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Motivation with AudioBooks

Are you the one who’s motivation needs a little, shall we say? Motivating? There are always times when you need a little extra motivation to help you succeed, and there are many different methods by which you can obtain this much-needed inspiration.

It is important to realise that even the most successful people in the world require additional motivation from time to time; this is true in both one’s personal life and one’s business life. Without motivation, you might never be able to complete a specific project and constantly battle distractions.

From Wikipedia
“Motivation”“Motivation can be conceived of as a cycle in which thoughts influence behaviors, behaviors drive performance, performance impacts thoughts, and the cycle begins again. Each stage of the cycle is composed of many dimensions including attitudes, beliefs, intentions, effort, and withdrawal which can all affect the motivation that an individual experiences.”

What is an Audio Book?

An audio book is simply a book that has been read and recorded. Sometimes by the author of the book, and very often by a professional narrator who possess the skills to bring the book to live audibly. During the early years of inception, audio books or talking books as they were commonly referred to were created for the blind or visually impaired. While this is still true, they are now also widely used by normally sighted people as a way to ‘read’ when one is busy doing other things.

The redeeming feature of an audio book is that they can be “listened to”. It offers a great variety of situations where they can be used where traditional reading of a paper or Electronic book may not be possible or desirable. Common situations for their use are while exercising, commuting or simply doing an everyday task such as washing the dishes.

Most any book can be converted to an audio book; it might be a great work of fiction or non-fiction, newspapers and motivational books. Motivational audio books lend themselves exceptionally well to the format.

Some Motivation Alternatives and Support Systems

Family & friends may always encourage one’s motivational endeavours and will support one along the way. However, unless they are incredibly dedicated to what one is attempting to achieve, one will need further assistance to achieve one’s goals.

There is a myriad of various live courses in the form of a seminar or a course of CD’s or DVD’s which cover many specific types of motivational concepts. They may be designed to teach one to motivate one’s self or help you gain and build self-confidence to giving up smoking, etc. There is a great variety of motivational topics that can be accessed via the Internet or in a local classroom.

Traditional Books

These have always been and still are an excellent knowledge resource for any subject and it can be delightful to find a comfortable seat and read. However, reading requires time; something that is in moderately short supply for most people in the modern world. Unfortunately, for many it is very difficult to find sufficient time to read an entire book.

Audiobooks and why they will help you succeed

An audio book has several distinct advantages over other alternatives.

professional narrators are chosen to read books because they possess the skills to convey the intent and context of the written word in a way that the listener will get the best from it.

Audiobooks feature some very real advantages; professional narrators are chosen to read books because they possess the skills to convey the intent and context of the written word in a way that the listener will get the best from it. It is as though they are talking to you. It needs to be emphasised that the main advantage, particularly when dealing with motivational audio books is the passion and enthusiasm in the speaker’s voice. It is the speech that differentiates this from simply reading the book; hearing someone talk who cares about and is knowledgeable regarding a subject will inspire one to achieve what one may have thought was impossible.

Audiobooks are not only about motivational material; all categories are well covered and may be compared with all the popular subjects found in their paper book counterparts. The choices are almost endless and, even more importantly, you can update your reading material anywhere. Digital books may be downloaded or purchased in all the popular formats that allow them to be listened to on most portable devices. All that is needed is an internet connection that allows one to add to or maintain ones “talking book “collection.

Everyone has a different set of motivational needs; it might be because of the project one has undertaken, or it may be that one simply struggles to be motivated in general. An audiobook can be purchased to suit ones needs, and one may even switch between books within a matter of moments; utilising the best bits from each book. Having them on ones MP3 player or ones tablet means one can have an almost unlimited number of books with you at any time.

Sometimes even the most successful entrepreneurs feel like giving up; an audiobook can be your motivation to persevere when everything else is stacked against you. It does not matter where or what time or day it is, or how many times you have listened to the same motivational speech. An audio book can always be employed when you need it the most.

Motivational Books and Positive Thinking

Motivational books are designed to inspire their readers and educate them in a better way of approaching a task, but an audio book takes this one step further. Listening to someone allows you to feel the emotion will fill you with positive thoughts and, driving you toward a positive outcome. This combination of self-belief and positive thinking will allow you to achieve results that one might not have believed possible.

It is the power of a positive voice when used to reinforce a positive outlook and beliefs that rewire the brain to instil true belief in one’s capabilities. It is a tried and true methodology employed by motivational speakers and is ratified by research. Not just smoke and mirrors but tried and true principals that work! A motivational audio book when narrated by a professional will be more effective than simply reading a traditional paper version of the book.


The motivation audiobook will inspire one to believe in one’s self by helping one to unlock the full potential. It is a book format that is more effective than other sources of inspiration because it is readily available on most portable devices such as a tablet or smartphone. It can be carried with you and utilised when you lack motivation or direction, and it will never judge you. There are hundreds of titles available; try one today – you may surprise yourself by how effective they are!

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