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Scribd vs Audible- Which Is Best

We are living in an era where audiobooks are becoming much more popular. I’m a book lover too, but reading a book is becoming quite time-consuming in this busy world. Audiobooks are super beneficial now because they save plenty of our time. 

 As you may know, Scribd and Audible both are excellent sources of audiobooks and become hot cakes among bookworms. But the question always remains, “which is best among them?” Here, I’ll compare Scribd vs. Audible so that you can get the answer to this question. 

Comparison Table

Rating5 stars3 stars
Variety of digital reading mediaOnly have audiobooks and podcasts.Have eBooks, magazines, audiobooks, document libraries, etc.
Ownership to the booksYesNo
Lifetime Access to the booksYesNo
Audio QualityExcellentGood
No. of audiobooks per month2Unlimited
Audiobooks GalleryAbout 200,000+About 40,000 Est
Subscription per month$14.95$9.95
Subscription per year$149.50——

Scribd vs. Audible: Overview

Scribd vs Audible

Both Scribd and Audible have many pros and cons, but the key difference between them is that, with Audible, you can save the audiobook that you buy, even when the subscription is over, it will remain with you. But Scribd doesn’t allow you to save and listen to the audiobook after the subscription ends. 

If we talk about the gallery, the Audible provides you with more than 200,000 books, but Scribd has fewer books of about 40,000. The audio quality is fantastic in both Scribd and Audible, as it is the main feature.

I first used the free version of both, but I admired Scribd. They allow you to read or listen to ten books which is much more than the Audible, where you can only read one book for free. 

Moreover, with Scribd, you have access to read or listen to various categories like books, magazines, and documents. 

The price of both Scribd and Audible varies too much. Scribd has quite lower rates than Audible, but Audible provides you ownership and can make your gallery. However, both have positive and negative aspects, but according to your preference, you can select one.

Scribd Review

Scribd vs Audible

As I discussed earlier, Scribd is a digital reading subscription service to get audiobooks, e-books, etc. It is available in both app and web form and is best for those with cravings for something unique to read.

  • Gives you a free trial of 30 days where you can read or listen as much as you want to. If you want to find out if it is for you or not, get the free trial. Moreover, you can unsubscribe to it if you do not want to continue. 
  • After subscription, it gives you access to all media available on it. 
  • Despite books and magazines, it also has a wide range of music, from the guitar of Mozart to Taylor Swift songs. 
  • You can also listen to the new and old podcasts.
  • The subscription costs are also very affordable as compared to the other audiobooks media.
  • The unique and best thing about Scribd is, it is quite famous in the student community. As it also contains students’ notes and documents.

Audible Review

Scribd vs Audible

Making your library of audiobooks is a great thing, and Audible helps you with that. It allows you to listen to your favorite books while walking or exercising. Here are some facts that you should know.

  • It gives you a free trial of 30 days, from which you can get a free audiobook of your choice.
  • The subscription plan of Audible is quite different from other media, which means it has two types of subscription, Plus, and Premium Plus. You will also get credits according to your subscription.
  • To listen to an audiobook from Audible, you first have to download or buy it. You can buy it at the rate which is according to your subscription plan.
  • Audible provides different types of media like audiobooks and podcasts.
  • The audiobooks on Audible are from the best sellers and authors. You can even get a newly published and narrated book from it.

Memberships Plans and Prices

Pricing and membership planAudibleSCRIBD
Membership per month$14.95$9.95
Membership per year$149.50—–
Access to no. of audiobooks per month2Unlimited
Cost per book in a monthly subscription$14.95—–
Cost per book in the yearly subscription $12.45—–

Audible membership plans are quite expensive as compared to Scribd. If you are looking for a good source to rent books, then Scribd is best. But you can’t save it. The excessive use of this media means reading or listening to more than for books per month is prohibited (According to Scribd user agreement).

Besides it, Audible gives you ownership of the book that you buy. If you want to save the books even for your grandchildren, then Audible is best. With a yearly subscription, you will get a bestseller book for just $12.45, which is the lowest rate in the market.

However, both subscription packages are affordable to some extent. It would help if you decided which is best for you according to your needs.

Compatible Devices

Apps and DevicesAudibleSCRIBD
Kindle DevicesYesYes
VictorReader SystemYesNo
BrailleNote & Apex BrailleNoteYesNo

Audible can easily connect with any device like your android phone, iPhone, Smart TV, Amazon Firestick, and with your smart speakers. Even I use it on my home Phone, Family iPad, Work iPhone, and Alexa. The one subscription plan can activate on all your devices with no restrictions. 

But Scribd cannot attach your smart TVs, Amazon FireStick, and especially Alexa. Smart home speakers are famous nowadays. But it will not be compatible with them.

However, the rating is quite similar, and features will not change with low compatibility. It depends on you what you want. 

App vs. Website

App vs. Website

Audible and Scribd’s apps and websites are currently famous, but the app usually gets more viewers and ratings. Both app and website compatibility is the same; both connect to the mobile and PC easily.

But the app usually has more functionalities than the website. The audible app is user-friendly and has many features that a website can’t have, like a sleep timer, book sharing, making notes and bookmarks, sleep playback options, etc. In other words, the Audible website can be good to use but if you are not doing any other thing, then listen.

However, the same case goes for the Scribd app. This app is also more user friendly than the website and contains many more features than a website like a playback speed control, sleep timer, bookmarking, note-taking and sharing.

In the end, both apps are more beneficial and easy to use than websites. You will probably also love the apps because of their extra features.

