook. That means you must work double or rather to listen to two times more from the silver level.

Platinum Level

It is known to be the most difficult of all. At this level, you are supposed to complete a seventy-eight- hour’s long audiobook. At this level, audiobook listeners must work extra hard to earn their badges.

Where Will you find Your Audible Achievements Status?

Finding the status of your audible badges will depend on which app you are using to view. Let’s look at it this way.

If you are using iOs

Go to the bottom right corner. Click the profile button. After that, you will see the badge collection. You can open and see how many badges you have collected.

If you are using an Android app

Go to the menu button. While there, look for stats and click on them. You will be directed to the badge collection. You can open and see how many you have accumulated so far.

If you are using the Windows 10 app

Go to the menu. Click stats, and then you will get the badge collection. View how many you have from there.

Additional tips

If you would wish to know how you earned them, you can view them on unlocked badges. You will get an idea of how you got the badges.

If you are curious enough, click “locked.” You will be guided on how to unlock more badges. Those who click on locked badges love listening to the poems that tag along. The poems educate you more on what to do to unlock more badges.

Here are the name of some audible achievements


This one is all about bookmarks. The more bookmarks you place in your Audible books, the higher level you’ll attain.

  • Silver: 10 Bookmarks
  • Gold: 40 Bookmarks
  • Diamond: 125 Bookmarks


The more you share your Audible achievements with your social media followers, the higher you’ll go with this badge.

  • Silver: shared 5x
  • Gold: shared 25x
  • Diamond: shared 100x


  • Silver: Listening every day for 7 days
  • Gold: Listening every day for 30 days
  • Diamond: Listening every day for 90 days


  • Silver: 5 hours in one weekend
  • Gold: 10 hours in one weekend
  • Diamond: 24 hours in one weekend


  • Silver: same audio book 3x
  • Gold: same audio book 10x
  • Diamond: same audio book 20x


  • Silver: listen to 4 hrs at night
  • Gold: listen to 6 hrs at night
  • Diamond: listen to 8 hrs at night


  • Silver: listening 16 hours straight
  • Gold: listening 18 hours straight
  • Diamond: listening 24 hours straight


  • Silver: look at your stats 50x
  • Gold: look at your stats 200x
  • Diamond: look at your stats 500x


  • Silver: 2 hrs during lunchtime
  • Gold: 3 hrs during lunchtime
  • Diamond: 4 hrs during lunchtime


  • Silver: 1 complete book start to finish
  • Gold: 5 complete books start to finish
  • Diamond: 10 books start to finish


  • Silver: Completed 7 books in a single week
  • Gold: Completed 15 books in a single week
  • Diamond: Completed 50 books in a single week


  • Silver: 10 unfinished books in your library
  • Gold: 20 unfinished books in your library
  • Diamond: 75 unfinished books in your library


  • Silver: having 50 books in your library
  • Gold: having 200 books in your library
  • Diamond: having 500 books in your library


  • Silver: completing a title that is 30 hours long
  • Gold: completing a title that is 60 hours long
  • Diamond: completing a title that is 78 hours long


  • Silver listen to 3 different titles in one day
  • Gold: listen to 15 different titles in one day
  • Diamond: listen to 40 different titles in one day


  • Silver: listening to parts of 3 different titles in one day
  • Gold: listening to parts of 15 different titles in one day
  • Diamond: listening to parts of 40 different titles in one day

How to Earn Audible Badges

Earning the audible badges is not rocket science. The most important fact is to listen to several audiobooks at a specified time. You can also choose to finish more books in a short duration. But the fun fact is that for the fifteen badges, each has its requirement.

For example, in some badges, you must listen to an audiobook at night for eight straight hours. Others require you to share many times, Bookmark or visit the page severally. So, if you want to earn more, go to the badges you wish to earn from and follow the instructions.

Some Important Facts/Points about Audible Badge Collection

People raise some concerns when it comes to audible badge collection. To address such, let’s answer some questions.

What happens if your phone is lost?

If you lose your phone, that means even the app will be uninstalled. However, you don’t have to worry because the points are stored in Amazon Cloud. So if you take another phone, you will install the app and continue with your badges.

What happens if I share my Audible Library?

Go ahead and share your audible library. It is encouraged because you will get ideas on new titles. That doesn’t mean you will lose your badges. Nope, your badges remain intact because they are not transferable.

Is it possible to view your audible badges on the audible website?

Nope. You must download the app to view your badges.

Requirements for badges

As we stated, we have fifteen badges. Each badge has its requirement, and below we will discuss them.

  • Social Butterfly – To earn this badge, you are supposed to share on Facebook and Twitter. Do it as many times as possible?
  • Stenographer – do you know how to bookmark? The badge requires you to bookmark as many times as possible.
  • Mount Everest – complete a 24-hour long audiobook, and you have this badge.
  • Watchtower Badge – the watchtower requires you to visit the stat page frequently. You get the badge once you reach a minimum of 50 times.
  • 7-day Stretch – it is stated as a 7-day stretch. That means you are required to have two books within the week. You can still read more, though.
  • Night Owl – the name spells it all. You earn by reading for around eight hours at night. So if you are a night runner, go for this one.
  • Weekend Warrior – weekend it is. You are supposed to listen to an audiobook for around 10 hours on weekends.
  • Repeat Listener – to earn on this, you must listen several times. You can choose to do it daily or weekly. But you must be a repeat listener.
  • High noon – you earn this badge by listening to audiobooks at lunchtime. The preferred time is between 1 pm and 3 pm.
  • The closer – the closer badge needs you to complete a book at once.
  • Daily dipper – for this badge, choose consecutive days to listen to the audiobooks. That will guarantee you a badge.
  • The stack – for this badge, you are required to collect books in your library. The limit is fifty though you can collect more.
  • The nibbler – you are supposed to complete three audiobooks per day for you to earn a nibble badge.
  • Dabbler – it has been discontinued. Though it can be found on the app, it is no longer used. So when you come across it, please ignore it.

The final verdict

You may be new when it comes to audible badges. Maybe you have been listening to audios and had no idea whether these badges existed. We have discussed everything you need to know about audible badges. As stated above, once you become a member, you can read and listen to audiobooks to unlock more badges. Each badge has its requirements which are very easy to follow. The fun about this is to earn some badges. You don’t even need to listen to audios. If you, Bookmark, share, or visit stats pages, you earn some badges. Start using audiobooks and earn your badges.

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