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Kindle Unlimited vs Audible

Kindle Unlimited vs. Audible- what should you choose? If you ponder which program is better and which has more to offer? If such is the case, then you are at the right place. 

Well, first things first, these both are products of Amazon, and speaking of Amazon, we all know Amazon, within a short span of its invention, has been the leader in the online industry and always has something up its sleeves.

Undoubtedly, it is always a tough battle to choose between Kindle Unlimited vs Audible. There is a load of things you need to consider before choosing one.

Difference Table 

Attributes Kindle Unlimited Audible 
Limit It has a vast selection of over 6 million titles It grants you access to all the audiobooks on the planet 
Type of subscription Book reading subscription Audiobook subscription 
CostCheaper, $9.99More expensive, $14.95 (Audible premium plus) 
Book limit Allows you to borrow up to 10 titles Listen to as many books as you want. No limit!
Cancelation of subscription You can cancel anytime, but you lose all books you borrowed You can cancel, but you don’t lose books because you have purchased them, not borrowed 
Free audiobooks Over 2000 free audiobooks Over 11,000 audiobooks
Sharing featureAllows you to gift tilted to your friends It has no such feature 
Offline accessIt does not allow you to have offline access Yes, it does offer you offline access; you can enjoy listening to books without caring about your internet connection. 
Availability Available in selective countries Available in most countries 
Sleep timerIt had no such feature to offerAllows you to have the opportunity to set a time after which your device will stop

Kindle Unlimited vs Audible: Overview

Kindle Unlimited is the most popular digital subscription app for avid readers. With only a $9.99 monthly fee, you can enjoy over 1.5 million books, magazines, audiobooks, comics, and whatnot. However, you can buy up to 10 books. 

While Audible is the largest paid subscription service that offers you to enjoy an enormous library of over 200000 titles of audiobooks from Amazon, it is a monthly subscription service. You can, at any time, cancel your subscription without losing your audiobook because it enables you to buy books rather than borrowing them as in Kindle.

 Audible is rather expensive than Kindle. That’s why if you don’t have the time to listen to a book every four weeks, then Audible may not be good for you. I mean, why pay for a monthly subscription that you know you won’t be able to enjoy to the max. Not everyone is a fan of the audiobook; if that’s the case, Audible is not for you, my friend! 

1. Kindle Unlimited Review

Let’s have a look at what Kindle has to offer.

Paid subscription

Kindle Unlimited is a paid subscription service that allows readers to read an unlimited number of eBooks from Kindle Unlimited‘s library, having over one million titles each month. Kindle Unlimited gives you access to 2000 free audiobooks within these titles.

All in one package 

It is an online library for online books and offers audiobooks and magazines. It is all in the package for bookish people.


Most of the books provided on Kindle Unlimited are published from its Kindle platform or are self-published.

Geographically specific 

Furthermore, it is region-specific. Currently, only US subscribers can access Kindle Unlimited on Amazon, and people living in other parts of the world can have access through the Amazon marketplace and enjoy Kindle Unlimited.

Up to 10 titles 

Kindle Unlimited users can enjoy up to ten titles from Amazon devices or any Kindle reading app. 

No particular due dates 

Titles do not have any particular due date, which means no late fees. 

Bookmark, highlights on books 

Readers can keep their notes, bookmarks, or highlights on their favorite books even after their subscription ends.

30 days free trial 

Kindle Unlimited offers a free trial of 30 days, and you can look at what it has to offer without spending even a penny. Moreover, you can cancel your free trial at any time- no lock-in.

2. Audible Review

Now have a look at what Audible has to offer.

Most popular seller

Audible – another product of Amazon is the most popular seller, if not the largest and largest producer of downloadable audiobooks. 

Different formats 

Audible products are available in different formats; (. AA) format and AAX format. 

All audiobooks available 

It includes almost all the titles in the world. It is almost impossible that a title is missing in Audible and available somewhere else.

Offline access 

It gives you offline access. Once you have to download a title, you can enjoy it anywhere without worrying about your internet connection. Furthermore, this feature does not come with any additional cost.

Adjust narration speed 

There comes a time when you need to adjust narration speed. Audible allows you to decide the pace of audio according to your will. i. e. 0.5x, 1.25x. 1.5x  2x or even 3x

Sleep timer

Moreover, Audible has come like never before. One of the most astonishing deers is the sleep timer. It grants you an opportunity to set the time you would like your gadget to stop narrating the audiobook.

Similar to the music player 

The Audible app is pretty similar to a music player, making it easy to use and navigate.

