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How to Get Audible Credits? (Free, Deals, Gift or Buy Audible Credits)

Audible is one of the most popular online digital platforms in the US, with sales growth for eight years. They have sold over $1.2 million in audiobooks in the past few years they have been in operations. This is an implication that people enjoy listening to audiobooks.

There is no doubt that audiobooks are what make the Audible platform so popular in the US. This is because most people have turned their passion to audiobooks over the recent years. You can choose from a huge selection of audiobooks on the platform. They offer different subscription plans to users.

The plans may seem to be expensive for some people out there who want to enjoy their favorite audiobooks but with Audible the reality is that it is not. This is where it can become so important for you to find the best possible way to save some cash while on this digital content platform. One way to save on Audible is to use the credits available on the platform.

In this content, we are going to see how to get audible credits and save some money while still listening to the best audiobooks available on the platform.

How to Get Credits on Audible?

Anyone with an Audible account can receive Audible credits. There are many things you can do with the credits you earn. It can include downloading and listening to audiobooks of your choice.

Audiobooks on the Audible platform are not available for free and as a member you need to learn how to get and use the credits.

There are many ways that any Audible member can receive and use credits on the platform. Here are some of the options.

Get Credits by Starting an Audible Free Trial

As a new member of the Audible platform, you can receive credits. The free trial of up to 30 days for new members includes three free credits that you can use to listen to audiobooks.

The three credits mean that a new member can listen to up to three free audiobooks within 30 days of using the Audible platform.

However, this offer is subject to change and may not be available when you start your trial. In addition, it is only usable with audiobooks available in the Audible app and nowhere else.

Earn Credits by Giving Back What you Don’t Use

You may have earned credit for listening to certain content. However, it may be a reality that you didn’t like the content and you can now return it and exchange it for another piece of content for free.

However, the permissible exchange options are subject to change and your ability to act only to a limited extent.

Earn Credits by Signing Up for the Audible Plus Plan

This is an approach for those who want access to many audiobooks on the Audible platform. The plan can allow a person to download many books for free and save a lot of money. Whether you like podcasts or audiobooks, this is another approach that can save you a lot of money.

One important thing to keep in mind with this approach is that you don’t have to spend your earned credits to access your favorite content.

Earn Credits by Taking the Kindle Unlimited Trial

When you start an unlimited Kindle trial, you also get free access to audiobooks. The trial period lasts 30 days and within these days you can enjoy great content for free. The plan increases the number of audiobooks you can listen to for free within a month.

How Do Audible Credits Work?

Do You Know What Audible Credit Is? It’s just some kind of discount or virtual money that an Audible member can use to purchase content on the Audible platform.

The audible credits can be used on all content available on the platform regardless of their price. Audible credit can be spent on either a $ 5 or $ 100 audiobooks, for example. So it can make more sense to use the existing listening credit to buy an expensive audiobook and indeed save a lot of money.

Each Audible member is entitled to a fixed number of credits to enjoy each month or year and relies on the subscription plan that a member uses.

For example, those on the Platinum Yearly Membership Plan can receive up to 24 credits in a year, while those on the Gold Monthly Membership Plan can only receive one credit per month.

With these credits, you can buy any type of audiobook regardless of the price. If an audiobook is purchased with credits, the credit will be reduced by one.

1 Audible Credit = 1 Audible Book

Wondering how to get credits on Amazon Audible? You can choose Audible Credits via:

  1. Audible Monthly Subscription
    With the Audible subscription Membership, you pay a fixed monthly fee and get a number of audiobook credits per month
  2. Buy Additionally Audible Credits
    Via or Audible Apps, use your credits to buy any audiobooks and they will appear in your audible library.
  3. Look for Audible Deals

Can You Gift Audible Credits?

It is very possible to give away your unused credits to others, although a lot of people don’t know how to do it. Are you also one of those people who doesn’t know how to give away your unused Audible Credits to someone else and wants to know?

Audible has amazing digital content including audiobooks, audio versions of magazines, newspapers, and so on. So, if you have unused funds and have a friend, family member, or other people who also love the platform, giving away your unused funds can be an important thing to do.

There are two ways to give away audible credits;

  • Giving away audiobooks with unused credit to someone else
  • Give someone an audiobook with your purchased credits

Giving Away Unused Audible Credits

Giving someone unused audible credit is more involving. But it’s a nice option when you need to gift those extra credits that you won’t see when you can use them all.

To give away your unused Audible credit, you must use this credit to purchase an Audible title as a gift. This means that you need to know the content that the person you want to give away is interested in.

In case you don’t know what the person you are about to gift looks like, you can create something like a certificate to notify the person that you want to give away some audible credits.

How Can You Buy More Audible Credits?

You may still feel the urge to continue listening to audiobooks, but you have used up all of the available audible credits on your membership plan. At this point, you might consider getting additional credits.

 Audible offers credits at a discount after you’ve used what’s available to you under your membership plan. Here’s how to buy additional Audible Credits.

  • Visit the audible subscription page
  • Then select the number of books or audible subscription length you want to buy. The options available include 12,6,3 or 1 month.
  • You will then be redirected to another page on which you have to enter the recipient data. Required information includes the recipient’s name and email address and delivery date. It is worth noting that delivery should be made within one year of the date of purchase.
  • Confirm and give away your credit to yourself. Before hitting the confirm button, make sure it is the membership plan you are adding to your cart

How to Get Free Audible Credits?

1. Get 1 Free Audible Credit with Free Trial

New customers of Amazon Audible service, get 1 Free Audible Credit to exchange for 1 Audible Audiobook during the “30-day Audible Free trial.”

In Audible terms, this means a FREE credit, which you can exchange for almost any audiobook on the site.

This Deal applies to NEW audible members only — if you have used the free audiobook deal in the past before, this deal won’t work for you.

There are no strings attached with this offer. You can cancel Audible at any time

Sign up Audible Amazon Login
Sign up Audible Amazon Login

2. Get Free Audible Credit with Audible Returns

Audible offers what they call a Great Listen Guarantee – Allow Audiobooks to be returned in exchange for free audible credit or refund.

The Audible Great Listen Guarantee provides the ability to return any audiobook in your audible library.

The way it works is that Audible will refund your audiobook credit which you can then use right away to buy another audiobook with.

Note that you get refunded the type of payment used. If you used your credit card for a direct purchase, you get your cash refunded. If you used an audiobook credit, you get your credit back in your account to be used again for another book.

How to Buy Audible Credits?

buy Audible Credits
How to buy Audible Credits?

Click on the top Audible menu and look for an option to Buy Extra Audible Credits.

How to Audible Gift Credits?

You can gift an Audible Audiobook to a friend using one of your current audible credits.

Go to the Audiobook product page and look for the ‘Give as a Gift’ option

How to Gift Audible Credits
How to Gift Audible Credits

Audible Credit FAQs

Do audible credits expire?

Wondering if I cancel my audible will I lose my credits? Only when you cancel your Audible Subscription. You should exchange your audible credits for audiobooks before cancelling.

Do audible credits roll over?

Yes, if you continue to be an active audible member, then the audible credits will rollover month by month

Can you transfer audible credits?

Audible customers do not have the ability to transfer credits as gifts


Audible offers an amazing range of digital content for a person to enjoy. Knowing how to get and use the audible credits can be a positive experience on the platform. We’ve revealed some of the tricks, use them and enjoy listening to your favorite audiobook. If you excess audible credits, you can as well gift to someone else.

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