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Scribd Audiobooks Review

Like you, I’m also an audiobook lover. However, there was a time when I was an avid reader, but then I shifted to audiobooks. That was a good decision for me because I saved a lot of time.

Now, audiobooks have become a part of my life; I listen to them during exercise, driving, or when I want to sleep. For that, I have tried many audiobooks subscriptions like Audible, Kindle unlimited, etc., but I always want a cheaper option. This was when I heard about Scribd and its 2- month free trial. I used it for months, and here is my Scribd audiobooks review.

Scribd Audiobooks Review

About Scribd:

Probably, you heard about the Scribd in your school, colleges, or offices. It is mainly an audiobook subscription service, allowing you to read e-books, magazines, get podcasts, and a lot more. Additionally, it was launched in 2007 and became the first e-book subscription service in the United States.

Moreover, it is also called “Netflix for books” because its subscription service is very similar to Netflix.  However, within just a $9.99 subscription, you get unlimited access to audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, e-books, documents, and sheet music. Isn’t it great? A much cheaper and big offer comes to you, and I am amazed with the variety of audiobooks.

Features at a Glance:

If we discuss its features, you will be glad to know this. With the so low subscription rate, you will get unlimited access to all its media, including audiobooks, magazines, podcasts, etc. Moreover, you can listen to and also read books. Typically, no other audiobook media will give you this availability.

However, you will also have good customer service. It means they are here for you to solve any issue, including the return of subscription payment if you mistakenly do it. I don’t think any other media can give you this service.

Advantages of Scribd:

You may want to know the benefits that you can get from Scribd. That’s why I’m here to help you choose well with my personal experience.

Cost: The first and foremost advantage that you will get is the prize. Trust me; you can’t get a cheaper and good option than this.

Vast Library. Moreover, Scribd’s library is full of content types that you can avail yourself of in more minor subscription prizes.

Free trial: As you may know, it gives a 2-month free trial with the opportunity to listen to unlimited books.

Easy to handle: Furthermore, it is available in web form and the app. Hence, in my opinion, the app is a lot better than the web because it is user-friendly.

Student discount: However, if you are a student, then congrats, you got a discount. They give a new opportunity to the student to see and explore the world.

Free access: With all of that, the members of Scribd can also get access to some Kindle models.

Disadvantages of Scribd:

Like all the things in the world, it also has pros and cons. But to get the best, you should also look into the disadvantages.

Their 2-month free trial availability is good, but you can’t get it without providing your debit or credit card. So, you must have to follow the rules.

Furthermore, they claimed to give you unlimited access to the audiobooks after subscription, but some authority rules may apply. Likewise, if you listen to more than three popular books in a month, you can’t get the popular or latest books in that month. Then all you have will be old books.

However, it also doesn’t support many other options like Kindle Paperwhite.

Lastly, you can’t own the book on Scribd. It works like you are borrowing the book, and when your subscription expires, you will lose it like Netflix. But actually, it doesn’t matter to me because I can’t listen to the book again that I already did.

Plans of Scribd: Which One Should I Pick?

If we move towards the various plans with a different price range and access like other audiobooks sources, you may be glad to know it doesn’t have different techniques, just one direct method. That is, subscribe for $9.99 per month, and that’s all.

However, you can look into the two-month free trial first and then go to the monthly subscription; that’s what I recommend. Moreover, Scribd offers you to give a subscription of 6 months or one year to anyone like your family members or friends. They will surely be pleased with this gift if they are book lovers.

Is Scribd Worth It for Audiobooks?

Now, it’s time to see whether Scribd is worth the subscription. As you may know, I’ve been using it for a few months, and I’m happy with its features and audiobooks. Overall, Scribd offers you a great variety of audiobooks at such a low price and different types of other content.

Moreover, they provide you with almost unlimited access, because some rare people can read more than three books a month. So, in my opinion, its subscription is worth it; you will never get a better opportunity than this. However, there is another fact, too, that when you come to the subscription state after a two-month trial, then hopefully you will also know by yourself that Scribd is worth it or not.

Does Scribd Limit Audiobooks?

As I discussed above, Scribd offers you unlimited access to a lot of content from which you can fulfill your thirst for books. There will be no issue and limit until you cross the maximum of newly released popular books, which is 3.

You can listen or read the books as much as you want, but for the famous and newly launched books, Scribd has some Authority rules which can limit you. You can get three new releases in one month after that; they limit your search, and old books are all that you have at that time, which is not bad also.

Does Scribd Charge for Downloads?

