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How to Gift an Audible Book

Getting a book as a gift is always an amusing matter for everyone. Nowadays, digitalization brings one of the easiest ways of sending a book as a gift online. Dedicating a gift book to the nearest person gives unlimited pleasure too.

Here we are going to show you How to Gift an Audible Book to your nearest one. Audible is one of the largest online book shops that have thousands of varieties of collections. You can easily select a suitable book to whom you want to gift a book. Let’s have a look at the process of sending Audible books.

How to Gift an Audible Book Step by Step

Audible is one of the best online books shops that provide an easy gift sending option. Furthermore, you can choose books for different ages to gift your friends or family. The process of sending gifts through Audible is simple to complete. But, you need to know the right way of sending gifts successfully. Here are the steps to follow to gift an Audible Book below:

Step 1: Choosing a Suitable Book

If you have an Audible user id with a password, log in first to search books. Then, you need to go to the search bar and write your desired book name. After finding the book, click on the product to go to the next step.

You can select books from the drop-down menu of the Audible book store. But, the searching option is the shortest way to find a specific product within a short time. So, you can follow two ways to find a book from the Audible.

Step 2: Selecting Book as a Gift

After finding the book that you want to gift, you need to select the item. Then a box will pop up on your screen that shows add to cart, price, and other options buttons. After clicking on the “Other Options” button, you can go to the gift sending page. Here, you will find the “Give as a Gift” button. After clicking on the button, you will go to the next step to send the book.

Step 3: Filling the Recipient Details

When you click the “Give as a gift” button, you will see another page to fill it up. This page is all about the basic details of sending gifts to your friend or family member. Here, you need to enter the e-mail id, name, and your name.

The most attractive option of this part of the Audible is the sending date of the gift. You can select any date within a year from the purchasing date. Also, you can choose the option of e-mailing or printing that you want to send. Besides, you will get a message box to write a short message for the recipient. 

Step 4: Preview your Order Summary

After filling up the recipient details and message, you can click on the continue option. Then you will get a preview of your order with the price. Here, you can check your order details and correct the information if you need to change anything. 

Step 5: Selecting Payment Method

The next step of sending Audible books is the selection of payment method. On the page, where you have seen the order preview, you can choose the payment method too. You may purchase the book with your credit card and Audible credit.

Step 6: Confirmation and Notification

When you select the payment method, you will see a thanking message on your screen. That means you have completed the whole process of sending gifts on Audible books. Including the pop-up confirmation message, you will get a confirmation e-mail from the Audible book authority.

Purchasing Gift Membership from Audible

Sending an Audible membership package is always pleasurable who love to read books. Moreover, a membership can bring a delightful feel to the recipient who loves reading books. Thus, Audible has different packages to buy gift membership to send the recipients.

The packages have about 1 month, 3 months, 9 months, and 12 months validity plans. The price of the packages starts from 15 UST to 150 USD. After ending the package limits, the recipient will not have to pay for membership renewal. You need to use your credit card to purchase the gift membership.

Redeeming Audible Gift Code

Audible offers gifts for the users by mailing a redeeming code to the email. You can use this code to download books from Audible. To redeem the gifts, you need to enter the code on a specific area of the AUdible website.

First, you need to log in to Audible with your registered user id and password. Then you can open the from the drop-down menu by selecting gift center. By clicking on the gift center, you will see a new page with a text box. Here you will find the “need to Redeem?” title including the text box. Then enter your gift code and click on the “Go” button. Next, you will get access to download your desired book.


What are Audible Gift Cards?

The option of audible gift cards is not available at present. Also, you can not use an Amazon gift card to purchase books from Audible. So, you need to use Audible credit or an authorized credit card to send gifts. Furthermore, an audible credit stands for purchasing a book from the Audible.

Where to Buy Audible Gift Cards?

You can not buy Audible gift cards, but you can purchase Audible memberships. Purchasing the gift membership, you can send the membership as a gift to others. The recipient can read the book with the membership gifts without any costs. The membership packages are available for one to 12 months packages with the cost of 15 to 150 USD.

How to Use an Audible Gift Card?

There have no options available in Audible to use a gift card. Also, Audible does not allow Amazon gift cards or gift codes to purchase books. You can use credit cards, debit cards, master cards, visa cards to purchase books in Audible.

How Can I Gift an Audible Book to a Non-subscriber?

If you want to send a gift to someone who is not an Audible user, you need to use Audible credit. One Audible credit allows one book to send someone gifts. Also, you can send a membership gift for non-registered users. You can purchase different types of memberships according to their validity.

Can I Share an Audible Book With My Friends?

You can share an Audible book with one person for one time only. After that, the recipient can not get a free share, and also you can not send to whom you earlier sent. 

Can I Separate the Audible Account From the Amazon Account?

The Audible account and the Amazon account are different. You can not use an Amazon account to use in purchasing Audible books. Besides, you can not use an Amazon gift card in purchasing Audible books.


Audible is one of the most popular online book shops for readers. This book shop is famous for its various features regarding online books. You can get a vast source of books from the Audible with a simple searching option. Also, you can send Audible books as a gift to your nearest one.

In this article, we have shown the process of sending Audible books as a gift. Though the process is simple, you need to know to complete the process successfully. We believe that How to Gift an Audible Book helps you learn the complete purchasing procedure.

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