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Why Would you Want to Buy a Kindle? [Top 7]

1. Advanced E-ink display

Someone who does only a few minutes of reading in one sitting may find any type of display screen suitable. However, if you love to get lost in the magic of the written word for hours on end, you need a superior display mechanism. The E-ink display is considered to be the most suitable for reading eBooks, as it offers clear and crisp text. Even in the E-ink display category, some display screens are better than others.

Kindle uses the most advanced E-ink display that allows you to read for long hours without placing any a strain on your eyes. What’s more, you can carry Kindle outdoors just like any hardcover or paperback. The Kindle E-ink screen reads just fine even in the afternoon sun, with absolutely no glare.

2. Lighter than a paperback

At 8.5 ounces and less than half an inch in thickness, Kindle is very easy to carry and hold.

3. A collection of over a million books

Whether you want to read the latest bestseller or a classic, you can find it in the Kindle’s dedicated content service that boosts a collection of million plus books. If this was not enough, you can get over 3 million out-of-copyright books for free.

With built in Wi-Fi, Kindle allows you to download books from any hotspot in less than a minute. It also includes a feature that allows customers to download and read the first chapter of any book they fancy for free.

4. A comprehensive lending library

By selecting the Amazon Prime membership, you can borrow a book a month for free, without worrying about due dates. The lending library consists of thousands of books – including more than 100 New York Times Bestsellers.

5. Buy a book for less than $10

>It is a myth that eBook readers are costly. Sure, Kindle sets you back by $109. However, in the long run, it helps you save money. eBooks, in general, are way cheaper than their printed counterparts. With the Kindle in hand, you can buy a book for less than $10, and the reader offers more than 800,000 books for $9.99 or less.

6. Easy to use

You don’t need to go through a lengthy setup process or install any software to use Kindle – the device is ready for use right out of the box.

A kindle is great for travelling with one device instead of lots of heavy books. A kindle is perfect for beach, airports and holidays.

7. Many useful extra features

Kindle is an eBook reader that shows you your current location (courtesy Google maps), finds a nearby gas station or restaurant, and allows you to play a game of Mine Sweep, view pictures, listen to audio books, send emails, and chat via Yahoo Messenger or its Google equivalent. With so many features, Kindle is indeed one of the coolest gadgets around for book lovers.

Press Alt-1 in the browser mode to know your current location using Google Maps, Alt-2 to find gas stations near you , and Alt-3 to locate restaurants in the area.

To initiate a slideshow, select the picture view mode and press Alt + 0. You can start a slideshow by pressing Alt + 1 and end a slide show by pressing Alt + 2.

To play Mine Sweep, go to the home screen, press Alt + Shift + m, and then follow the onscreen instructions.
Other useful features present in Kindle include the following:

  • Text-to-speech feature – Yesterday you left off the novel at climax. Today, 24 hours and strained eyes later—courtesy numerous hours spent staring at the computer screen at work—you are dying to know the ending, but are too tired to read. So, what do you do? You select the text-to-speech feature, close your eyes, and listen to a voice that narrates the last act of the novel to you.
  • What, you want to listen to a female voice instead of a male voice? No problem, just select the female voice option in the text-to-speech option.
  • Dictionary – Bettering your vocabulary has never been so easy – move to a word, and its meaning appears at the lower part of the page.
  • Book lending – With the Kindle book lending feature, you can now lend a book to other Kindle users.
  • Share meaningful passages with family and friends – Read something you want to share with your friends? With built-in Facebook and Twitter integration, share meaningful passages with others at will.
  • Silent page turn – Kindle turns pages silently. From now on, you can read all night without worrying about disturbing your partner’s sleep.

Kindle offfers many good reasons for reading electronically, costs benefits and plain old fashioned convenience. Be sure to check it out.

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