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Notre Dame Football Books

A team of the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish represent the school in intercollegiate football.

It probably makes more sense to use the full title of the Notre Dame football book given that even though the 1913 Army game is certainly a major part of the story, it is essentially all about Jesse Harper.

There are few Notre Dame fans who are familiar with Mr. Harper, but this book aims to demonstrate how integral and valuable he was to creating a powerful football team in South Bend.

Check out the contents to learn more about the historical moments captured.

Editor’s Recommendation: Notre Dame Football Books

Top 10 Notre Dame Football Books In 2022

1. Miracle Season: Notre Dame’s Miracle Year

Resurrection: The Miracle Season That Saved Notre Dame

Jim Dent, author of the New York Times bestselling The Junction Boys, tells the incredible and inspiring story of one of college football’s most stunning comebacks in this remarkable and uplifting book.

Notre Dame’s football program was in turmoil in the 1960s at one point. Nothing could have prepared anyone for the entrance of Ara Parseghian, the divisive choice for head coach and the first person from outside Notre Dame’s “family” to take over.

It was now his responsibility to reestablish the once-proud program and teach the Fighting Irish how to win again, as he had done previously. It was not, however, a straightforward task.

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2. Notre Dame fans: 100 Things You Must Do Before You Die

100 Things Notre Dame Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die (100 Things...Fans Should Know)

In this essential fanbook, author John Heisler captures the pride and dedication that have always been associated with Notre Dame football. This book features extraordinary stories and experiences from fans, as well as important incidents involving past and present players and coaches from the University of Notre Dame. It is created for the serious football fan who wants to increase their Fighting Irish IQ.

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3. From the NFL to Notre Dame: One Man’s Incredible Journey

No Excuses: One Man's Incredible Rise Through the NFL to Head Coach of Notre Dame

Weis studied the game of football from Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick, two of the best minds in the business. When Parcells recruited him as an assistant coach on the New York Giants coaching staff in 1990, he gave him a life-changing opportunity.

For Weis, who grew up in New Jersey and grew up enjoying sports, this was a dream come true, especially when he won his first championship in his first season in the NFL.

He’d always wanted to be a sports announcer, possibly the next Marv Albert, but he’d got the coaching bug and was now in a position to learn from the greatest. And he did, following Parcells to the New England Patriots and then, after his time with the Patriots, to the New York Jets. Weis rose to the post of offensive coordinator after thriving under extreme pressure and tremendous expectations.

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4. The Greatest Stories of Notre Dame Football

Echoes of Notre Dame Football: The Greatest Stories Ever Told

Highlighting the team’s landmark games and legendary personalities, this record reveals the history of the University of Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish. Sportswriters from over the past century have compiled information about the most memorable games, played and coached by legends, uncovered Fighting Irish myths, and explained why Notre Dame is so unique.

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5. The era of Notre Dame

Notre Dames Era Of Ara

Originally released in trade paperback, this edition is a reprint from Diamond Communication. A former player of Ara Parseghian at Miami of Ohio and former assistant coach for Ara at Notre Dame, Tom Pagna offers a unique and insightful look into one of Fighting Irish football’s greatest and controversial figures. Ara Parseghian wrote the foreword.

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6. Snapshots and traditions of Notre Dame’s football weekends

Football Weekends at Notre Dame: Snapshots and Traditions

When asked, “What makes a football weekend at Notre Dame so special?” the Notre Dame football family understands that they could fill an entire book with answers. Here are the answers you’re looking for.

Their thoughts, accompanied by more than a hundred color images of gameday experiences from diverse points of view, help to put the book’s traditions, ties to the community, ideals, and unique spirit into context.

Photographer Lou Sabo and writer Bill Schmitt delved into the topic with a passion that goes beyond sports books, guides, and history.

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7. Getting to, getting in, and getting into the spirit of Notre Dame game day

Notre Dame Game Day: Getting There, Getting In, and Getting in the Spirit

Notre Dame football fans now have the opportunity to take advantage of a travel guide made just for them so they can make the most of the game experience. Todd Tucker, an author, and Notre Dame graduate presents chapters on the how-to’s, what to- do’s, and why not’s of visiting Notre Dame, buying game tickets, and getting into the spirit of America’s most iconic football program in this book.

Notre Dame Game Day offers something intriguing, instructive, and entertaining for both seasoned fans and first-time guests, from reserving hotel rooms to booking flights, finding a burger and a beer, and selecting where and when to partake in game weekend traditions.

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8. Professional Football in Its Early Days

The Early History of Professional Football

A comprehensive historical look back at the origins of American football is covered. As a complete look at the beginnings of American football, from ancient times to Western Pennsylvania (1890-1903) and all the way through the 1919 pro football season, An Explanation of Professional Football is a must-read for anybody interested in learning more about the sport. Members of the Professional Sports Research Association wrote and edited this piece for you.

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9. Football and Notre Dame

Notre Dame and the Game that Changed Football: How Jesse Harper Made the Forward Pass a Weapon and Knute Rockne a Legend

Approximately 325 people lost their lives playing football during the late 1800s and early 1900s, causing some schools to drop the sport. Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, and Penn were among these institutions. President Theodore Roosevelt called a White House meeting to discuss football violence during his presidency.

One of the results was the development of the forward pass, which reduced its likelihood of potentially fatal collisions between players who did not wear helmets.

Jesse Harper, Notre Dame’s head football coach, enters the fray. Harper saw the potential of the forward pass in the summer of 1913, with the help of top players Knute Rockne and Gus Dorais, and by the following fall, they had perfected an efficient overhand throwing technique. The Fighting Irises marched into West Point in September to face the Eastern powerhouse Army, and they defeated the Black Knights 35–13.

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10. Regardless of the odds, chances are always there

Though the Odds Be Great or Small: Notre Dame's 1957 Comeback Season and the Year That Changed College Football

Notre Dame football played an unranked Oklahoma Sooners team on November 16, 1957, in a non-conference game. The Sooners were anticipated favored. The Fighting Irish, headed by inexperienced and harsh coach Terry Brennan, stopped Oklahoma’s NCAA record 47-game winning streak with a 7–0 victory.

Terry Brennan, the famous coach at the University of Notre Dame, is profiled in this documentary, which starts with him as a student and finishes with his selection as head coach in 1954. Brennan’s comeback season in 1957 saw the Irish finish in the top ten nationally, despite the odds. Learn about college football before and after 1957, when Notre Dame’s style of play underwent a significant change. You’ll also find information about collegiate football before and after

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The Notre Dame book review I wrote I hope you enjoyed. If you’re looking for anything else, please stop by our bookstore to see what we currently have in stock. Notre Dame football books are an excellent way to honor the history of your favorite team. These things are available in print or digital format and make fantastic gifts for any ND fan.

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