Supported Payment Methods

Payment MethodsAudibleSCRIBD
Visa                        Yes                        Yes
Master Card                        Yes                        Yes
American Express credit/debit card                        Yes                        Yes
PayPalNo                        Yes
Google PayNo                        Yes
Amazon                        YesNo

If you are signing up online for the membership of either Audible or Scribd, the payment method is a thing that you have to look into. Sometimes the media don’t support a method from which you are willing to pay. So you should check out the payment method first.

Audible membership can be activated by paying through the payment methods that Amazon supports. Firstly, you have to make an Amazon account; you can pay via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. 

For the Scribd membership, you don’t need an Amazon account. You can pay through Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay, PayPal, Discover, or American Express Card. However, if you are an iOS user, you can also use the Apple Pay options.  

Similarities Between Audible and Scribd

As everything has both similarities and differences, Audible and Scribd are also similar on various points. 

  • Both Audible and Scribd offer 30 days free trial with their own rules.
  • Gave you a good audio quality that will swing your mood.
  • Both are good sources of audiobooks for you.
  • They provide you with a variety of audiobooks and podcasts,
  • Both have low rates comparatively with today’s market.
  • The apps of both media are fast, with similar qualities like sleep timer, making notes, sharing, and have a finished look.
  • Both are compatible with Android, PC, and iOS.
  • Both have a similar payment method like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit and debit cards.
  • Both are digital sources of saving time and consuming more from it.

Pros and Cons

Let me go through the pros and cons of both Scribd & Audible. 

Pros of Audible:

  • The return service of Audible is admirable. If you don’t like a book after buying it, you can return it within 365 days by contacting the Audible seller. They will take it even without asking a question and refund the money.
  • You will get ownership of your book and can listen to it whenever you want to. You will have lifetime access to all the books that you buy.
  • You can use unlimited devices with your account. There is no limit. I have also log in to my account to all the compatible devices in my home. You can also share it with your friends and family.

Cons of Audible:

  • The bad point is Audible’s Gold membership only includes 1 title for $14.95 and two Audible originals that you can get on the first Friday of every month.
  • The Audible library has many best audiobooks, but they don’t offer magazines, documents, or audio music.

Pros of Scribd:

  • The membership pay rate is more affordable than all the other subscription plans online.
  • Scribd offers you a wide range of content, like magazines, books, podcasts. And especially music which will be very exciting for the musicians.
  • The $12,99 subscription bundle of Scribd gives access to all the media on this platform and gives you a premium membership of The New York Times.

Cons of Scribd:

  • It gives you unlimited access to all media, but if you read or listen to more than 4 books per month, you will lose access until the next month’s subscription.
  • Don’t give you the ownership. You can’t save the books and will completely lose them when your membership covers it.

Why Audible Over Scribd?

Audible charges more subscription rate than Scribd, but it allows you to save the audiobook and give you lifetime access to it. Moreover, you can get the newly published books of the best seller and author, but Scribd cannot provide you with the new ones.

Why Scribd Over Audible?

Scribd provides you with various media on its platforms like e-books, audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, and music, but Audible only has audiobooks and podcasts. And the other thing, with Audible, you can only listen to the content you buy, but Scribd provides you complete access to unlimited media. You don’t have to buy anything for it.

FAQ: Audible vs. Scribd

Is Scribd worth it for audiobooks?

Scribd is a fantastic service that I recommend to everyone I know. However, if you read one book every three months, the monthly charge isn’t worth it, and you might prefer Audible. But if you enjoy reading as much as I do, I recommend signing up for Scribd’s 30-day free trial and giving it a shot.

Is it worth subscribing to Scribd?

If you want unlimited listening and the best book recommendations you’ve ever seen, it is well worth the cost. I am serious when I suggest you purchase Scribd if you never want to search for books again. Simply put, it’s that wonderful.

Can I keep the downloaded books from Scribd after the end of the subscription?

Scribd resembles Netflix. You can download as many things as you want, but that just means you are borrowing them. You’re just paying for the right to download. This means that if you stop paying for the service, you won’t be able to get to your downloads anymore.

Why can’t I cancel my Scribd subscription?

Enter your Scribd account information. You can then cancel your account. Navigate to the website where you can create your account. Click “End My Subscription” in the “Subscription & Payment Details” section of your Account Settings (for some members, this may appear as “Cancel Subscription”)

How do I remove my credit card details from Scribd?

Log in to your account on the website. By clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner, you can access the “Account Settings” section. “Membership and Payment Details” can be found under the “Account Settings” section. Click “Update Payment Details” to get to the payment update page.

Can I listen to Audible without membership?

No! You do not have to be an Audible member to purchase audiobooks. If you use a credit card instead of a subscription, you will have to pay the full price for the audiobooks. Follow the steps listed below to learn more about shopping.

Is Audible free with Prime?

Even though Audible is a company owned by Amazon, it is not included in a Prime membership and must be bought separately. But once you do, you’ll be able to listen to more than 470,000 audiobooks (and counting).

Audible vs. Scribd: Final Verdict

We can’t just say which is best for you because it depends on your need. Scribed provides you a variety of content with fewer costs, but Audible can play on unlimited devices with access to ownership and newly based content.

Scribd will be best for those with a tight budget and who love to explore the different types of content like magazines, podcasts, etc. Audible will be better for those who want ownership and solely wish to listen to the audiobooks. So it depends on you.  I’d prefer, sign-up for a free trial of both, and you will get what is best for you.

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