When you like a book, you will download it or save it permanently. Like other audiobook sources, you can also download the book if you like on Scribd. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for these downloads, which are part of your subscription. Isn’t it good?

However, that download will remain in your draft as long as your subscription lasts. When you will unsubscribe, or your subscription expires, you can’t get any downloads. Consequently, nothing will remain with you unless you subscribe again. We can say it is a bad point. But not for those who don’t want to listen to the books again and again, like me.

Can I Cancel Scribd After a Free Trial?

After getting the free trial, most people claimed that Scribd had cut the subscription charges from their account by itself, and we don’t want this. They argue about it and give bad reviews.

But Scribd has nothing to do with all this matter, and it is okay with their policies. You must cancel the free trial subscription if you want to continue the process.  Scribd also notifies the subscriber through email before deducting the charges. Hence, you should cancel the free trial if you don’t want a monthly subscription.

Some of The Best Audiobooks on Scribd?

After getting the Scribd free trial, you probably wonder which book I should listen to or read. Because not all books are best, some are also normal, and some are time waste. Consequently, knowing the best books is a good thing and saves time.

These are some best audiobooks for you:

  • Refugee by Alan Gratz
  • Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
  • Resistance by Jennifer A. Nielsen
  • My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand
  • Save Me the Plums by Ruth Reichl
  • Becoming by Michelle Obama
  • A Woman is No Man by Rum Etaf
  • The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson

Which one is better Audible or Scribd?

Audible and Scribd are both excellent sources of audiobooks and have popularity in the market. But if we see which is best, we have to consider some facts. In Scribd, you have access to various content like audiobooks, magazines, e-books, etc., and this all comes in a flat monthly subscription. The negative factor is you can’t own the book.

However, in Audible, you get a lot bigger gallery of audiobooks than Scribd, but you don’t get various content. Moreover, the subscription rate is relatively high, and you will own the book that you download or buy.

So, which is better? If you are a person who loves to read or listen to a different type of content and don’t want to listen to books again and again, then Scribd is better for you. But if you are a sole audiobook listener and want to create your audiobook gallery, then Audible is best for you. You can choose what suits you.

Is Scribd or Kindle better?

It depends on you whether the Kindle is better or Scribd. Because both have different features and quality, but if you want my opinion, let me explain it with some facts.

Until now, you probably know much about Scribd. But Kindle is the source where you can get unlimited access to audiobooks, autobiographies, biographies, etc., with a bit high rate subscription. Hence, if you are the one who doesn’t want to stop on books but also loves to get hidden gems like biographies, then Kindle is better for you. Otherwise, choose Scribd for low rates.


Is Scribd Credible?

Yes, it is. Its various content and unlimited access made it famous all over the world. From students to the office, all the community uses this audiobook service and never complains about its reliability.  There is a service team available, they help you in all the matters, either you mistakenly subscribed for a month or got some errors in log-in your account. They are available for you.

Is Scribd Owned by Amazon?

Usually, good audiobook media is owned by Amazon, like Audible. But Scribd is different in this point of view and not owned by Amazon. Moreover, Scribd has launched its originals directly from the authors and publishers. This makes Scribd unique and different from all. It is going to beat Amazon audiobooks with its originals.

How Does Scribd Make Money?

Scribd has a subscription program of about $9.99, and it makes money from it. There are almost 500,000 subscribers from which they are getting a lot of money. As it becomes a more famous year and year, the income rate also increases because subscribers are growing. However, they also have 100 million registered users, which is a good source of money.

Is Scribd Actually Unlimited?

Yes, Scribd is unlimited, and you can read or listen to as many books as you want. But here is the fact that they have some titles that are probably the most popular ones or newly released, which can be unavailable depending on your reading activity. In general, if you get a max of three books from those titles, you are prohibited from getting more of those titles. However, the rest of the books remain available.

Does Kindle Support Scribd? 

Scribd has access to Kindle but not all the types. You can say it supports some kindles, not all. The Kindle Fire model is Scribd’s top one, including all the models like Fire HD and Fire HDX. But for now, Scribd is not supporting E Ink-based Kindle like Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle DX, or many others too.

Final Verdict:

Until now, if you still think whether I give Scribd a try or not, then answer these questions to yourself. Are you an avid listener who wants to explore more?  Do you have the potential to read or listen to a minimum of 2 books per month? If your answer is “Yes,” then Scribd is for you for both questions.

However, if you read or listen to one book in a whole month, you don’t have to waste your money on it. Then, in my opinion, your subscription is not worth it. Hopefully, you get my point and are relieved from your queries.

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