Audiobooks from up to 3 devices 

Audible allows you to use and listen to audiobooks from up to three devices simultaneously.

Comparison of Memberships Plans and Prices

Attributes Kindle Unlimited Audible 
Price $9.99$14.95 
Free Trial for a month YesYes

Membership of Audible costs $14.95 per month; it offers a credit system. Every month you are given one credit to choose one audiobook of your own choice from its huge library, which has every audiobook that exists. Furthermore, you are granted an opportunity to use your unused credit next month for a year. Additionally, you can buy an audiobook for your friend as a gift. 

The membership of Kindle Unlimited costs $9.99per month. It has an enormous library of over 1000000 titles. It offers you to borrow as many as 10 books at a time, but the biggest drawback is you only get to borrow books you don’t get to own then, so once you cancel your subscription, you won’t have any access to them, and they will vanish from your device. 

Compatible Devices

Kindle Unlimited Audible 
Devices Amazon fire tablets, kindle cloud reader, Kindle app for iOS, Kindle app for Android Kindle paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, Kindle touch, Kindle keyboard, Kindle DX 

Kindle Unlimited is a big platform and can easily connect with the Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Cloud Reader, iOS, Android, etc. However, Audible can only connect to iOS, Android, Kindle, Fire, and PC. If you compare both, you will get that the Kindle Unlimited has much higher compatibility than Audible. But Audible also has a connection with the Kindle, so you can see which is best according to you.

Apps vs Website:

As you may know, the app rating for every source will be high because they are fast, user friendly, and with many functionalities.

Similarly, for Kindle and Audible, the app is gaining much popularity among owners in both cases. However, the question remains the same which has the best app among them? Kindle has a vast network and can be used other than its app source, Kindle Cloud Reader. Likewise, this is also a good rate scoring app.

If we move towards Audible, its app will also be famous with various features like book sharing, sleep times, bookmarks, etc. But in my opinion, Kindle is quite better than Audible in rating.

Similarities Between Kindle Unlimited vs Audible 

Audible narrative 

Kindle unlimited audiobooks are the audible narrative.

Audible credit 

To listen to kindle unlimited, an audible app is used, which is the same for audible credit. 

Borrowing books 

Kindle unlimited and audible audiobooks are both borrowed, which means once your subscription has expired, you won’t have access to them. 

Subscription services

Both are paid subscription services 

Amazon products 

Both are amazon products

Access to Kindle Unlimited 

Audible subscription is enough to get access to kindle unlimited.

Why Kindle Unlimited Over Audible?

Kindle unlimited is a cheaper monthly subscription service. More audiobooks are available than audible audiobooks, including romance, thrillers, and literature. It is more consistent and brings you popular releases every month. 

Why Audible Over Kindle?

Audible allows free access to over 9000 audiobooks, while this number is limited in kindle audiobooks. It offers unlimited listening with a great selection of titles. It’s easy to exchange audiobooks if you don’t like them. If you are using Audible, you can put your subscription to hold. 


Are All Books Free on Kindle Unlimited?

No, not every book on Kindle Unlimited is free. You get access to books on Kindle Unlimited. You only get to borrow books. And after reading, you have to return like in a real library. It is quite similar to a real library where you borrow a book for some time, and after that, you return the book to the librarian. Moreover, you can borrow up to 10 books at one time. 

Is Audible Included in Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited does not include a subscription to Audible, which includes all the audiobooks in the world. But Kindle Unlimited does have access to some audiobooks of Audible. But it does not let you have the joy of all audiobooks, but you can enjoy some. 

What Is The Difference Between Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading?

Both are subscription-based services, but two are entirely different from each other. Kindle Unlimited is a single separate service that costs $9.99 per month; on the other hand, prime reading is a small part of a larger subscription- Amazon prime costs $12.99, which includes prime music, Audible channels, prime instant video, etc. 

Can I Listen to as Many Books as I Want on Audible?

Yes! You can listen to as many books as I want on Audible. Once you have a membership, you will see it has almost every audiobook.

Kindle Unlimited vs Audible: Final Verdict

Both Kindle Unlimited and Audible are a blessing for book worms, but both of them have their pros and cons. Unlike Kindle Unlimited, in Audible, you don’t lose all your books once you unsubscribe. You have access to offline service in Audible and including sleep timer, adjusted narration speed. However, Kindle Unlimited is cheaper than Audible and brings a popular release every month. Nonetheless, before choosing one, try a free one-month trial of them and see which one is your cup of tea.

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